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Paul Congress candidates

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I want to run for Congress in TN

How do I do it?


do it

Check with your state elections office. The more that run, the better.

Do it!!

Do it today! I am behind you

Not too Difficult

If you want to run as a Republican you can use your local party as a resource (I would keep the Ron Paul connection to yourself until you are registered or as you wish)... and you should be involved there anyway as a delegate and or precinct leader. Google your state's secretary of state... you will need to file to run through them. I've only run as a Libertarian and it was very easy, the State Party helped greatly. Please do run, at the very least you will draw more to the Movement.

For those curious as to how PaulCongress.com vets the those listed. Yes, some put up sites that don't just re-list RP's platform in order to get elected. I always warn them they will get a skeptical reaction from the Revolution... but do question them before listing. Big variances will be noted on the profiles as they come up. Those who lie and change their sites are deleted. It's a free market site, you choose whom you'd like to support. Not sure? Email them.

Sounds like the Paul Campaign is going to be more active in supporting true Paulitians for Congress in the near future. And I will happily note those with his support as it happens.


rofl Terbolizard

Let's go Turbo Lizard! Is that really his real f***ing name for real real? All the lizard people conspiracy freaks are going to have a field day with that one.

Terbolizard is the real deal

Money bomb for him:


He's got a tough fight for the Republican nomination.

WOW, talk about a start of a movement

Imagine if a couple of these guys get in. Ron and Dennis will no longer be solo on those votes

I really hope that Dr. Paul does NOT

go third party if he loses that nomination; that instead he uses his time and support till the election to help elect some of these good people.

A caucus of 10-12 Ron Paul Republicans, combined with the existing Liberty Caucus in Congress, will be a fine legacy from this campaign, and perhaps the last chance to save your country from the fascist mess it's stumbled into.

George Dance

George Dance

Robbing Ron Paul

Here are some others...

Have these on our web site... We need more... send me an e-mail with their url's... freedom@switchisp.com

Brent Sanders from LA
Murray Sabrin from NJ
Dean Santoro from Fla
Parker Dykes from MS
Joel Evans from SC
BJ Lawsom from NC
Ted Terbolizard from CA
Jim Forsythe from NH
Dave Ryon from OH
John C. Wallace from NY

Check out the site: Granny's Road Show


Are these guys legit?

What are the criteria for getting on the webiste?

Criteria... Ron Paul Platform...

Send the info on candidates... url,s, etc We will Check them out!


Terbolizard for President '16

.....after two terms of Ron Paul.


sorely needs one/many. I got polled last night, and most of my answers were "none of the above."


Is going to get interesting. I just gave Sabrin a few bucks

Mike Stahl

Mike Stahl