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RE: Josie the Outlaw's outrageous video about supporting the troops. A veteran's response.

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More reasons to be

More reasons to be embarrassed to be an American.
It's even worse than I imagined it to be.
The title needs some pyrotechnics going off to draw more viewers.
Everybody -- especially every neo-con -- needs to see this.

Sadly, this is common in the military

It's known as "punching tickets" for an officer career advancement.

I'm reading David H. Hackworth book, "About Face". Colonel Hackworth was a highly decorated soldier whose career was canned when he candidly complained about the Army's poor strategy in Vietnam while on TV.

His books tells of this very thing, where officers with degrees and experts at parades and inspections were more valued than professional soldiers with combat experience. Officers all the way up to the rank of General who visited Hackworth's company the front lines in Korea for a few moments would write themselves up for a silver star.

I've read other accounts for rear-echelon officers receiving purple hearts for the most ridiculous minor injures incurred during brief VC mortar attacks on rear bases.

It's all a career racket in the military. The rest of the soldiers are expendable.

Conscience does not exist if not exercised

"No matter how cynical you get, it's impossible to keep up!
---Lily Tomlin

Check this out guys . . . .

Ive been out for a long time, but this matches my experience too - well, except for the midgets. (I was Navy. The corps is also within the Dept of the Navy. I had buddies in the Marines & observed what was mentioned in the video & article below in both services. Father was career Army and he talked about the same things) :


The corps is a relatively small organization. Lots of scrambling around for very limited number of slots. But, the same thing happens in the other armed services too.

Excellent video. Shares some hardcore reality while giving the audience a chuckle. Well done.

Thanks, I appreciate it

Interesting article.

I actually completed OCS but didn't get the commission due to a school issue. Got the worst leadership advice of my life in OCS: 'A wrong decision is better than no decision at all'

'A wrong decision . . . '

quote. Man, that sure sounds familiar, unfortunately. The freakin' Do Something/Anything Disease.

We used to say "The Navy was designed by geniuses to be run by idiots."

I don't know about the geniuses part of it though.

All the best - - -

this is awesome

This guy is very entertaining.

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

Faked a few out of their jocks.

Fine sarcasm and support of a fellow seeker of voluntarism.


Yep. 'Ribbon Chasing' Still Rampant

Officers always seem to be the worst offenders. DOD should come up with a new award -just for them. I recommend something along the lines of a 'Seppuku Medal':

You over there now?

Or have you been recently? Just curious....


My brother-in-law returned from Afghanistan last year and recently EASd. His experiences were very much like your own. I'm also a former 0302, so I'm not surprised by any of it.

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Hey if I was a guy I could be

Hey if I was a guy I could be in love with Josie and I am in love with the ideas she portrays.

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

Took me a little while to hear the sarcasm

All told. It was a pretty good video



A bit sneaky, wasn't it?

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Absolutely NOT what I thought it was going to be.

A must watch for anyone who thinks we are saving the world with our "police" actions.

We're herding up shepherds, for God's sake!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Sorry for the deception

But it grabs views. Tis the nature of the youtubes.


Al wars are antiquated. I hope this young man overcomes what he claims was his experience, as I hope the Outlaw does. As for supporting the troops.... JOIN THE Ron Paul REVOLUTION, and I'll then support those troops !!!

Many already....

have joined the Ron Paul REVOLUTION and are still promoting those ideals today, even if it is in the shadows. My bumper sticker has a tendency to start conversations.

See What the government is Spending?


Ron Paul bumper stickers rock!!

kind people rock

Gangs by any other name.

Pre-awakening I joined a gang when I was young and naive. It ran in the family. I have certainly gotten over it, as I basically did a brain dump after I left the Corps. I couldn't even remember the rank 'Sergeant Major' for the video.

Not sure what you're hoping Josie overcomes though, she wasn't in the military.


Thanks for calling me a stupid b*tch. BTW you have no idea why I joined, but I'm sure that doesn't matter to you.

See What the government is Spending?

Don't take it so personally

Don't take it so personally JacciC. Phreedom is just exercising his 1st amendment right, that doesn't make his comments right as he just painted a broad stroke across the entire military population. I'm sure it wasn't his intention( I could be wrong).

After watching both Josie's and Chronicles of an Expat video's I have to say they both have merit, though it would be hard to see with a biased view.

Expat's comment about Napoleon's quote on ribbons and medals encompasses a small amount of those who serve in the military. Surely those who refuse to fight and even those who contributed to Ron Paul's campaign, or even those who have lost life and limb could tell you how meaningless a piece of colored ribbon really is. Smedley Butler in his book War is a Racket( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smedley_Butler ) touches on the subject very well.

Josie's form of support is right on as well. I often tell family and friends, or those who may inquire about my service, who want to join up what my views are and what they are really giving up. That it's not about freedom and hasn't been for a long time. I ask them how they would feel about killing men, women, and children even if it was deemed "collateral damage."

"Liberty is the soul's right to breathe, and when it cannot take a long breath laws are girded too tight. Without liberty, man is a syncope." -Henry Ward Beecher

I would never...

presume to take anyone's 1st away or even stifle it, but I can and do disagree with name calling and generalizations. In that, I'm expressing mine.

With regard to the videos, there are a few that are "ribbon happy". There are many that are waking up to history and what their service really means. And many already support Ron Paul and his teachings. Many are sick of endless "wars" and rebuke "collateral damage" openly.

See What the government is Spending?

nothing personal

I just don't like all the lame excuses I hear about why people join the military and I especially can't stand being forced to pay them. I hear many military people tell me they are there to uphold and protect the Constitution but then when I point out to them that they are actively in violation of Article 1 Section 10 constitutional tender laws because they are being paid in an unlawful tender that is a private bank's fraudulent debt note the military guys always know nothing of what I am saying because the actual truth has nothing to do with upholding the Constitution and everything to do with getting a secure paycheck.

I also can't stand military peoples' complete non-sense about protecting my right to speak freely. The military is not protecting anything but they are actively destroying the economy with their empire building based on forcing fraudulent debt to build death and destruction. Another thing about military people I will never understand is the complete submission and obedience to another man. It is impossible for me to understand how any human being will just submit to another man without question. Voluntary cooperation cool, but doing criminal acts based on criminal orders with absolutely no reason why something is to be done is beyond me and completely abhorrent to any man who enjoys free will and the responsibility therein.

The truth hurts sometimes. But feelings are irrelevant to the facts of violation of law and the fact of cognitive dissonance military people maintain.

From a law perspective every individual in the military should be fired at minimum for breach of duty to their oath over the tender issue. But the military will just kill anything that gets in the way of their lawlessness. I don't respect criminals and I never will.

It looks like the military may have its chance for redemption soon with the seemingly inevitable upcoming revolution. We will see if the military attacks the American people or arrests the criminals who have overthrown the government. From the intel so far it looks like the military will not only commit open warfare on Americans but will also put masses of people into concentration camps and death camps.


Who in the hell is going to ever appreciate armies of mindless little eichmanns doing the criminal leg work for fascist criminals?

Redemption is always accessible but continuation of criminal activity is incompatible with a lawful community and perpetrators should only expect more disgust from law abiding people.

But its nothing personal with you or any particular individual. And no I don't want to know another 'reason' any grown responsible adult will join them. Sorry but it needs to be said out loud, often.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

I'm sure that you...

don't like the excuses, but if you understand why a person did something, you can start a conversation without name calling. Many members of the military haven't read, let alone understand the Constitution or have made any study of it. They think that they are protecting and defending the Constitution. Many members, in fact, do not even know the Federal Reserve is a private institution. But that is changing. We are educating each other and having these conversations. I came to find out about Ron Paul through another service member.

And although you see service members as subservient to another person, we are able to question our orders if we believe them to be unlawful. And with any population of people, you will always have those that will, and enjoy, inflicting pain on others. We are actively trying to weed those individuals out, but it is a slow process, as due process must be observed.

On the point of the coming revolution, your intel is from military publications, and not from the members and leaders. Until you have spoken with members, you don't know their stance on warfare on Americans. To paint all military with such a broad stroke does injustice to those who have been set on the correct path, and are trying to bring more onto that path.

See What the government is Spending?

The reasons why

are irrelevant. The law is being broken. The military is being used to implement the bankers goal of world domination and in the military's war path they train armies of psychopaths, many who then go into law enforcement in America and destroy the peace and freedom in America with no end to their tyranny in sight.

Of course, the bankers knew the psychopathic law enforcement born of military wars of aggression would be the great instigator, who in the name of 'law' enforcement, would violently enforce any legislative act, regardless of its lawfulness, that would in turn eventually reach a boiling point igniting a civil war in America during a World War against America of which the fog of war will enable them to destroy America, bring down the Constitution, commit mass genocide of undesirables and birth their New World Order and totally usurp American control of our advanced military placing it under the control of the UN and NATO. This is how the military is the bankers' bitches. That's what is actually happening but too compartmentalized for incompetent men to see. For all their advanced intel they can't see the elephant in the room that is stomping on their faces and funding the enemies they are fighting.

As far as speaking with "members" I have had conversations with over a hundred service members from privates all the way to generals, admirals, and top military strategists regarding the on-going violations of law. From my experience it is almost completely useless to speak with most of them about the on-going violations of law. I have opened the door to truth for many of them who are very appreciative and have done some pretty ballsy things as far spreading truth inside the system but the vast majority of military people I have spoken with were either complete mindless zombies, arrogant assholes or outright psychopathic criminals who will never seek truth. So, that's why the animosity. I am experienced in your suggestion.

As far as upholding the Constitution, somewhere military people traded common damn sense for mindless order following. It seems completely obvious that a grown ass responsible competent man would read and understand the contracts they oblige themselves to but I guess the common sense thing to do is way too complicated for those in government generally. Somehow it became common sense to sign a contract one never reads, say they are protecting the obligations of that contract while they simultaneously violate the contract and then have the conclusion that the only thing to do is go on a war rampage across the globe, develop weapons of mass destruction and then give the technology to private criminal entities, all to uphold the contract. All while real common sense that is totally self-evident is that the only thing one had to do to protect the contract is read and understand the contract first and then look amongst those who voluntarily obliged themselves to the contract to see who breaches the contract and bring justice or annihilate any entity that comes here to destroy the people the contract is there to protect. It's not complicated. It's simple and completely damn obvious sh*t.

So to observe the complete insanity of what our military people are doing to 'uphold and defend the Constitution from foreign and domestic enemies' by actively carrying out war crimes all over the world enslaving Americans to endless fraudulent debt fro their empire bs and have done so for so many decades is off the chart lunacy that there are no words to describe. Go piss off billions of people and say you are making us 'safer' I guess is the military's corrupted cognitive dissonance. Pure damn lunacy a kid can understand.

Problem is now that everyone is waking up from sleep walking for so many generations the only rational conclusion when the letter of the law is examined for any breach is that the inescapable conclusion is that literally EVERY member who voluntarily obliged themselves to the contract is in breach of the contract. If everyone who signed up to uphold the contract is in breach of the contract while destroying all peace in the name of upholding the contract then the only thing a rational man can conclude is that this whole situation is completely insane from top to bottom and the only real conclusion within natural law is that the reason the individuals doing such insane behavior turns out to be the same conclusion the bankers came to so many hundreds of years ago; control the currency and there is no need to care about who makes the laws because human processing of needs will dictate their behavioral outcome regardless of logical congruency. Cognitive Dissonance is then born of corrupted operation of the mind by men replacing competency of law with competency to obtain easy currency.

If the currency can enable fulfilling the needs of a man's survival then man's ego will reinterpret all rational thought into a pattern that is acceptable to obtaining the currency that will in turn fulfill his needs. That's where banker's bitches comment ties into responsibility. Men's survival being like water (literally the processing of water) will take the pathway of least resistance through its spatiotemporal perspective path of information. The fraudulent debt note currency is the immediate path of least resistance to the unwise (just like stealing money instead of earning it) which enables intellectual laziness and enables tolerance of men incompetent in contracting to 'uphold' the contract as long as those contractually incompetent men are competent in following orders of the chain of command from the source of the currency. So if you think you can dis-obey an unlawful order in today's military good luck with that. In the strictest interpretation of law there are no orders because there is no lawful contractual capacity being maintained. Of course a rational man competent in law and responsible for maintaining his own free will would have never gotten himself into such a psychotic contractual situation.

So my animosity towards bureaucrats and military in general is born of a rational analysis of the true state of affairs that realizes a complete incompetence by men who claim to be responsible adults but exhibit no such competency in upholding the law whatsoever.

So if someone tells me they are part of the US military its like someone telling me they are a NAZI. Its really that abhorrent to a truly law abiding man.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

I'm sorry...

I think we are on seperate sheets of music here. Can you explain in detail what particular part of Art. 1, Sec. 10 is being violated specifically and what on-going violations of law are every current military member doing? And in what way is every member of the military violating or in breach of their contract? You do realize that many service members are also so new to the concepts that you are laying on them, that they may be confused and put off by your animosity?

See What the government is Spending?

The breach of duty by every bureaucrat in America

Article 1 Section 10 Tender Laws:
"No state shall ... make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts;"

The People of the States through a delegated body of representatives created the US Constitution as an obligatory binding contractual capacity to carry out the enumerated delegated operations and to uphold all prohibitions therein.

The states made an agreement on obligatory tender of only gold and silver as lawful tender in the payment of debts and delegated the operation of setting the weight and measures and coining that tender to the Federal Government. One of the binding contractual duties of the federal government's (which is really each individual man and woman who obliges themselves those duties through their oath) job is to uphold that contractual obligation of the tender to use and set it's weighted and measured value in order to "secure the blessings of liberty".

So if someone has obliged themselves to a bunch of contractually generated laws of which to include that only gold and silver shall be used as tender but then those who obliged themselves to that contractual duty do not uphold the contract and even get paid for that contractual capacity of duty in an unlawful tender that is some Thing other than gold and silver coin, as defined in that contract, then an ongoing breach is occurring because those individual men who claim a lawful capacity of being under the Constitutional capacity are not upholding the law which they contractually obligated themselves to do. This is a common law breach of contractual duty.

So instead of using lawful tender of gold and silver coin what "Thing" are they using as a tender in the payment of debts?

The answer:
A mathematically guaranteed to fail private bank's fraudulent debt note that is made by the federal 'government' on the command of this private bank and given to this private bank who then loans it back to the government or any other entity they choose. All while every single debt note is loaned with interest to other parties. So they counterfeited some currency and then require everyone to pay them a portion of every single debt note put into circulation. Must be nice for the bankers to have everyone in the world paying them for committing crime.

The members of the military are being paid from this on-going fraud all while it is a direct violation of Constitutional tender laws each individual in the military obliged themselves to. This breach touches every single military member and every single government bureaucrat because of the nature of tender violation. They could demand the payment of their time in lawful gold or silver tender but they are not so the violations can only be presumed to be in disregard of law and of course ignorance of the law is not a defense.

Of course many may just point to case law to say 'oh but the courts say it is ok to use this fraudulent debt note' which is nothing but more fail by the people at large. A small group of men who are being paid in that unlawful tender are going to rule on the law of the tender they will receive and come to the exact opposite conclusion of what the law actually says? This is the definition of corruption and the case 'law' is simply invalid because of the nature of the conflict of interest and loss of their official capacity from their breach and demonstrates violations of the canons of judicial ethics not mention that when the Constitutional ratifiers intent is examined in detail the court comes to the exact opposite conclusion of what the facts are.

I hope this breach by military members is glaringly obvious at this point but you should not take my word for it. You should read everything you can on the issue and come to your own conclusion.

As far as military members being turned off by my animosity here, that is no concern to me. The law is the law. Criminal injury harms and is painful. Repeated injury in response to our requests of redress does not bring peachy attitudes to the table. The criminal injury must end for their to be any alliance whatsoever but there is no end in sight to criminal injury being inflicted on people across the globe all by those who are claiming to enforce the law while they actively breach the law.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

I think you are....

taking Art. 1, Sec. 8 to literally when speaking about coining money. My understanding, through all my research, is that congress is charged with lawful creation of (hopefully sound) money and to regulate the value of it. I do agree with you on what has happened to our money from the time it's creation had been handed over to the Fed and the banker's, but that is a moot point right now. Art. 1, Sec. 10 states that no State may make anything other gold and silver tender within it's own purview, but the overall creation of money lies with the congress and there is no stipulation that the money must be gold and silver. It just means that the States cannot make their own competing currency, coin it, and fix a measure of value to it.

In your view, everyone who uses FRN's (paper or electronic) is in violation of the Constitution so there are no law abiding citizens.

See What the government is Spending?

Too literal with the Law?

If we are going to be loosy goosy with the law when 100s of millions of people are involved then we are doomed. Attempting to keep perfectly consistent protections of law when this many people are involved has no room for anything but EXACT precision in the literal interpretation. We've been loosy goosy and now we have tyranny under a mathematically guaranteed to fail currency that will cause total chaos if it collapses without a planned transition. Right now the planned transition is WW3 but hopefully people will just say NO and then work to resolve the issues without the psychopaths invited to the table.

My only journey to find why America has failed to maintain liberty has revealed to me beyond all reasonable doubt that our failure to maintain liberty is exactly because we do not uphold the law to maintain precise exact consistency in the application of law where two fundamental self evident truths are always maintained:
No law can violate any other law
No one can violate the law to uphold the law

When one goes through mountains of history of law to find the answer it becomes clear where exact points of usurpations took place that the consistency of law gets muddied up and then begins to cause other confusion down the line. The confusion of being loosy goosy with the interpretation of law has grown into exactly the mess we have today. We have become a nation of men's opinions by not knowing and upholding the law to its defined precision. If your interpretation that Congress can decide the tender is correct, even though that duty was never enumerated, then that would cause a law to be violated in your interpretation. Congress would make something else tender and then States would have to make legislation that would define tender as something other than gold and silver for their operations even if that means simply pointing to a federal code. In this scenario a law violates another law which means the law closest to the root supersedes which in this case is Article 1 Section 10. This means the only way to lawfully define another tender is the Article 5 Amendment process. Most will say well that's my opinion and look at me like I am a kook but what I am saying is that the law is not my opinion. If the exact defined and limited applicable scope of law is not maintained then one will violate another law. If we allow any law to violate another law then confusion sets in and the protections of law are destroyed and the cycle of tyranny continues in the fogginess; this is the inviolate laws of nature.

So defining tender was not enumerated for federal power and interpreting it otherwise puts states in violation of tender prohibitions if that tender is not gold and silver. We didn't uphold that law and we got eternal warfare and fraudulent debt from this failure because the men it enabled to create currency (not money -another violation) eternally levy war to maintain that power to be the deciders of all capital flows. A natural substance as tender uses the laws of nature to bind ALL men to ensure liberty is protected. This was the reason America implemented such tender for government.

Generally looking back at what was going on when the law was made,
the intent of the ratifiers was clear and they even had a vote to add the power to emit bills of credit that was rejected. The attempts by those who sought to add this ability to the Constitution laid bare the bankers networks who were already working in the process to usurp the new government. The war was ongoing and eternal and only rational astute minds were able navigate the trickery and deceptions of the banking families who had been passing down and executing their formula of domination for generations. Many of the founders knew this well and stood guard diligently to require a binding oath for operating under the new federal capacity that explicitly enables the people to hold them accountable within existing common law by being the founding sovereign party to the contract but having absolutely no binding obligations upon themselves whatsoever hence the Constitution is the law for government. This was the exceptional enlightenment that America had attained. A binding contract within existing common law for government with an organic law that enumerates lawful power can only come from the consent of the governed. This enabled a government to be created and in theory maintained within perfect consistency of existing law because no law had to be violated to create the government and because no one was required to participate in it. so this leads to addressing your final comment:

"In your view, everyone who uses FRN's (paper or electronic) is in violation of the Constitution so there are no law abiding citizens."

That is not my view from the perspective you speak from. We the People are totally free because we are not part of the government and thus its laws have no application to us. We did not enter into a contractually bound capacity of citizenship (one working within the government) and thus we can use what ever tender another consenting party agrees to. We are sovereigns who are free to contract as we see fit so long as we do not injure another. So in the strictest sense there are no law abiding citizens but the citizens you speak of is not the citizens I speak of. The citizens are the 'persons' in government who have bound obligations to the Constitutional duties and prohibitions not the same legal status as the people or men/ women and the statutory code clearly does not even claim applicability to the people (only claims applicability to persons). It only makes sense to not apply codes to people because felony acts have to be committed in the process of attempting to enforce that law upon someone who is not obliged to it; one has to break the law to uphold the law. Of course the people being equally sovereign have the ability to invoke the lawful powers of government by accusing someone of injury and could enumerate strict construction of penal code definitions for the case to be tried but that can only lawfully be decided by the accuser who is the issuer of consent for government action and the identifiable liable principal the responding agents of the people are acting on behalf of. It is obvious that the criminal usurpers and tyrants have tried to circumvent the People's Sovereign status with the personhood of the 14th amendment citizen but the confusions and unlawful usurpation of the never lawfully ratified 14th amendment are no match for real law not even close. The 14th amendment citizenship is so dirty and criminal in its formation it is not even valid law and should not even be recognized as an Amendment because it is definitely not lawful in its application or claimed 'ratification' so that citizenship is simply null and represents evidence of the ongoing criminal fraud that men claiming to be government are perpetrating against the people.

A man inside a contractual capacity (on the job) is what is legally a "Person". So persons under the contractual capacity of the Constitutional oath only maintain the personhood while working within the capacity. If a man does anything outside a legal capacity then he would no longer be a legal person of that capacity and he would then be a fully liable man for his own acts because those acts would not be recognized within the scope of that duty i.e. the corporate veil will be peirced. So the law for government can only be a law for the fictional capacity because the government is indeed a legal fiction and the fiction has no access to control the laws of the natural man. The man has to control himself by doing exactly what the enumerated bound duty he obliged himself to and if that man violates any law regardless of whether or not he was obeying another unlawful law it is that man's own liability to know the law. This is why just following orders only makes sense in a lawless society. Ignorance of the law is not a defense and because we are each equal before the law we each are liable for our own acts that are not within the bounds of lawful duties.

Hopefully this clearly delineates the person from the man and the persons from the People and why your comment is not exactly what I am saying. The man and the person are two different legal statuses that have different applicable law depending on the time and facts of any incident and the constitutional tender laws apply to the enumerated entities within the enumerated duties.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

The military

irresponsible little boys who can't take care of themselves so they go enslave themselves to the works of death and destruction on the command of their master criminals.

This guy's video only reinforces this understanding of what military men and women ACTUALLY are; just stupid bankers' bitches how can't find their own way so they go on the government tit...

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...