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Ron Paul TV commercial during the Debate, just 6 days before Super Tuesday, Brilliant!

Did you see that awsome Commercial on CNN? ....What a timely ad! Brilliant! Did you see it, talking about how he wants to end the IRS? How he wants to "lead the charge against the IRS"? That was cute, with a little red circle with a line through the IRS. Did you see that one? Millions of people did.

Oh thats Right, that was a HUCKABEE commercial !!! RRRRRRrrrrrrrrrr

Come on HQ, WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? !!!!! I am mad at you guys.... very mad.

Look, HQ... I am sore at you guys for not at LEAST getting some of our commercials on air, TONIGHT, the night that many voters tune in for the 1st time to decide who is in the race, who stands for what, and who they will vote for.

Come on HQ, we in the grassroots have spent thousands and thousands of manhours, posting signs, making signs, passing out RP flyers, taging cars with Ron Paul business cards, doing mass mailings our own pocket ..... funding lots of things OURSELVES...

Must we also GET TV Advertizing on at the right times? Must we hand hold our HQ through this whole process? Must we think for you? What? Do you plan to run a republican TV ad during he Democrat Debate? No? Why not? Nobody could vote you say? That's right, so why did you not SPEND that money tonight during the CNN debate just 6 days before Super Tuesday? Will there be radio commercials and TV commercials in all Super Tuesday States? No? Mmmmm How can Huckabee do this and you can't?

Look, HQ, your job is MORE than simply scheduling Ron Paul on various speaking engagements.... ITs STRATEGY....

I am so peeeooowed at you guys... Mike Huckabee is owning the Anti-Abortion issue, the Anti-Tax issue.... McCain is owning the pro war issue, Romney is owning the Economy issue,.....and what is Ron Paul owning? He owns the "Get out of Iraq issue", the LOOSING ISSUE for mainstream Republicans...

LOOK HQ, if our man is going to win, HE MUST OWN the other issues.... so that a voter will say to himself,

"Well, Ron Paul is #1 against Taxes, #1 on the Economy, #1 on Abortion, #1 on Immigration & #1 on Security...even though I disagree with getting out of Iraq now I will vote for him"--

Its BAD ENOUGH that CNN treats him like a redheaded stepchild, ....HQ can MAKE UP for that WITH WELL PLACE TV ADS showing the Nation a STRONG ron Paul, a principled man and show him as a great Leader..... These Sheeple WANT to be LEAD, get a clue!

Come on HQ !!!!

Treg / Tempe. AZ

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