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Boston Residents Tiring of "Boston Strong"

Tell me about it. From the CS Monitor:

“Forget ‘Boston Strong.’ Be strong!” he says.

He’s not unsympathetic to the families of the three people killed in the bombings – he knew Krystle Campbell, one of the fatalities – or to the survivors still recovering from their wounds, he says.

However, “the more we dwell on the sadness, the harder it is to grow and move on,” he says.

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Michael Nystrom's picture

Boston resident tiring of Boston

That would be me.

He's the man.

Me too. When I see "Boston

Me too. When I see "Boston Strong" all I can see is the loss of our rights, people cowering in place, tanks rolling down the street, police removing people from their houses at gunpoint, a new creepy ai system that watches us. It makes me sick to see people don't care about the important things. I swear, I want to punch everyone in the face that is wearing a "boston strong" shirt. Idiots.

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It bothered me to experience that juxtaposition...

"Shelter in place!"

"Boston Strong!"

But then, most things media are like looking Through the Looking Glass. Michael thank you so much the sanity that this place brings, it is truly refreshing. I talked to relatives yesterday about the situation in Nevada and only one of them had heard of it.

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I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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From January 2014 ...

... three murders in Boston in one weekend, and nine murders in the first three weeks of the year.

"Boston Strong" only when government/media manipulates them into it.

Otherwise, it is "Boston Shrug," same as most other cities.