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The Abortion Civil War

I know I'm a bit late on this one, but concerning back when Judge Napolitano got so much grief for suggesting that ending slavery by means of Civil War wasn't worth it, I have the following analogy:

The nation is currently split on an issue of at least as much moral weight as slavery: Abortion. For the pro-choice crowd it's not an immoral practice at all, but their right. For the pro-life faction it amounts to little more than the murder of babies. And it happens at staggering rate of over a million per year in the US.

Would the same people who consider the immense cost (in lives and otherwise) of the Civil War "worth it" to end slavery, be willing to concede that the pro-life movement would be justified in waging a bloody modern Civil War to end abortion? Perhaps future generations would consider the millions of casualties to be "worth it" because it stopped the barbaric practice of slaughtering unborn children. Or would they view it as a sad and avoidable tragedy?

It is easy to place a low value on the lives of those so long past that we feel no association with them, and easy to judge an issue as clear cut when at the time it was anything but.

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