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MP3 | CNN Politico 15th GOP Debate

January 30, 2008 -
Ron Paul at CNN/Politico/LATimes 15th GOP Ronald Regan Library California Debate (8 min)

January 29, 2008 -
Ron Paul TechCrunch.com Interview (16 min)
Ron Paul First BusinessX.com Interview (12 min)

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Below: The Debate in 60 Seconds!

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Holy S*** watch this!

Scroll to the bottom for the video. It's something to behold.

Olberman goes on a rant written and delivered with a perfection I cannot describe.

Bush in a catch 22 of his own making.

Stuff we already know, but it's never been said like this before.


whups, I goofed.

oops, will repost as original thread.