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A Question of Compassion: an AIDS Cancer Patient Explores Medical Marijuana

by Peter McWilliams


"A Question of Compassion: An AIDS/Cancer Patient Explores Medical Marijuana" was Peter McWilliams' final work. Peter died at the age of 50 because he was denied access to his life-saving cannabis. He wanted other patients to know about this wonderful plant. Peter was a best-selling author, self-publisher of over 40 books and in later years an outspoken activist for legalization and repeal of prohibition of marijuana.

Peter McWilliams: Cannabis Is Medicine - Prohibition Does Not work


To learn more about the life of Peter McWilliams, check out the tribute at: http://petermcwilliams.org

Asides: It's been awhile, I may have been told this or it's something I read but, if I’m not mistaken, Peter McWilliams died by drowning in his own vomit. That’s something that the medical marijuana had previously stopped, ( the vomiting ). It stopped the vomiting and helped him hold down food. The government threatened to keep him in jail but then "compassionately" allowed him to go free but have to endure daily or weekly urine tests for cannabis. He was forced to comply and died.


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I Sold HUNDREDS of his Book

In the early 80's I sold computers and software to people who didn't know the meaning of "PC" "CPU" "Monitor" "CRT" or "cursor." Peter wrote a book called, "The Personal Computer Book" in a white cover, and we sold one to every customer.

It was an easy to understand book that filled a need.

He chocked to death on his own vomit awaiting trial.

We really need to end the war.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

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Peter McWilliams was a writer

I think everyone at the DP could use this book:

You Can't Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought

Negative thinking is seen as a debilitating illness that will slowly kill your spirit - and for some people lead to actual physical disease. Happily though, this is not a doom-filled book at all! The authors show how to: Eliminate The Negative - spend less time thinking 'down' and negative thoughts. * Accentuate The Positive - spend more time focussing on the positive things in your life. * Latch On To The Affirmative - enjoy each moment! Packed full of inspirational, funny, and moving quotes. This book was written in part specially for those who have been diagnosed with severe illness. Negative thinking drags you down - whilst a truly positive approach will have a positive effect on your whole self - thus promoting good physical health. Though this book is a terrific inspirational read for anyone looking to recover health, it's essentially a big book about positive thinking and is certainly not limited to an 'ill' market!

RIP Peter.

Thank you for thepost, Tudo.