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Can you spot the Christian Anarchist?



It's kinda old news as I participated in this Beijing to Shanghai Antique Auto Rally last October but they have just had the video posted to youtube (which is unusual since youtube is banned in China) but anyway, there it is. It was a great fun time and even my wife enjoyed the 6 day journey across parts of China.

Ok, I'll give you a hint... it's at 10:45.

On the first day I drove a 53 Mercedes 300d but the remaining 5 days I drove the 58 Volvo 544. Both cars were owned by a classic car museum in China and they weren't real reliable but then they were mainly for show. The Mercedes had several issues that made it so that I could not drive it after one day (clutch, leaking carb) although it did look fantastic. The Volvo had minor issues (heater pumping out heat on a hot day) but it runs like a truck and made the 5 days with no issues regarding the running gear.

Anyway, if you like old cars you might like to see this video.

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Is that you with the fedora?

Every time I saw the BMW with the red white and blue paint scheme I thought I was looking at a Datsun 510 BRE

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The fedora was issued by the

The fedora was issued by the committee so every participant got one. We just wore them when we felt like it, there was no official time to wear it. I was wearing it in the 4 second clip where I kiss my wife in front of the Volvo...

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