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Ron Paul Song-Aimee Allen

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I'm in the Video, Somewhere

I'm in the crowd. That was a great day! Too bad the MSM totally missed it. Santa Monica hasn't seen anything like it, since.

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The song is as timely as it ever was if not even more.

Wake up! Good morning America! Rise and Shine....:)

Ron Paul! Save our constitutional rights
Ron Paul! We're not gonna give up the fight
Ron Paul! Start a revolution
and break down illegal institutions

We don't want no war no more
bring our boys home to our shores
We don't want big government
Or the Bilderberg group that pays for it

The Federal Id means a police state
and Mr. Jefferson's rolling in his grave
when our names turn to numbers like 666
according to the gospel on implantable chips


The Patriot Act took our liberties
And there's no judge and no jury
Tapping our phones, breaking down our doors
waging on the people a civil war!
We work 3 jobs and bring home no pay
The IRS takes it all away
and we struggle, slave to pay the rent
So, Ron Paul for President


(Ron Paul speaks)

The choir at the end of the song is singing "Vote for Ron Paul"

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Aimee is fantastic! I met

Aimee is fantastic! I met her at the Ron Paul Troops Rally in DC and bought her CD. I really only bought the CD to give her some support for putting out that video. It seemed like she was a bit hurt by the Ron Paul crowd because they only wanted to hear her one "Ron Paul" song and not any of her others. After I put the CD in my player and started to listen I was FLOORED!! Her music really hit me. I have to say that she is now one of my favorite performers and not just for the Ron Paul song...

Beware the cult of "government"...

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How many Presidential candidates have had a MTV video made

for them Especially without them having to pay for it.

Time has passed - 6 years

What's changed?
What has gotten better?
What has gotten worse?
And how has this movement influenced the culture?