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Should Voter ID Be Required to Vote? (Click for Poll)

Had to post these results. Shows just how far apart the government is detached from their employers (The People).

Should voter ID be required in all 50 states?

Total votes: 1864

Yes (1806 votes, 97%)

No (58 votes, 3%)

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Protest Against “Voter ID” Requires Protesters to Bring… Their ID

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Voter Fraud Is The Least Of Our Concerns

The vote being rigged is the biggest concern we should have. I watched this video during the 2012 elections and I believe it to be the honest truth: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnJllPTwZwo



Need a system that can be detect multiple votes from the same person, without identifying the person themselves. Just as long as that individual doesn't vote twice.

Other than that, identity could be proven by Birth Certificate/ID/Credit Card/School ID/Phone reference even. But to limit to just a Government issued ID seems a bit questionable.


The real questions concerning vote tampering/voter fraud is not this issue of ID. That is just a distraction from the real issue regarding voting which is the electronic voting machine and the system we have in place to count our votes.

Election fraud is the real danger.

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb

Even if there's no fraud at

Even if there's no fraud at all, it's still a democracy! People voting for their slave master, I wonder how that turns out!?George Washington started this mess! I hope he's burning in hell. Long live Shays Rebellion...

The down votes to those

who support NO voter ID is troubling on this site. It appears that there are those who still rely on government/others to solve ones problems, rather than to take the time to work in your own communities.

Of course, it was "republicans" good intentions that assisted in the downfall of our republic, too. The duopoly truly does exist. GRRRRRR

How about something implanted directly into my skull to ensure that "ID" is not tampered with? Would that make you happy??????????

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

If it's good for American

If it's good for American Express it's good for voting?

As long as the voting precinct sizes

Are kept managable, there should be no voter ID required. The nice ladies at the polls know me, and my signature, and to not ask me for an ID because I will not show it.

Plus I know them, and even vote for the local person who watches the polls. I generally trust them and they trust me. i.e Liberty

Imagine there's no countries...

Isn't hard to do. Nothing to kill or to die for. And no...

why did he have to go and mess up the verse with that last part!!!

Religion is not a bad thing. Its a way to understand morality and put that which is beyond the capacity of human comprehension, into words we can all understand.

Oh yeah, this about voting.

No! No voting!

You know, we really don't need government.


I am opposed

unlike driving and purchasing alcohol (which are privileges) voting is my right, and lack of identification should not forbid me from exercising my rights. It is my right to never obtain identification, and it is required by the state to allow me to vote per the constitution.

It is up to the state to persecute anyone who votes illegally, and that burden should not rest upon me.


I was completely unaware of this.

When I purchased my car from a private dealer and drove it on my private dirt road, I had no Idea that was a privilege. I better send a thank you letter to the State of California or maybe even the Feds for allowing me this.

And beer, thank you oh thank you Obama for letting me drink my own home-brew. It's all because of his hard work that I get this privilege.......

You have no

constitutional right to drive a car.

You have a constitutional right to vote. How is that not clear?

wait...beer and driving is a

gov't sponsored privilege ?

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb

This must be done by each state

NO national ID. Nearly everyone has a driver's license with photo and most do not use your ss #. One big issue for me is absentee voting where out of state college students can easily vote twice.

I am OPPOSED to Voter ID

I am OPPOSED to Voter ID at this point and time. Fraud is most prevalent at the "organized" level. There are many examples in 2012 alone.

Who counts the votes? Why are boxes removed and counted behind closed doors? How is it that multiple counties who have voted show a 0 count? Etc.

Requiring voter ID without addressing organized fraud will cost money, and require people to register with a database which will then be used for other things. It is bad enough that there is a push for National ID, and Biometric-ID in the "immigration reform" bill (S. 744), etc.

If people are so concerned about "individual" fraud, then IMO it is up to we the people to participate and work at the precincts during elections. It is far cheaper, and it puts control back into our hands.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Voting is a citizen's right.

no ID equals multiple voting,,, illegal voting. Why do we have to eliminate just one aspect of fraud?

Why is that MY problem?

And why should I have to pay for another government requirement, especially when "organized" fraud will continue?

How about get engaged in your community instead relying on others/government to do it for you?

For those who do not see the bigger picture and do not understand what "rights" are, and for those who like to cite case law:

Murdock v Penn, 319 U.S. 105 clearly established that no state could convert a secured liberty into a privilege and issue a license and a fee for it.

Shuttlesworth v Birm, 394 U.S. 147 said that if the state does convert your right into a privilege and charge a license and a fee for it you can ignore the license and fee, and engage in the right with impunity.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Tell that to your latin friends flooding across the border

I'm sure they will buy it.

If voting is a citizen's

If voting is a citizen's right, then how can government justifiably put a qualifier in-front of a right? How could a government be justified in forcing the citizen to spend money(paying for a DL or ID) to exercise their(the citizen's) right? Unless, that is, that you want to issue state ID's FREE of charge.

Even if supplying all citizens with ID's for free, is your solution, there is nowhere such a requirement to show proof before one is ALLOWED to utilize their natural born rights other than the purchase of a gun and voting; how is it that qualifiers can be added to the two most vital of rights, and people not only are not shouting from the rooftops against this, but the people are shouting in support of it?.

If you believe in allowing government to apply a qualifier in-front of one right, then you are obviously in support of the government installing qualifiers in-front of ALL natural rights. Then the question becomes how do you limit the number of qualifiers added in-front of rights, which the individual would have to meet before being permitted to utilize their natural right.

Reality calling ....hello????

We live in a welfare state. Is it rational to import more and more recipients?

IF America were free, you might have a point. But since it is not, you are being suicidal.

If you are not to support

If you are not to support liberty when it is inconvenient to do so, then you shouldn't bother to claim to support liberty when it is convenient, because the inconsistency indicates that you don't really support liberty at all.

And don't forget

that no ID also equals stepping on the voting rights of others. Not only can you "steal" their vote (see the old "I'm Emmit Smith" comercials) but you can also dilute the votes of everybody by flooding the election with bogus votes.

I agree that there are multiple points of failure as far as the voting system is concerned but don't discount fraudulent voting as a major player.

And for those who actually believe driving is a privilage I dare you to show me where in the constitution it is a privilage.