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Causes of Mass Shootings

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but I assume your argument is that the total number of guns in circulation isn't a factor at all, which it is. People are mentally disturbed all over the world and they simply do not run around and shoot each other like that.

The second amendment is the second amendment. But it's just silly to ignore the drawbacks of 300 million guns on the market. What to do about it, if anything, that's a different question.

False logic . . .

To say that guns, knives, or automobiles are involved in gun, knife, or auto accident deaths is self evident. Duh ! Recently in China a crowd killed police that had abused and killed people there. The people in the crowd used sticks and rocks. Do you propose banning or regulation of sticks and rocks ? (Perhaps they were compelled to attack because there were sticks & rocks underfoot ?)
In regard to guns, it is documented that many times legally owned guns are used to thwart attacks. In most cases the gun isn't even fired. Just being there and shown was enough to cause a criminal predator to flee the scene.
And finally, the whole 'issue' of mass attacks is a fraud. You're more likely to be struck by lightning than be a victim in a mass shooting. Bee stings cause more deaths than mass shootings. Automobiles cause Far more deaths than mass shootings. (And in the majority of mass shootings, the one who did it was taking prescribed psychiatric meds. This gets minimal mainstream news coverage & no emphasis.)

Perhaps its not really about 'safety' or 'violence' after all ?

I do not really disagree with

I do not really disagree with you that there's plenty of other ways people die. My example would be alcohol, that's an obscene amount of deaths right there. However, guns are a specifically effective weapon to cause the most damage in the least amount of time with the least effort needed though, which was my point.

Arguing against that fact is just pointless, because it is true. So rather than trying to counter the anti-second amendment crew with "Other things kill people too!", it's better to be honest, and simply say that it's a trade off we're ok with to preserve our rights. Just like we're ok with everyone having a car despite the fact that people get run over daily all over the place.

It's however possible to have every lawful gun owner equipped to the teeth, without there being 300 million guns in circulation on the market. Which is a problem for law abiding citizen who would like to walk the streets at nights without fear of getting shot. Not everyone feels that they should need guns at all to defend themselves. What about their rights?

Nice chart but needs 1 major improvement....

It needs a purple dot representing "mind-controlled patsies".

Outside of that, good chart.

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks


Does "Mentally Disturbed People Who Don't Care About Laws" include "government"?

And a second chart showing

The percentage of killers on psychotrops.

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

They went after gun manufacturers . . .

blaming them for gun deaths.

But yet they don't go after Big Pharma and psychiatry for drug induced suicides and murders ?

Of course, Big Pharma has deeper pockets and can much better pay off politicians & they have far more dollars to pay off in t.v. ad revenue.

I never understood the phrase, "Big Pharma".

Because there is no "Little Pharma"!

Large or small, pharmaceutical manufacturers are motivated by money; not health.
99% of synthesized drugs only placate the symptoms, not address the cause.

Drugs of convenience of the worst.
Go ahead, eat whatever crap you want.
Abuse your body with wild abandon.
Just take this purple pill every day...

Then comes the 5 pages of side effect warnings ranging from suicidal thoughts to anal bleeding.
But hey, it's FDA approved and Doctor recommended! [Trust Us]

Physicians seem to have a limited arsenal to work with.
Either give you drugs or cut out a part of your body.

I don't trust the drugs.
I don't trust my Dr. either; because my Dr. doesn't know how to change the oil in his car...
That and all his office flora are looking sickly and dying.
Why would I trust a Dr. that can't keep a houseplant alive and healthy?!?

Synthesized drugs are bad kids, mkayy? :-)

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