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Police beat up entire wedding party, ruin pro baseball player's career

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I would connect this post with

the post directly above regarding the 8 beers to avoid. Except I would avoid them all.


This is actually pretty old, but still relevant.

Brandon Backe has been out of Major League Baseball since 2009. This incident occurred in 2008.

Backe did end up filing a complaint with the FBI over this incident. Don't know what actually came of it, though.


Serves 'em All Right

GD open containers, disobeying a direct order. That shyt don't go. Next thing you know they'd have the music turned up too loud. Shameful. Just think of all the people they would've hurt in doing those heinous things. Oh, the humanity!

All of 'em deserved to have their faces smashed and their skulls kicked in.


The only way to stop a bully is to do enough damage for the costs to outweigh the benefits and same applies with government and cops. But i suppose that mindset only comes out when people have nothing left to lose.

Don't do anything.

Let people beat you up and accost your wife and family in front of you. Don't fight back whatever you do, and be the coward you are for the rest of your life.

When did common sense become a super power?

That's insane. Makes me

That's insane.

Makes me wonder how many of these -officers- and security guards who have been out to war in the army before. Can't be a coincidence that things like this happen over and over. Feels like it's just escalating. War does strange things to people.

Oh, so an error in paperwork

Oh, so an error in paperwork is what caused all the injuries. That's one hell of a paper cut.

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I don't even know what to

I don't even know what to reply anymore. Ten years ago I didn't think anything when I saw a LEO but now... well now my heart freezes for a moment. How freaking sad is that in the "home of the free"?

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

They're not cops

Cops don't exist as we've been taught for so long. The boys in blue are just gangs. Some gangs have good members, but they're dangerous in packs.

Of course, a common free-market solution to a gang problem is to make a counter-gang.

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.

that is probably the thinking

that brought us so many different intelligence agencies.


Define "different". They all look to be branches of the same agency to me. ;-)

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.