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Making sure 2016 caucus is run with integrity, St. Charles Co., MO

With the 2016 election looming on the horizon, I can't help but reflect on the St. Charles Co. caucus of 2012.

I was there as a Ron Paul delegate and witnessed what became known as the "Raucus Caucus", thanks in large part to the manipulations of my Republican Central Committee. I filed three days later to run for Central committee. Unfortunately, I lost in 2012 but I am running again, and this time, it's even more important that I win.

Whoever wins central committee seats in the 2014 primary will be a part of organizing our 2016 caucus. It's important that we have liberty-minded people on the central committee. I consider myself one of those people.

As you know, running a campaign isn't cheap, so I'm asking for your help.

Would you please consider making a donation to my campaign? Visit my website at http://campaign.catiebeth.com.

It's time to bring liberty, integrity, and inclusion to the Republican party! Thank you!

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You will have

$25 from me this Friday

local St. Louisan here!!

Just want to let you know that I really appreciate your efforts. I will certainly look into donating as soon as I can. It's people like you who give me hope for our region!