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Oregon May 20 Primary - ongoing thread

Ongoing thread for discussion. updates, etc. for the upcoming
Oregon Primary - May 20, 2014.

I reside overseas but have always voted in Oregon (since 1972!).
Since 2012 - as my handle suggests - I have been registered Republican
even though I think I only voted for two Republicans in that year's
general election.

Hey, our votes might even get counted so let's hear from Oregon
DP'ers about who you're supporting, campaign events events and such!

My picks so far (Republican primary):


Darren Karr


(Second choice)

Bruce Cuff

US Senate:

Jo Rae Perkins


Second choice)

Mark Callahan

US House 2nd District:

Dennis Linthicum


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Same old shit...

Ron Paul didn't stand up!!!

Does this bother nobody? Gentleman or not...stand up to those destroying your character.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

I'm an Oregon boy, born and raised there., retired in Florida

The problem I see in my home state is that it has been Californicated by liberals since the 80's when houses in CA were sold for MILLIONS.... and many did that, moving north to buy cheaper, larger, nicer homes and ranchettes with much more value and property, and FAR LESS taxes.

It adulterated the whole scene of a once perfect state!

If you can read this thank a teacher. Because it's in English thank a soldier!

"The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money."
- Alexis de Tocqueville

Thanks for the links - 60,000 Youtube views!

Nothing says Liberal Establishment in Oregon like the editorial board
of Willamette Week newspaper. At one time, Oregon had some very
honorable and respected liberal leaders, but these are definitely
not them.

Good job by Mark Callahan on calling them on their disrespectful and
unprofessional BS.

Here's some other coverage of the affair:



Yeah, That is the kind of standing up to nonsense that we need in a representative. The rest of them sat idly and would probably keep silent in the same way in office when faced with similar nonsense or corruption. Callahan discredited that newspaper in the minds of many by pointing that stuff out. But there's also some negative info on Callahan: http://oregonoracle.com/mark-callahan-2014-gop-gadfly/ He confirms most of it in an audio linked at the bottom of that page, and gives his explanations, but it's still damaging information. I still don't know who I'll vote for. Perkins called Snowden a traitor and threw Callahan under the bus by criticizing the very aspect of him that defended her. Wehby(however you spell her name) is endorsed by Romney and seems like a typical establishment politician I wouldn't trust, and she's pro-abortion. Conger voted in favor of some horrible medical stuff for Oregon related to Obamacare, so I don't trust him either. And the other guy(I forget his name) worked for the Federal Reserve. They all want Snowden prosecuted(well not sure about the federal reserve guy, he wasn't there to answer that question). I'm not sure if I'll vote for any of them, even after the primary is over. Who's your pick, and who would you pick for governor? Oh wait, you already answered that in the main Post. I won't vote for your choice of governor, and I won't vote for Richardson. Not sure where I stand on the rest.

Thanks for the info -

I had not heard that about Perkins and Snowden -
and what was it she said about Callahan?

It seems like just about all these candidates have
some good points and other positions that are just
about deal killers for me.

It's a bit more clear cut in the 2nd District Congressional
race, thankfully. I've got some definite differences with
Dennis Linthicum, but he seems to be pretty sincere and
conscientious - a better all around liberty candidate than
any in the Senate race.

Would love to see Greg Walden gone - his "principles" all seem
to involve sucking up to Boehmer and the party establisment.

Both what she said about Snowden, and Callahan were in...

Both what she said about Snowden, and Callahan were in video's I already posted here. With Callahan, she just said something along the lines that he was too emotional for the position he's running for; Even though it was that emotion that stood up for her and shed light on stuff people needed to hear about. There are reasons why I don't think I'll vote for Callahan, but that isn't one of them. I think the TMOT-esque standing up to nonsense is something we need in government rather than the common silence in the presence of abuses. And it seems Callahan is the only one running for that office in the GOP that would attempt to stand up, rock the boat, and name names. I'll probably be looking at third party candidates during the general election.

Here's some debate and forums of some of the OR candidates:

Here's some debate and forums of some of the OR candidates:




If anyone has more, I hope you post them.

I like Richardson for Governor...


but at this point won't make any decisions until I get my pamphlet, and research the candidates thoroughly.

Anyone here from Deschutes County?

I need to know who I should write in for Precinct Committee Person...

I vote for no one, but if you are in Bend area

be sure and try some of the great craft beer from 10 Barrel and Deschutes Breweries.


Bend rocks in the craft beer world

even for dogs:


Will try to check out 10 Barrel next chance I get - thanks for the tip!