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Thomas Sowell: Most of the Households in the Bottom 20 Percent Have Nobody Working

By Thomas Sowell | April 24, 2014

Like so many other favorite liberal issues, income inequality is seldom discussed in terms of the actual consequences of liberal policies. When you turn from eloquent rhetoric to hard facts, the hardest of those facts is that income inequality has actually increased during five years of Barack Obama's leftist policies.

This is not as surprising as some might think. When you make it unnecessary for many people to work, fewer people work. Unprecedented numbers of Americans are on the food stamp program. Unprecedented numbers are also living off government "disability" payments.

There is a sweeping array of other government subsidies, whether in money or in kind, which together allow many people to receive greater benefits than they could earn by working at low-skilled jobs. Is it surprising that the labor force participation rate is lower than it has been in decades?

In short, when people don't have to earn incomes, they are less likely to earn incomes — or, at least, to earn incomes in legal and visible ways that could threaten their government benefits.

Most of the households in the bottom 20 percent of income earners have nobody working. There are more heads of household working full-time and year-round in the top 5 percent than in the bottom 20 percent.


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I was just watching him last night on YT...

for the first time. Also Dr. Walter Williams. Interesting...after hearing these two black professors of economics talk about these issues, Bundy's recent statements seem very right on though extremely un-PC. Thanks for the post!

You are exactly right..

It is amazing, just how often honest and truthful knowledge are completely lost and slandered, because the information wasn't fed through the Politically Correct Neo American God application aka PCNAG.