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Air Force Capt.'s career may be at stake.


The second link is to an Air Force video of this Capt.s life.
Truly neat story to this young mans journey to the United States.


As an Air Force veteran I think this is a national security issue, I would say the Air Force needs to use the national security issue to have the charges dropped as this Capt's career is far from the average job and this could be settled out of court for security purposes.

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If you have a nice uniform and a badge

You can invade homes with impunity and god forbid a home owner raise a hand in defense.

This is just typically unbelievable. As I read history I read about these types of aggression from governments yet not having previously experienced first hand its hard to think it happening at home.


Member of the military or

Member of the military or not, it's sad for anyone to be treated like that in their own home and especially to still be charged as though they were the one who made the mistake.