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Open letter to Dr. Paul

AS IF I'm anybody, AS IF I'm qualified to critique someone who has set alight the fires of liberty in America just when it needed it, AS IF Dr. Paul will even read this. But hey, it's just a post, so I'll rant away.

Dr. Paul, I have seen you go head to head with the Chairman of the Federal Reserve. I have listened to you hand Laura Ingraham her hat. I have heard you speak all over this country both during your '88 bid and this one, I know what you can do and have complete confidence that, not only can you lead this nation more responsibly than anyone since Andrew Jackson, you can run circles around Larry Curly and Moe without breaking a sweat.

Do you have someone coaching you? Find another job for them, you don't need coaching. Judging from listening to you talk over the decades, you ARE the great communicator. Be yourself. Throw those talking points in the trash, you are way smarter than those other guys, have more knowlege of how government works than those guys, you are in a different league than those other guys -

And, you have a secret weapon - you are the only candidate at liberty to "tell the truth". Keep on telling the TRUTH Dr. Paul !

Remember, underneath all the media hoopla, America just wants to hear that truth, and they know it when they hear it. That's why I'm here.

We love you Ron Paul !

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Nice... I can sleep now

Nice... I can sleep now