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Court Nancy Reagan for an Endorsement

Any thoughts on this idea?

It is quite obvious who is the most "Reaganess" candidate and who was a friend of Pres Reagan. Maybe she would agree?!? Does it hurt to ask,?

Maybe some of our more articulate supporters could call upon her/mail her regarding an endorsement. That would be very meaningful and I think worth the effort.

That would also be quite difficult to avoid in the media!

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keep in mind...

I do want a Nancy Reagan endorsement. I think Ron Paul is most deserving of it - because of the principles shared by him & Pres. Reagan.

However keep in mind that Ron Paul did call Reagan a "failure"...

And if you've read Foreign Policy on Freedom - you see repeated criticism of Reagan.

Also, keep in mind, Ron Paul does not support the War on Drugs - which is kind of a Nancy Reagan legacy...


So far

Go to...


Click on send Mrs. Reagan an e-mail.

Please articulate your letter with the upmost sensitivity.

Hopefully she reads these e-mails

Endorse as "MOST REAGAN LIKE" nothing else

Does not even need to be an endorsement just a comment


How do we get in contact with the former first wife?

Endorse as "MOST REAGAN LIKE" nothing else

Does not even need to be a statement just a comment

An endorsement on principles

While she doesn't agree on Ron Paul on everything it might be possible for her to still endorse him. Sort of in tribute to her husband. This would by quite an endorsement and would reflect well on the good Doctor no matter how you slice it.

A Reagan endorsement at this time would definitely be news worthy especially when all the candidates (left and right) are spitting out his name.

Barry Goldwater, Jr. would be the

perfect person to court Mrs. Reagan. Ronald Reagan and him were very close.

Don't you think that Nancy would know Ron Paul. As much as Reagan and him communicated, you would think she would be all over endorsing RP.

Mathew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

I dunno...

She was little miss "Just Say No" wasn't she?
It would be nice to get her endorsement though, it looked like Ron and Nancy got along well at the beginning of the debate when they where shaking hands.

Even so

I don't think they would have to agree on all issues to get an endorsement over any of the other candidates. Her husband and Dr. Paul shared much in common like being very honest and humble leaders.

Who agrees with anyone 100% of the time on every little thing, right? We're all unique and we all think slightly differently on how to solve America's problems.

Great idea!! I was thinking same thing

If she simply endorsed him as the most Regan like candidate that would be excellent.

Kind of a Mixed Bag

While I think it might do some good for the whole 'Reagan's buddy' thing, it won't sit well with some circles- particularly the long-time pro-gunners. Nancy is vehemently anti-gun, and they view her as the enemy along with the Brady Bunch.

She's also pro-drug war (Just say no campaign). Not sure how that sort of endorsement would sit with the good Doctor based on his principles. Who knows, maybe it would be a show of reconciliation or something.

Everyone else is getting celebrities and weirdos endorsing them, why not Dr. Paul too.

Shameless Bump

There is too much negativity at the top right now and I thought this would be something worth discussing rather than more media black outs and boycotts discussion. I hope you don't prove me wrong by continuing with the negativity.

Let's focus on the goal and stick with the message. Learn from Dr. Paul on stage tonight. He is poised and polite and avoids getting into a shameless tiff over meaningless crap and America is sick of it and more and more people are waking up everyday to learn about the truth. This is a good thing! Let's continue spreading this message of freedom and attempt a Reagan endorsement!