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Rand Paul: Reid, Feds Should Calm Rhetoric Over Nevada Ranch Standoff


“This is a real … intellectual and constitutional and legal debate, but it shouldn’t be about violence of arms, and I hope that the government will not be there in full arms and provoke a showdown and something terrible will happen. I hope that doesn’t happen.”


Reid said that Bundy himself “does not recognize the United States,” claiming that “he doesn’t pay his taxes” and “doesn’t follow the law” like other Nevada ranchers.

Bundy refuted Reid’s claims on KXNT Thursday.

“He’s totally wrong,” Bundy told KXNT. “I pay taxes, we’ve always paid taxes.”

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But wasn't it that Reid thought that the taxes are voluntary?!?


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Excuse me

but from all we have learned about Dirty Harry (Reid) he is the one the does not recognize the United States Constitution, doesn't follow the law and should be put in prison! I dream for a day in American politics that I don't have to hear this guys name ever again.

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