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That Awkward Moment When You Realize Your Children Are Being Conditioned

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It's fun to play 'spot the chemtrail' on the local public TV


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Please, serious answers only, and try and limit your cognitive dissonance, and I will try and limit mine while reading your answers.

I really would like some answers on chemtrails, because is such a thing as contrails. Contrails are triggered by jet exhaust in humid air...these have been around since jet engines were invented and planes started flying really high (before most of us were born). I have seen these contrails for at least 40 years... I have childhood photos with contrails in the background.(my mother was a stewardess for Pan Am)

How do you know a vapor trail is a chemtrail and not a contrail?
What are the visible clues that tell you this, I really would like to know?

Are they wider than a contrail?

Do they last longer than a contrail?

Are they a different color than a contrail?

Does it occur at different altitudes than a contrail?

Is it coming from a military aircraft? You can check which plane you see by using this live flight map: http://www.flightradar24.com

Are the trails coming from the engine exhaust or are they coming from coming from a separate container? If from a separate container, does every plane have a hidden separate container?

If these are civilian passenger planes, and this is coming from the fuel, the chemicals would have to be in the fuel, put in at the airport. That would mean every plane flying would be putting out "chemtrails". Jet fuel has plenty of additives (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jet_fuel#Additives), but are they put in the fuel for some other purpose? What is this purpose?

If they are "spraying" cities, why do they release the chemicals at over 35,000 feet where they would never hit the city they were flying over due to drift from the jet stream, or even a slight breeze? The chemicals would be hundreds of miles away before they ever hit the ground.

Could chemtrails ever be invisible? I have mosquito helicopters fly over spraying, and mosquite trucks drive by spraying, and what they are spraying is invisible, there are no trails. What chemicals are the jets spraying that cause them to be visible?

I wish I could be comprehensive in addressing your questions

but unfortunately a lot of the questions you have do not have definitive, verifiable answers at this time.

I would though first ask your self, does the below image look like natural skies?

Here are some pictures that compare "chemtrails" and contrails

This is a contrail being produced: (Notice how the trail dissipates at its end)

This is a "chemtrail" being produced: (Notice how there is no dissipation and the trail is consistently more dense)

And again, contrail:



The main characteristics of "chemtrails" is that they are usually dense, persist in the sky, and eventually expand into a wider, less dense remnant.

The contrail by comparison will not persist more than a minute or two and will never expand or form remnant trails.

I think it is safe to say that some, but maybe not all of the spraying aircraft are military aircraft, as there is a whistle-blower, Kristen Meghan who worked for the Airforce doing inspections and approvals of imported chemicals and materials who verified that there were unsafe substances being imported to the bases she was working at which contained barium, strontium and aluminum, which are consistent with the the geo-engineering "footprint" so to speak, as was uncovered by the documentaries: What in the World Are They Spraying?" and "Why in the World Are They Spraying?".

The purpose of these trails is ambiguous, so it is not clear if they are "spraying" cities, but I have seen photos of these trails over water, like oceans. Keep in mind though that the trail remnants move with the wind patterns, so these trails may end up over land at some point.

I cannot say if there are "invisible" trails, maybe they are in the works, but all you need to do is see the ones that are visible to confirm that they are real.

Unfortunately you didn't answer any questions

Thanks for taking the time to send all that, but I can label all of that contrails just as easily. The key is to answer the questions I laid out. Contrails are not natural looking skies either, but does that prove they are chemtrails?

That second picture is simply false. Contrails can last very long and spread out wide and it is based on the weather on conditions...I have photos from my youth and remember contrails lasting a long time. I am a pilot and know from experience that it is the weather (temperature, dew point, pressure at altitude) that determines how long contrails last. Contrails can and do last for hours.. that has been proven and is a given. In the second picture you can clearly see the humidity in the air on the left VS the clear low humidity on the right.

The 3rd picture the "contrail" jet is clearly higher than the "chemtrail" jet... clouds and contrails form at different levels based on weather conditions. Plus, the trail labeled "chemtrail" you can clearly see was made by two engines, getting back to the separate container question that you avoided.

The 4th picture same as the second.. one jet is clearly higher and above the humidity region (you can see the humidity near the supposed "chemtrail"). Still doesn't answer any of my questions.

You didn't answer any of my questions... they are a simple yes or no, or "I don't know"...they are not complicated.

The 5th picture just as ridiculous as the 5th. I could easily label them the other way around... where are the specifics.

The 6th picture is clearly 4 jet engines... and the 7th picture is either 2 or 4 engines... so chemtrails are more dense and last longer... who told you that, and why would that be? What is in them to make them more dense, and last longer? You do base this on something other than hearsay or gut feeling, right?

"The main characteristics of "chemtrails" is that they are usually dense, persist in the sky, and eventually expand into a wider, less dense remnant." what do you base this on? Just answer my questions please, with facts.

Kristen Meghan found some chemicals they were spraying from military planes.. does this mean from now on every contrail is a chemtrail?

Please try again, go through and answer the questions... yes I know what vapor trails look like in the sky, thanks for the pics, but please just answer the questions, yes or no, or I don't know... after you do that, the conclusion will be clear what these trails are.

I know the government is up to nasty stuff, but that does not say everything you see that looks out of the ordinary (which contrails are pretty ordinary to me), is being done by the government. The key is to question everything, even the theories about bad things.. don't just believe things because they are bad, and don't disbelieve things because they are good... use that God-given lump you carry around in your skull, and try and figure things out... ask questions.



you where a pilot; which commercial flight path are these vapor trails on?

It is almost as if

nothing will make them question their beliefs. You tell them to answer simple questions. They say they cannot and proceed to tell you how much logic is in their eyes. About 10 years ago I started looking into conspiracy theories.. I was 17, and wouldnt you know it.. they all made sense. That is until I was disillusioned by hybrid reptilian overlords.

From that moment forward I began questioning everything, including the convincing CTs. If there are natural reasonable explanations born from science, why look for a boogeyman?

-Matthew Good

As mentioned

you will not find answers to most of your questions, as good as they are. We are forced to just observe until there is a more intensive inquiry done on this subject.

As far as the density, I base it on what I have seen in the skies; I am not an aviation expert but I know what a contrail is vs an aerosol trail. All one has to do is look up; I've been watching planes for several years. As far as contrails persisting, I do not doubt that happens, but do they expand and form much wider remnants and persist for more than an hour? No, those are aerosol trails. Also contrails won't be leaving heavy metal residues on the ground.

I never said anything to indicate that "all contrails are chemtrails" because of what the whiste-blower has spoken about. That is a poor assumption to make.

The government is not the end-all-be-all and I contend that there are far more insidious forces sanctioning this program as is suggested by its global scope.

Thanks for posting...


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"The secretary of defense may conduct tests and experiments involving the use of chemical and biological agents on civilian populations."
-Public law of the United States, Law 95-79, title VIII, Sec.808, July 30th

GOOD heavens!!!



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Do some chem trail believers

still believe these lines didn't appear before 1996-ish? Because Fivel Goes West was from 1991.

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Old Anti-Chemtrail Rally Flyer

I have an anti-chemtrail rally flyer from 1990. My parents were into that type of thing even way back then.

From the northwest?

My first sighting was the summer of '92, over the Gulf of Mexico.

Nobody on the fishing boat had seen anything like it before.

Rally Location

I don't remember where the rally was. My family was living in North Carolina at that time, so I'm guessing it was Raleigh. I'll have to go home and find it, I have been hanging on to it just because the date was so old for the whole chemtrail thing.

Was wondering about location

because the earliest reports that I could find were from the northwest.

Can you scan that poster?

Fievel Goes West

was animation.

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I know the feeling

I know the feeling.

But why are all the photos mostly benign cartoons, kids walking in the woods, jet pack man and some family's house?

Where's the PUBLIC SCHOOL? Where's the church?

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Each image

shows a sky containing chemtrails.

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Thanks, didn't catch that

I was busy looking at Fivel. And had to look up the significance of chemtrails.

Currently consuming: Morehouse's "Better off free", FDR; Wii U; NEP Football

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Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

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post, right here.

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Sure there is

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