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Malls are closing down and I have an idea...

Why couldn't malls in the midwest be redeveloped? Imagine being able to offer a client 5000 sq ft of space...?

The pro's would be that it was contained. In the midwest we deal with weather so bad that it can kill you. So cold.. that any exposed skin is in pain when the wind blows.

The other pro is that malls are big. It could literally have a residential section and a business section. Being able to offer someone a blank canvas that they build out is a plus. Those spaces are designed to make sure that the entire interior can be built out for each tenant.

What do y'all think? How much does a closed down mall cost? Is there a way to catch one right as it closes? What legal hoops?

The irony? I bet there are so many regulations and govt assholes to deal with that it makes it unreal to the average person to deal with.

Here is the link that sparked the thought:


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I like the idea of a walking

I like the idea of a walking - village - type of environment.
Grocery stores
Stores, Stores, Stores
Child care
Pet Sitting
Fitness center
Urgent care Clinic
Restaurants - Take out/Delivery would be great.
Parking garage
Auto-Service center
Bus terminal
Jobs at all of the above
Just look at the Yellow Pages.
Everything on a small scale

Thats what Im thinking too..

Most malls have 100+ stores and multi-levels. They come with plenty of parking and the spaces could be awesome mixed use. If stores on city streets can have units above them... why would this be so different?

The other thing.. most malls have a lot of nice lighting, escalators, fountains... nice tile.

If nothing else, it would be a neat social experiment!

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I love your OP

Creative thinking is really the foundation of economic vitality. Malls were built in the first place because, partly, zoning regulations that forced all commercial business into one area.

The malls in New England are vibrant places. Why? The folks who run these places work really hard to keep them full of tenants, clean and appealing, part of the community, and free of crime.

Your basic idea, mixed use, is terrific. Jane Jacobs (great writer on architecture and economics) would approve!


There are lots of ways for you to take action on this; I will

list a few. You could form a corporation and sell shares to ultimately purchase the mall. You would need to contact an investment banker who would ask for a cut, but hey.

You could organize a REIT. (real-estate investment trust)
You could obtain crowdfunding.
You could get venture capital sponsorship.]
This might qualify for some federal funding if you somehow could fit into the HUD guidelines or remodeling tax credit guidelines. There are lots of programs available for housing/smart growth stuff. Go online and find the right agency.

Go for it. Oh---and most of the above will necessitate a lawyer...so offer them a cut and maybe they will waive some fees.


I have had an idea

for years that they should take one end of the mall and make condos the center make stores like banking, barber shops, restaurants, medical centers etc. then the last end make a nursing home.

The huge parking lot make it nature friendly with parking and bus terminal.

It would be like a self contained city.

Sad to see these beautiful malls going to ruin.

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The question is, who can use

The question is, who can use that much space?

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Two words

Two words: Retirement home