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Chemtrails Debunked

Welcome Friends!

The purpose of this thread is to debunk (1) the myth that dark entities are openly, actively and intentionally spraying toxic chemicals "chemtrails" in the skies with the intention of poisoning humanity and the earth. (2) the idea that contrails dissipate quickly and cannot persist (3) the belief that the white streaks we see spanning from horizon to horizon are chemtrails (4) And other false ideas about geo engineering.

I know this is a touchy subject with many of you, as it should be. I admire your passion and your willingness to defend your fellow man by exposing what you believe to be the biggest crime ever committed against humanity.

As a former believer in chemtrails I feel a moral obligation to share the knowledge and information that was influential in changing my mind about the subject.

I feel like the charlatans who sold me this lie stole something from me. After much research and contemplation I was able to look through the haze and see the sunlight of truth shining in.

I hope you enjoy the videos and dialogue.


Founder of California Skywatch, says
"I don't have the documentation, I dont have a single study, I don't have a single solitary evidence" that jets are releasing chemicals on the unsuspecting populace.

One of the main people who started all this nonsense says that she can't find a single shred of evidence that supports the notion that the contrails we see in the sky are really nothing more than condensation trails.

Joe Rogan Interviews Michael Murphy of What in the World are They Spraying


Miles Muzio
Chief Meteorologist
CBS 29 News
Bakersfield California

"This is an ongoing controversy with some people who insist a malevolent conspiracy is subliminally gassing Americans. I have found no credible evidence of this."



"My whistleblowing is not related to chemtrails, it is related to industrial ground activities that overexposed the workers and they didn't want it reported, and since I took the samples, they wanted to demonize me in case I spoke out.

It is going through what I did as a whistleblower than led to my activism. Chemtrails and the TSA are my biggest topics I am linked to." https://www.metabunk.org/threads/kristen-meghan-former-us-ai...


In this video we get to see Alex Jones spread disinfo about chemtrails.


Cloud Seeding Explained




12. Is there any link between cloud seeding and chemtrails?

No. STWMA, along with the WMA, is unaware of any connection between cloud seeding as is practiced by our program and to what some refer to as “chemtrails” (chemical trails). Atmospheric scientists even dispute the existence of “chemtrails”. What some chose to call chemtrails are actually “contrails” (condensed engine exhaust trails), which are well-understood atmospheric phenomena. Contrails are defined as “streaks of condensed water vapor created by an airplane or rocket at high altitudes.” These condensation trails are the result of normal emissions of water vapor, carbon dioxide, and some carbon-containing particulates from piston engines and jet engines at high altitudes in which, given the right atmospheric conditions, the water vapor condenses into a visible cloud. Actually, due to the very cold temperatures at high altitudes, the water droplets that initially form this cloud rapidly freeze, forming an ice cloud similar to naturally occurring cirrus clouds. Under certain conditions contrails can merge or contribute to the development of a larger area of cirrus clouds. Contrails are normally observed on otherwise clear days, when cloud seeding would not be conducted. The cloud seeding nuclei from ground or airborne sources do not produce such visible. ..

If you are serious about learning and finding the truth, you could start at
WWw.contrailscience.org or https://www.metabunk.org/forums/contrails-and-chemtrails.9/

Did you know there are over 87,000 flights a day in the United States?

This is a simulation of those flights.








Near-field measurements on contrail properties from fuels with different sulfur content


ABSTRACT: Microphysical properties of jet exhaust aerosol and contrails were studied in the near field of the emitting aircraft for different fuel sulfur contents. Measurements were performed behind two different aircraft (ATTAS test aircraft of type VFW 614 and Airbus A310-300) using fuels with sulfur contents of 6 ppm and 2700 ppm, respectively. At closest approach (plume age < 1 s), the total number concentrations exceeded the measuring range of the condensation particle counter, i.e., N>105 cm−3. The concentration of the dry accumulation mode aerosol, i.e., predominantly soot particles, was not affected by the fuel sulfur content. At a plume age of 10 s, an increase in total number concentration (Dp>0.01 µm) by a factor of 3.5 in the high sulfur case compared to the low sulfur case was observed. The ultrafine condensation nuclei fraction (0.007 µm http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1029/95GL01312/abstract

Links to studies on Jet Fuel Exhaust




This image monitors atmospheric conditions that are consistent with contrail formation.

There are also plenty of people here on the DP to help. Once you find out that you have been duped, you begin to see who the real enemy is: Those who spread lies and fear and paranoia.

One Love!

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I'm only doing this one more time.

Give me a bit and I'll compose a response just for you.

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul


Why don't you just act like a contrail and "dissapate"!

I believe the proper spelling is


I however, am a persistent contrail. I tend to linger.

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No Problem

Just having fun with ya. Thanks for the spell check!

Ah no worries

Most of the stuff I post is from my phone, so between oversights, auto correct and sheer ignorance, the errors are bountiful.

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Some planes only leave short trails that dissipate quickly.

Other planes leave long trails that spread out into large sweeping cloud structures that block much of the sky. At times these criss-cross, combine and pretty much destroy a nice day.

Are these chemtrails? Are we being sprayed? I hope not, but it's very possible. And even if we aren't being sprayed, for the debunkers of this theory, shouldn't we at least discuss the meteorological effects caused by our activity in the sky? I for one would prefer not to have my sky blotted out, at times almost daily, by criss-cross patterns that block the sun and haze the horizon. But those who see this as just a crazy conspiracy theory don't even address this issue. Maybe i'm crazy, but I think this is something we need to discuss despite what you believe about what's actually in the trails themselves.

"I for one would prefer not

"I for one would prefer not to have my sky blotted out, at times almost daily, by criss-cross patterns that block the sun and haze the horizon. But those who see this as just a crazy conspiracy theory don't even address this issue."

Please search through the thread and find the links regarding criss cross patterns and how air traffic effects climate.

I will address any question you have. Please be specific.


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Congrats for 50

Have you set a new goal?

(applause in background) Thank you, Thank you all!

Yes, this is quite an accomplishment.

But I didnt get here by myself. I have to give credit where credit is due.

You, Soli, Lamanjed, HollowDaze, Kinsjon, and all your buddies who troll this post are really the ones to thank.

Without Yalls help I would have been lucky to receive maybe 10 down votes.

So VR, thank you. Thank you for exposing yourself as a quack who relies on youtube and charlatans as your primary source of information.

Thank you for posting hoax videos and not engaging with me in a logical debate regarding your false notions and ignoring every bit of science that has been presented to you.

This is a special moment and I feel like it should be documented.

So, can you guys squeeze together for a photo? That's it...okay VR,you get right here in the center...okay, is everyone ready?

Say cheese!!

Excellent photo guys! Once again, thank you!!

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Charlatans? If thats not the pot calling the kettle black...

"So VR, thank you. Thank you for exposing yourself as a quack who relies on youtube and as your primary source of information."

This from the guy who's primary source is Mick West?
Surely you jest.

It can't be...can it?


Again, Nice strawman. Out of the 20 links in the OP, one is from metabunk.com and one is from contrailscience.com.

Mick West is clearly my primary source of information.

I've been exposed as a charlatan. You got me.

Now can we get back to the subject? Your intentions to distract are futile.

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Just send a gift.

I don't think you give yourself enough credit. Your condescending and pretentious attitude probably netted you at least 25 down votes.

Did you ever sell used cars?


Only someone as condescending and pretentious as yourself would post the above comment.

Did you ever sell disinformation?

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Project Cloverleaf: Ex-Government Employee Talks Chemtrails

"Chemtrails are a sub-program of the US Navy’s Radio Frequency Mission Planner (RFMP) program called the Variable Terrain Radio Parabolic Equation (VTRPE) – a system for creating 3D battlefield imaging that the US military has been using in Iraq and Afghanistan."


This thread appears to have only one of two goals in mind.

Either it's creator needs to justify either his fragile ego and faulty thought processes or else he needs to justify his paycheck.

Only a moron can look up at the sky, and believe we are not being systematicaly sprayed like rats. Here in Central Florida, I can usually look up, and see at least six planes spraying back and for at any give time of day.

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.

I've done some traveling, and

I've done some traveling, and I can assure you that the cloudy white stuff behind planes in the U.S. is identical to the cloudy white stuff you see behind planes in every country.

I guess you're already OK with the idea that the entire airline industry (including an aircraft mechanic friend of mine) is hiding the insidious truth of chemtrails from you. But you also think that every aircraft company and every government in the world is on-board with this as well? And none of those people are inclined to give solid evidence of how they're "systematically spraying people like rats"?

How can this site be a bastion of rationality among an irrational populace when such thinking is the norm?

Nice assessment.

There is another point that I'd like to stress, and that is SAFETY!

Please quit looking up as the poison is being sprayed. You could get it in your eyes. If you just have to look, wear safety glasses.

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No Chemtrails in Texas today

Have a look at the real time image displayed in the OP.

If what you are seeing is inconsistent with this, please share it with us.

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Chemtrail Planes Forced Down In India Nigeria

What do you have to say about this?

Your link has been debunked.

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Good try

What do I have to say? It smells of desperation.

What do you suppose is the purpose of the vent hoses?

You tell me

What is the purpose of those vent hoses?

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This is your post,and as such, are your questions that need to be answered by you,Get with the program
Or,you could post another utube vid
BUUUT,why would fluids be used to test the actions of passengers,seeing the passengers STAY in the middle of the jet,but the fluid is not

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Read this book to find out.

Read this book to find out.

Inside Boeing : Building the 777
By Bill Yenne

You can read it online here:


"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul


My name is VR. I am addicted to posting nonsense. My friend laundryhead tried to have an intervention for me, but it hasn't worked yet.

I like living in lala land.

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Wouldn't that require someone that did not suffer from tunnel vision?

Chemtrails 2010 Timelapse

Are you getting paid to post this crap?

I won't address this video until you answer the questions I've asked you about the other videos.

You posted a video that has been confirmed a hoax, even by others who believe in chemtrails.

You still haven't come clean. What's your connection with the people who are making money off this disinfo?

Quit living in fear. You could heed the advice of this guy at the DP


I assure you that if poison chemtrails were being sprayed on the masses all the 60000 folks that visited the Daily Paul today would be doing something about it.

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

That is a funny way

of showing your appreciation for my bumping of your OP.

I feel much better with your assurance.