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Straw Poll//Ron is a worker--not a personality

Help Ron win another straw poll.
People criticize Ron for not being more agressive but he's a real worker, a public servant--not a showman. He gets things done. Most of the people who have changed the world have been somewhat boring personalities because they were focused on their work--they are wired that way so, when I see a polished, smooth talking, agressive type--I tune them out automatically. I listen to Ron because he's authentic, genuine, and sincere and will actually bring real change from day one. Sure the global elite would try and stop him from accomplishing anything but he would press on.

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Why McCrackhead is leading...

McCrackhead is leading because he is a cheater. This link has been posted before. Yesterday, Ron Paul was 3% ahead of McCain and the map was dark green.


Bad things happen to good people and everything has a purpose.