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Chemtrails Debunked

Welcome Friends!

The purpose of this thread is to debunk (1) the myth that dark entities are openly, actively and intentionally spraying toxic chemicals "chemtrails" in the skies with the intention of poisoning humanity and the earth. (2) the idea that contrails dissipate quickly and cannot persist (3) the belief that the white streaks we see spanning from horizon to horizon are chemtrails (4) And other false ideas about geo engineering.

I know this is a touchy subject with many of you, as it should be. I admire your passion and your willingness to defend your fellow man by exposing what you believe to be the biggest crime ever committed against humanity.

As a former believer in chemtrails I feel a moral obligation to share the knowledge and information that was influential in changing my mind about the subject.

I feel like the charlatans who sold me this lie stole something from me. After much research and contemplation I was able to look through the haze and see the sunlight of truth shining in.

I hope you enjoy the videos and dialogue.


Founder of California Skywatch, says
"I don't have the documentation, I dont have a single study, I don't have a single solitary evidence" that jets are releasing chemicals on the unsuspecting populace.

One of the main people who started all this nonsense says that she can't find a single shred of evidence that supports the notion that the contrails we see in the sky are really nothing more than condensation trails.

Joe Rogan Interviews Michael Murphy of What in the World are They Spraying


Miles Muzio
Chief Meteorologist
CBS 29 News
Bakersfield California

"This is an ongoing controversy with some people who insist a malevolent conspiracy is subliminally gassing Americans. I have found no credible evidence of this."



"My whistleblowing is not related to chemtrails, it is related to industrial ground activities that overexposed the workers and they didn't want it reported, and since I took the samples, they wanted to demonize me in case I spoke out.

It is going through what I did as a whistleblower than led to my activism. Chemtrails and the TSA are my biggest topics I am linked to." https://www.metabunk.org/threads/kristen-meghan-former-us-ai...


In this video we get to see Alex Jones spread disinfo about chemtrails.


Cloud Seeding Explained




12. Is there any link between cloud seeding and chemtrails?

No. STWMA, along with the WMA, is unaware of any connection between cloud seeding as is practiced by our program and to what some refer to as “chemtrails” (chemical trails). Atmospheric scientists even dispute the existence of “chemtrails”. What some chose to call chemtrails are actually “contrails” (condensed engine exhaust trails), which are well-understood atmospheric phenomena. Contrails are defined as “streaks of condensed water vapor created by an airplane or rocket at high altitudes.” These condensation trails are the result of normal emissions of water vapor, carbon dioxide, and some carbon-containing particulates from piston engines and jet engines at high altitudes in which, given the right atmospheric conditions, the water vapor condenses into a visible cloud. Actually, due to the very cold temperatures at high altitudes, the water droplets that initially form this cloud rapidly freeze, forming an ice cloud similar to naturally occurring cirrus clouds. Under certain conditions contrails can merge or contribute to the development of a larger area of cirrus clouds. Contrails are normally observed on otherwise clear days, when cloud seeding would not be conducted. The cloud seeding nuclei from ground or airborne sources do not produce such visible. ..

If you are serious about learning and finding the truth, you could start at
WWw.contrailscience.org or https://www.metabunk.org/forums/contrails-and-chemtrails.9/

Did you know there are over 87,000 flights a day in the United States?

This is a simulation of those flights.








Near-field measurements on contrail properties from fuels with different sulfur content


ABSTRACT: Microphysical properties of jet exhaust aerosol and contrails were studied in the near field of the emitting aircraft for different fuel sulfur contents. Measurements were performed behind two different aircraft (ATTAS test aircraft of type VFW 614 and Airbus A310-300) using fuels with sulfur contents of 6 ppm and 2700 ppm, respectively. At closest approach (plume age < 1 s), the total number concentrations exceeded the measuring range of the condensation particle counter, i.e., N>105 cm−3. The concentration of the dry accumulation mode aerosol, i.e., predominantly soot particles, was not affected by the fuel sulfur content. At a plume age of 10 s, an increase in total number concentration (Dp>0.01 µm) by a factor of 3.5 in the high sulfur case compared to the low sulfur case was observed. The ultrafine condensation nuclei fraction (0.007 µm http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1029/95GL01312/abstract

Links to studies on Jet Fuel Exhaust




This image monitors atmospheric conditions that are consistent with contrail formation.

There are also plenty of people here on the DP to help. Once you find out that you have been duped, you begin to see who the real enemy is: Those who spread lies and fear and paranoia.

One Love!

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The NASA scientist was very

The NAPA scientist was very polite and explained it very well. He said the word "Chemtrails "because that is what the woman kept referring to.

Did you hear the part where he said the tests were done by rockets? In the ionosphere? With invisible gases?

As for the Air for Chemtrails Manual, even the site you linked to had this to say about it:

Disclaimer: "...However compelling, we resist claiming that the title and/or content is directly linked to the covert aerosol geoengineering and “chemtrails” operation that has been infecting planet earth for the past quarter century."

Your other link says this:

"Instead, the writers prefer the term ‘persistent contrails’ to describe the phenomenon since all contrails are chemtrails."

This is been shown to be patently false.

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul



It can't be...can it?

We have already

Established that geo engineering is "real"

The title of the post is "Chemtrails Debunked" Not geo engineering debunked.

However, due to your incessant trolling and weak claims, I'm considering changing the name of the post to "Soli Debunked"

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

Silly wordplay

Stop beating the dead red herring word "chemtrails." You know that word is not a scientific term but rather is used in the vernacular to encompass the cloud seeding, aerosol spraying in tic-tac-toe patterns in the skies above, geoengineering,weather modification, HAARP, etc. whose existence are well established and continue to be implemented by various public and private actors in ways known and unknown to the general public.

You are correct

The word chemtrails is not a scientific term.

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

But then...

that would be an outright lie rather than a semantic obfuscation. Far more has been posted here that completely destroys your original premise and cut & paste "debunking" assignment. For, if "high altitude seeding" is happening...chemicals are being used and sprayed upon us...that the "contrails" that you want everyone to believe are natural water vapor clouds...are in fact...NOT. Now as to how many spraying campaigns exist, who is "in-charge" and what chemicals the various programs are being used...well...that is the question and what is nefarious about the whole thing. And no amount of mental masturbation on your part...that goofy chest beating you seem to have an affinity for-that which falsely claims "victory"...will change the fact that you are down 42 to nothing and the 2 minute warning has just sounded. It ain't looking' good...

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

Why won't you answer any questions?


"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

What is your question?

Please ask without cutting and pasting...show off your scientific knowledge and understanding of the "science" behind the creation of contrails vs. Cloud seeding vs. whateverthefuck else they are spraying, the temporary property of the perturbation to stasis that a jet engine brings to the mix, the effect of the Bernoulli Theory in the formation of contrails, and the perturbations to stasis that temporary low pressures bring to a saturated or dry air mass and the efficacious limitations to such perturbations...talk about temperature inversions, dew points, relative humidity, environmental lapse, Moisture lapse, Adiabatic Processes, anything but cutting and pasting bullshit puked up by others and known to be of shillish origin.

I am neither crazy, nor easily led (as you are finding out) and I have Bachelors and advanced degrees with Summa attached to them...so besides being a good regurgitator of other's postulations on my own...I may also posses a mind that works well...certainly well enough to scoff at the doltish nature of what you are doing here and to lend no respect to any of it.

I have conversations with people who know about a topic...not dolts who think they know and who support their premises with fallacious "work" done by others. For those and as with you, I take a rather pugnacious stance. If you are an "expert" and you are to be believed by anyone following this thread, this should be no problem for you....right?

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

Answer this question

Does geo engineering Cause chemtrails?

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

Your loaded, trick questions are a hilarious joke...

The answer is...

No. But chem-trails are an example of geo-engineering.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Spray on.... Spray Off - PROOF!


90 seconds of side by side aircraft - one is on and one is off - Put this in your peer-reviewed pipe and smoke it!

It can't be...can it?


...you call your-self that because you are brainwashed, right? Or is that just a coincidence?

"Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." Benjamin Franklin

Laundry dude,

I've come to understand you are an expert in this field. I was wondering if you can explain the link and correlation between chemtrails, oops, I mean contrails and HAARP, of course assuming that HAARP is real and not a conspiracy. Hint: think aluminum in a microwave oven. Thanks in advance for your expert analysis.

That's easy

There is no correlation. If you are claiming there is, please show us how you were able you were able to arrive at that conclusion.

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

I have been DUPED!!

You're not an expert!

I didn't provide any claim or conclusion, I asked a question.

Back to the research my friend....then come back.



You have been duped.

No. I am not an expert.

I am aware that you asked a question.

The answer to your question is:

There is no correlation between contrails and HAARP, other than the fact they are both not in the scope of comprehension for folks who believe in Chemtrails.

I will restate, if you believe there is a correlation please submit evidence to support it.

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

There's where you went wrong

You asked a question.


It's a spoof on towel head/turban head. I would allow

'sheet' head...

Pandacentricism will be our downfall.

Oh, I get it. A kind of slur.

Oh, I get it. A kind of slur.

I think my take is much more fitting though I do appreciate the implications of your interpretation.

"Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." Benjamin Franklin

Well well well...A chemtrailer with a sense of humor :)

I responded to a similar, but retracted comment here:


Since youre so keen, Maybe you should look at some of the evidence I've posted and try to debunk it.

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

Debunking is a kind of hobby for you isn't it.

I read a very large portion of this thread last night and have concluded that you are beyond help on this issue. Therefore, I will not waste my time debunking your debunking.

To be fair I followed your comments and several links you provided including a lengthy thread on Metabunk. What I am getting at is that I have listened to both sides of this argument and came to my own conclusion.

Asking me to disprove your sources would be a very lengthy process that I can't help but feel would be fruitless. Besides, you are connected to the same internet I am and there is plenty of evidence at your fingertips as it is.

"Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." Benjamin Franklin

"Debunking is kind of a hobby

"Debunking is kind of a hobby for you isn't it?"


"Asking me to disprove your sources would be a very lengthy process..."

Nice cop out.

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

Not an area I have studied, but I sympathize

(Preface: Personally, I really wish people would study nuclear energy more and start to understand the true nature of radiation. It frustrates me when a well-informed group can be so badly misinformed on such an important topic. That said, I really only have a partial understand about chemtrails/contrails.)

It's offensive to me that some people are allowed to seed clouds, choosing when and where precipitation occurs, presumably for the common good, when at the same time it's illegal for me to catch rainwater that falls on my property to use for my own needs.

Having read this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unethical_human_experimentation... I find it hard to accept even the most benign explanation for anything done without our knowledge, consent, or control. The government is the bad guy! If indeed the lines in the sky are marks from cloud seeding, then there are gigantic ramifications! The one who controls the water controls life.

Personally, I have leaned toward believing a "benign" motive behind whatever it is that they're doing. However, even that stinks to high heaven.

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.

I agree

"It's offensive to me that some people are allowed to seed clouds, choosing when and where precipitation occurs, presumably for the common good, when at the same time it's illegal for me to catch rainwater that falls on my property to use for my own needs"

And thanks for the link. Interestingly enough, I did not see chemtrails listed.

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

Chemtrails not in the Wikipedia link

I'm glad to have been able to reinforce the broader point, which is that governments commit unthinkable evil, without having to bring up the main point of contention, which seems to be chemtrails.

I can't understand why someone would down-vote your reply here.

We all seek truth. When something just doesn't seem right, we must deeply and scientifically test it. I really don't have enough information about chemtrails/contrails to have much of an opinion except that if there is any way in which it would benefit a greedy person to commit an evil like this, then leave it to a powerful oversized government to do it and a filthy media to say it's a hoax.

For what it's worth, I am NOT in the camp who thinks that radiation from the Fukushima Daiichi TEPCO plants is a big problem. I AM in the camp who thinks that the WTC buildings were brought down by controlled demolition. I don't like the election system, but I choose to vote because I can. I do NOT think that GMO is good for the consumer. Chemtrails/Contrails? I really haven't seen enough to think any way about them.

Disclaimer: My mind is subject to change without notice. Viewer discretion advised. All sales final.

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.

Chemtrails on Facebook!

I mean chemtrails debunked on facebook



Pilots providing information regarding Contrails-and why Chemtrails are a hoax. Feel free to ask any questions, but please keep it polite.
Airline and military pilots are available to explain contrails and their formation. We are concerned by the rising level of anger being generated by the chemtrail hoax and wish to offer a pilots viewpoint of the phenomenon.

People who spam the site will be banned. This is NOT a page for chemtrail believers to promote their loony beliefs.

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

Contrails expelled from the tail?


It can't be...can it?

You admit to cloud-seeding....

What do you think everyone is talking about when they say they see the chemtrails, then they spread out, form cloud cover, and then it rains like crazy...?!!?

They are spraying chemicals to cloud-seed! What do you think everyone is saying?!
It is Documented fact, right there in your post! Silver Iodide, among many other compounds. How else did you think it is accomplished!?!

Unbelievable!!!... Did you not understand that is what the controversy is over?!?

The dumping of metal particulates poisoning the ground water and soil has been admitted openly to be a side-effect, but it may indeed actually be the true goal... THAT is the "conspiracy theory". Not whether chemtrails exist or not, which is documented fact. Either way, they are dumping harmful compounds/chemicals/metal particulates.

The question of what harm are these chemicals causing when used in the very real cloud-seeding programs, is pretty much what is at issue!!

The questions about other ulterior motives for the chem-trails, such as dumping chemicals on people and the environment with the intent to poison the air, food and water to lower the people's life span and thus more quickly reduce population is quite legitimate speculation, considering the goal of UN Agenda 21 and the globalist elite... Whether that is the goal may be at question, but the fact they are cloud-seeding via the chem-trails is NOT!!!

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Geo-engineering is NOT the same aschemtrails! Links Provided!!!

Lawmanjed said: Chemtrails are cloud seeding.

This is false.




Also, thetruthdenied.com, a popular chemtrail website has stated the following:

Chemtrails are not Geoengineering!

Here is the first part of the article:

There is a growing awareness around the world of those white checkerboard lines in our skies, better known as chemtrails. Unfortunately, many of the witnesses are assuming that the cloud seeding operation and chemtrails are one in the same.This is a false assumption. There is a significant difference between people who did cloud seeding operations and those who did chemtrails.

So what’s the difference?
For one, cloud seeding is performed in lower altitudes, generally under 10 thousand feet, or where rain clouds accumulate, nimbus clouds. Chemtrails are being sprayed at much higher altitudes, generally much higher than rain clouds, at stratosphere, where cirrus clouds reside. Trails are known to cause cirrus clouds so much that term invented to call them, contrails cirrus.


South Texas Weather Modification Association


12. Is there any link between cloud seeding and chemtrails?

No. STWMA, along with the WMA, is unaware of any connection between cloud seeding as is practiced by our program and to what some refer to as “chemtrails” (chemical trails). Contrails are normally observed on otherwise clear days, when cloud seeding would not be conducted. The cloud seeding nuclei from ground or airborne sources do not produce such visible clouds.
There is nothing wrong in that statement. Because they are simply different.


Lawmanjed said "Chemtrails are geoengineering."

I have shown this to be false.

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

deacon's picture


then answer this,how do they engineer the weather,if not by cloud seeding,which,by the way I read it,is by spraying into the atmosphere?

From your own link,it lists "seeding operations" "western weather consultants" "weather modifications inc" "North American Weather Consultants" "Wyoming Water Development"

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence