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Weekend Watching: Under Our Skin - Documentary About Lyme Disease

What do you guys know about Lyme Disease?

I have a friend who was diagnosed with it, and is undergoing (brutal) treatment. I didn't know much about it, so she recommended that I watch this film. It was an eye opener for sure! Lyme is a controversial, often misdiagnosed, and highly politicized disease. This film is an extremely well done introduction. Wow. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I learned so much.

I urge you to watch it for your own awareness and protection.


Support the creators by buying a copy of the DVD:

Excerpt from an Amazon review:

If you suffer from chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis, rheumatism, memory impairment, migraine, irritible bowel disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons, Epilepsy, Tourettes Syndrome, Autism, ALS, or Alzheimer's you may have Lyme Disease.

This DVD follows numerous Lyme Disease victims and explores the political controversies surrounding this devastating Disease, which is called "The Great Imitator," along with it's more easily detected and treated brother, Syphilis.

The current, officially accepted Lyme Disease testing and treatment guidelines, adopted by the Infectious Disease Society of America are exposed as a greedy fraud, which has caused horrendous unnecessary suffering and enormous costs to our nation. Financial conflicts of interest are exposed, including financial relationships with Lyme vaccine manufacturers and patents on Borrelia strains used by testing laboratories.

Unfortunately, health insurance companies profit by using these inadequate diagnostic criteria, to avoid diagnosing and treating patients, infected by Lyme Disease. The presently adopted testing criteria miss nearly as many actual Lyme Disease infections as they find. The approved IFA and Western Blot criteria prevents many Lyme Disease patients from being identified, until after they are disabled by this cruel disease.

Buy a copy of this DVD and schedule a free public viewing, at a local library, health food store, church, hospital, Autism, Parkinson's, Depression, Epilepsy, Lupus or addiction support group.

Since somewhere between 25 and 50 percent of the US population tests positive for Borrelia, with the more sensitive Lyme Disease tests, you almost certainly know someone suffering from Lyme Disease.

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Lyme's Treatment

My wife is being treated for Lyme's with Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation and Silver IVs. She is early in the treatment, but there is improvement so far.

I use lavender oil on my pets

I use lavender oil on my pets to keep fleas and ticks off them. I refuse to poison them with front line or what ever. I used frontline on my little dog once and it nearly killed her. Never again.

very interesting and sad video

sad that our medical system is not interested in cure, just profits. I wouldn't go the antibiotic route as I'm not allopathically inclined. Someone mentioned MMS worked for them. I would also try mega dose buffered vitamin C. I had surgery for a broken arm once and the hospital wouldn't let me leave without finishing IV antibiotics after surgery, so I removed the needle and drained it into the trash and left. I say what they are to do with MY body, nobody else! Got home and took up to 40g buffered C throughout the day, along with other supplements; made sure my diet is on par, and I never had any infection, nor pain although I took no pain drugs. Seek the natural.

Direct ozone push into the bloodstream works wonders

and Chinese herbs are also effective for long term treatment. American medicine has lost its ability to deal with parasites due to its obsession with antibiotics. Much of Asia still has to deal with malaria and other diseases that are parasitic in nature, so they still have traditional medicine that can help. Lyme is tricky though. Tough to shake.


I know someone who had Lyme and didn't get any results with oral or IV antibiotics.

She went to a doctor in NYC to get direct IV ozone and it cured her in 3 weeks after 12 treatments.

I read this book when it was first published.

I grew up close by (next to Lyme, Conn.) and have a relative who is a pharmacist with many Lyme disease patients, and have relatives in the area who have contracted the disease. So some connections for me.

The book is excellent and a must read. I think Carroll does a very good job of providing the background info, revealing important information, and connecting the dots. My own conclusion is that the probability of Lyme disease originating on Plum Island is very, very high.


Sorry to seem a little unsympathetic but WHY is that one woman..

...in this video who KNOWS she has Lyme disease, and KNOWS it can be passed on to a fetus, still having babies???

These type of people are the most selfish in the world in my opinion.

THEY want their babies and they don't care if they bring an infected human into the world who will suffer their whole lives if they have Lyme which according to doctors in this video is very likely to happen.

I could not help but be very angry with that woman in this video.

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my wife asked the same question...

i was astonished.

Incredible & this documentary

Incredible & this documentary was from 2008. I wonder what the current developments are like.

Minority Report

A few years ago in Autumn after a summer of outdoor activity I started to notice some symptoms: Malaise, fatigue, confusion, neck ache followed the next few days day by extreme emotional mood swings Crying uncontrollably for hours at a time, then fine then crying again). I was just about to schedule a psych appointment when my OCD kicked in and I noticed a little circular rash on my arm get darker. I looked up the symptoms of Lyme disease and BINGO - all matched. I went to the ER and got tested on a Thursday. They put me on antibiotics just in case.

Monday morning the hospital called. I had tested positive for Lyme disease.
They put me on stronger antibiotics and the symptoms went away.

Now it may be that I was lucky but I have never had any issues since.

I have also spoken to others who have been diagnosed and treated and are now symptom free.

I would advise 2 things going forward:

#1 - Be aware that if you see a target or ring shaped rash form on your body that this is a sign of Lyme disease and you should get it checked out treated as it can be nasty if untreated (Bells Palsy, Mild encephalitis, Crazy mood swings, confusion, knee arthritis).

#2 - Many people get treated and do not experience continued symptoms.

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colloidal silver is an

colloidal silver is an effective anti-biotic. also chlorine dioxide works for a wide range of pathogens.

f___ all forms of govt.

Gee, not one mention of Medicinal Mary Jane or

very High Alkaline diet. So who opened the door and let the alopaths in? After my previous post I did read all the comments.
It was only yesterday I viewed a video suggested by DPer of a woman whose husband's Parkinson's - he was practically catatonic - was so improved with Medicinal Marijuana oil that he walked normally and took the car for a spin.

Tell me what you eat, I'll tell you why you don't heal.

Video is not current on pot

Video is not current on pot cure. It's over six years old.

It's More Complicated

The disease is more complicated than just plugging in A, B, or C and it's all gone. Each tick transmission of blood creates a different combination of bacteria, virus, parasite, and fungus. Each human body responds differently to each treatment as well. There is no one cure all or treatment as you are battling something different each time.

Personally, I have done the high alkaline diet. It did nothing for me, but I have talked with other people that it worked great for. I wouldn't doubt that marijuana oil has done wonders for some people trying to treat this, but again, there is no certainty or guarantee that it's going to work on every single person with Lyme.

As of right now, this is a trial and error disease and that takes a lot of effort to get on the right path to healing.

And I agree to an extent, the documentary does not touch on alternative methods of treatment as it came out roughly 5 years ago when long-term IV antibiotics were still the main way to go. That is slowly shifting to more natural remedies. There are doctors in the film who do use homeopathic and natural ways to heal, but the film does not mention too much of that, focusing instead on the difficulty of the fight for treatment rather than all of the different treatments available.

Omg! 22 mins was all I could take.

This is Depressing with a capital D.
Okay, we get that it is debilitating and painful.
But 22 mins was suggesting it's misdiagnosed and people are left with no alternatives. Forgive me for cutting the video short but my guess is there would be no mention of alternative doctoring. What about very high alkaline diet? I'm of the opinion that alkalinity can stop almost all disease. Does lyme bacteria need toxic blood to survive and multiply, and if so, stop all acidic foods for a time.

Is there anywhere in the video that suggests Marijuana oil therapy can be a cure or at least very helpful to improve one's immune system. An impoverished immune system would show more debilitating symptoms than a stronger immune system, and we get weakened immune systems from malnourishment, so alkalinity is an exact opposite to turn the system healthy again, and the more alkalinity the healthier, no?

Anyway, watching videos about "normal" medical solutions to disease is essentially a waste of time. It's like talking about what our govt is doing wrong - what's the point, it's time to march to a different drummer; and start marching.

After writing three paragraphs I hope this video was only about BigPharma drugs and those who do not try alternative answers.

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Thanks John

That thread is a good resource.

Christopher Carroll about his work "Lab 257".

VVH-TV News Special Report on PLUM ISLAND


thanks for this vid...

Everyone should know that Lyme disease was created at the Plum Island research facility, across Long Island Sound from Lyme, CT.

Plum Island's animal disease research facility was founded by "ex" Nazi Dr. Eric Traub, who was brought into the U.S. military industrial complex under Project Paper Clip.

Dr. Traub, the "former" Nazi scientist is infamous for his research working with ticks and other parasites with the intention of using them as weapons to deliver disease to the enemy.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

i wondered if anyone else had heard this

perhaps this is why it's so politicized

Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html

And why it's often denied...

...i.e.-covered up

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

I live on the eastern end of

I live on the eastern end of Long Island right near plum island. I contracted lymes disease years ago and they put me on doxycycline . It made it subside but not go away. Two years ago my wife got bit and so did I again. We tried MMS chlorine dioxide. After about 30 days of treatment we were actually cured. I now mix some up whenever I get a tick bite . It works


Good to hear you are better. It's funny how in many cases, homemade products can essentially do better at treating this can hundreds or thousands of dollars can seeing a PhD doctor and getting on antibiotics.

The east coast is the worst place in the world to live if you are trying to avoid getting infected with Lyme unfortunately. The Midwest (Wisconson, Minnesota) aren't safe places either. There are recorded cases of contraction of Lyme in every US state and nearly every country around the world, but it's far harsher in certain problem areas.

Here's a link to the "reported" cases of Lyme in the US:


Cases are largely under reported and estimates are that that there are actually 10 times more people being infected in just 1 year than cases that are reported. You can get most of this information from that documentary Michael linked at the top.

Seek qualified docs.


ACAM docs are amazing. There are links to these types of docs all over the world. They have choices where you can search for those that treat lyme, cancer, anything actually. Please, if you have something serious, seek their help and guidance.

I am cancer free 14 years thanks to an ACAM doc.(no chemo, no radiation)

Bump for hugely important subject matter.

Thanks for the post!

What would the Founders do?

I've Seen This Before, But Worth Watching Again..

I would also recommend this to anyone interested in this disease..

Thanks for posting "MN"


A History of Lyme Disease, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention

Lyme Disease Slideshow: Symptoms, Causes & Treatments

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Thank you "E"

Always nice to see you here. This was the first time I even heard about the movie. It really is a silent epidemic.

Thanks for the links, too.


My mother-in-law suffers from this terrible disease and has been denied treatment after treatment due to the costs associated with them. Insurance companies try and pretend it doesn't exist so they can get out of paying. I'm not one of those ribbon-wearing "bring attention to this cause" types of people, but people do need to learn about Lymes.

Tis The Season, So Thanks Michael For Posting This!

After what I saw a friend in NYC go through with Lyme - she was bitten in 1985 in NJ - having to have both her hips replaced and both her knees replaced due to the severe arthritis acquired from constant misdiagnosis...I was petrified of getting it....and I did, after moving upstate NY in 2009 where the ticks are most plentiful!

She then learned through an article in the New York Times of one Dr. Joseph Burrescano (he's also in the movie) out in East Hampton Long Island, who himself and his family all had Lyme. I used to go out there with her, as she saw him as her only hope since he was treating Lyme aggressively with antibiotics and keeping the patient on this protocol for at least 2 months, NOT 2 weeks like all the other doctors. She was already in a late stage so he could only give her palliative care. When people think they have been bitten again and there is no bite, etc., they may very well still have the Lyme in their system.

Well, Dr. Burrescano had to be destroyed by the NY medical powerbrokers and he no longer practices! These bullies who rule the roost in NY who had no knowledge of Lyme, destroyed the only Doctor who was actually helping people. They were coming from all over the country to see him and they swore by him!

With regard to what people are saying about a Lyme conspiracy, not to mention the dark history of it, I believe it wholeheartedly!! It was so odd how ALL the doctors in NYC REFUSED to test my friend for it back when she first developed it saying there are no ticks in the city. She was then treated for rheumatoid arthritis with steroids which I am sure exacerbated it. Today, she in constant pain, arthritic and gnarled due to all the damage.

Me, I decided to take MMS after I took 6 or 7 weeks of Doxy when I had mine in 2009 and to this day, I don't know whether it worked or not. I also heard of the herb samento and never gave it a try as I did not want to mix everything. I don't know if the Lyme is still there in my system but I have some arthritis and cannot live sans pain without taking vits A/D and Brian Peskin's EFA's. When I don't, my hands are painful, my hip, etc.

So, if this helps anyone...

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A suggestion. Contact these people in NJ:


They make a sports pain cream formula that I have recommended to several people who are in chronic pain from fibromyalgia, injuries, arthritis, etc. Every one of them got relief and swear by this product. The owner even adjusts her formula to suit the individual needs of the customer. Personally, I use their Rheumatoid Arthritis Salve and no longer have to take any pills for that searing pain that comes with damp weather.

I would urge you and your friend to use the contact link on their website and tell them what the problem is. Chances are good that they can help. Seriously. These people are experienced professionals, they know what they are doing, and they are very nice and helpful. It's worth the time to contact them. They ship all over the country.

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