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Dog Murdering Cop Loses Job Because Of Hundreds And Hundreds Of Angry Texas Callers ~ Dashcam Released

…This is a bad situation that occurred,” he said. “It’s a situation that we’ve never had to deal with.”

Sheriff David Traylor said in his nearly three decade career in law enforcement, he’s never had a department receive so many threats for a single incident. Ultimately, he said that is why Deputy Dooley was fired.
“He’s had threats that he needs to be shot in the back of the head,” Sheriff Traylor said. “And it came to the point that Deputy Dooley was actually in a dangerous position and he put any other officers working with him into a dangerous position.”

They have received so many calls that it has hindered work.


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Sad to hear about the MRSA Infection

Unfortunately the medical communities, with the help of Big Pharma created the problem by overuse of Antibiotics. What your friend said about large breed dogs living to that age based on diet and a more natural lifestyle is very true. I do understand the frustration of everyone on here. I agree that the officer was wrong in shooting the dog. Put a macho attitude together with lack of common sense and bad things normally happen. Maybe we should be giving a common sense exam to anyone in a position of authority before hiring them?

So sad

I'm glad that there's finally something resembling retribution, but I wish people would get this outraged for the people murdered by the cops in cold blood. It's a sad comment on our society when it takes a dog dying SLOWLY to incite outrage. Dog die, and people are murdered for looking at the cop the wrong way, but because this one died so slowly and painfully, all on video, that its own owner had to put an end to its misery, it moves people to violence?

People aren't mad because it's wrong. They're mad because it's novel; they're not used to hearing something die slowly. If the dog die immediately, or if the man was killed instead, this cop would still have his job.

I feel discouraged by the states of the sense of right and wrong in this country.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

That was horrible.

That was horrible. Absolutely horrible.

You don't see it, but you hear the dog's cries afterward. The dog didn't look very threatening (looked sort of like a sheep herding type dog breed), showed some submissive posturing but still jumped out of the back of the pickup truck barking at the cop. So the cop shot the dog in the head.

The worst part of it, after the dog owner's cries of "no, no!!" is that he asked the cop to put the dog out of his misery and the cop would not.

The guy had to drown his down I guess to put it out if misery. Man's best friend...

That officer deserved to lose his job for this. Horribly bad judgement is good enough reason to fire him.


I saw this dude trying to cry tears

His eyes were not red, his face not puffy, not a tear stain on his cheeks. If he's going to play the victim he needs to get some acting lessons. Glad we have one less pet murderer on the street.

I especially liked the part where...............

other officers might be Endangered by being in the Immediate Vicinity

of that Cock Sucker!!!

Surprised this idiot didn't

Surprised this idiot didn't shoot the dog.

If you mean

You do not believe I am a vet, you would be wrong.


Are all the calls interfering with your day to day business? Awwww, poor corrupt sheriff. Boohoo

Some Karma For You

This happened a couple of weeks ago. I understand the dog is still laughing.

"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize." Voltaire

Deputy was defending against dangerous threat . . .

and since guys like him on the street are a danger to everybody, he shot himself. Good job Deputy !

P.S. - I wonder how many little kids were within range when he decided to shoot ?


The pig was going to shoot the dog, on the other side of a fence? How was he in danger again?

I Hope the Trend of THREATENING Calls Increases!!!

Threats of VIOLENCE appears to be the ONLY Language Leo's Understand.

Cops sick dogs on people quite often...

If your dog "charges" me, is it OK if I kill it? After all, your dog is a trained attack dog.

Oh, that wouldn't be cool?

I've never been scared enough by a dog to think I needed to immediately kill it. Even if a dog does try to bite me, I bite back. I've certainly never feared for my life when confronted by a dog. It's not as if it's a grizzly bear. Once you have a hold on a dog's throat, most of them will realize you have the upper hand and quit being aggressive.

If nothing else, taze it rather than shooting it. Mild electric shock is an excellent deterrent against animals - hence the existence of shock collars (which I never use, btw). There's a reason why I have a hot wire around my garden.

Hopefully, someone will implement a training course for handling aggressive dogs. Perhaps call Cesar Millan. Imagine if every time he faced an aggressive dog, he just shot it.

This dog killing bullshit is getting old.


I wouldn't be surprised if we started hearing about cops killing cats. They have really sharp claws ya know.

And let's not forget goldfish, swimming around reflecting light that could potentially blind the officer.

Update: I had to look this up after posting my comment.

Like I said, I'm not surprised.


"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

I think the department made

I think the department made the right move. They obviously care about the citizens enough to act. I wish the POS cops that kill innocent people got in trouble too. If a gun owner acting in self defense kills an innocent person: manslaughter. If a cop acting in self defense kills an innocent person: paid time off then reassignment. Sometimes they don't even get reassigned.

Ya Never here a Meter Reader in Fear for his Safety.............

.....ever wonder why they NEVER have to MURDRER Family Pets!!!

Meter readers, mail carriers, and even pizza delivery guys . . .

(and you'd think the last would get a lot a canine attention). But they all seem to have more courage and sense than these cops.

And ya wanna bet that if a pizza delivery guy fired off a gun possibly endangering a bystander, that the boys in blue would be after him ?

Excellent point.

Excellent point.



"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

For several years I called on Amishmen almost

exclusively. I often drove into their farms and rural businesses unannounced.
I would almost always be greeted by one or more Blue Heelers.
Many would just lay there.

I always figured if an Amishman had a dog loose on his property it was not a biter.

I never got bit.

Video: Dooley speaks out, cries croc tears, hires lawyer


When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift


I see a ptsd claim in his near future... and that's not knocking anyone who suffers but he brought this on himself.

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

The cop who a few years ago

The cop who a few years ago walked by a bunch of people (I think they were students sitting down in a peaceful protest) and nonchalantly sprayed them all with a load of pepper spray was awarded just under $40,000 for his pain and suffering (or whatever they called it) that pepper spraying those students caused to him.



He does have a lawyer now and is doing a pretty good job of being traumatized.. why, the poor sobbing man can't even go pay his (water) bill without being pointed at and shamed.. church shunning probably be will be next.

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

Trained by????

Who is training these people?
A few high profile prosecutions for animal cruelty of these people and this $hit will stop.
Focus on who is training the police and the curriculum they use.


Calling for backup

Call for backup after you shoot the dog.
Geez...Why didn't you call for backup (animal control) before you got your dumbass out of the car.
Doesn't those police cars have "loud" speakers...we all know how dumbass cops like to use their "loud" speakers...why not address the owner with the P.A. system...Hey buddy "you need to restrain the dog before I get out of the car".
Anyone who's ever been around dogs know that dogs will automatically bark...which may or may not be aggressive. Friendly dogs, such as this one, and I include "Labs" are the type that will bark and wag their tail at the same time are usually friendly type dogs. From what I could see, this dogs looked very friendly.
Moral of the story...stamp out your own fires, never call the cops or anyone in "authority" for help. The police are "NOT" your friends.
Fear is typical police mentality nowadays.

Anybody else notice

that the camera shows the cop going off to the left and then mysteriously appearing walking from in front of the truck? Either the TV station or the department did some work here.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

This is really a shame

My thoughts:

This deputy does not have the good sense and judgement to be trusted with a position in law enforcement where he carries a gun. He used last resort deadly force as a first resort.

The dog was barking and wagging her tail excitedly when she saw the car pull up. She wasn't so much in attack mode as she was in saying to the deputy that 'you are a stranger and you need to stay where you are until my master comes and approves you'. If the deputy would have either stayed in the car, or even gotten out of the car but stayed standing next to the car calling out for the owner to come restrain his dog, and perhaps speaking calmly to the dog acknowledging her warnings reassuring her he was not an enemy, then this would not have happened.

Had he just waited for 60 seconds for the owner to hear his dog barking and come out to greet the deputy, the dog would have seen that the deputy was someone who was there with the permission of her master, and would have calmed down and would not have even needed to be physically restrained. If she did not calm down, the owner could have put her on a leash so the deputy would feel safe, but again, anybody with any sense and experience around animals of this type knows that dog would be no threat at all once the master approves the visitor.

I have a friend with a rotweiler that could tear me apart in no time, and it is usually in the (fenced) backyard when I go to his house. He barks aggresively when I pull up, but once my friend comes out and welcomes me the dog stops barking and I feel perfectly safe even if my friend opens the gate and lets the dog come out without a leash. At that point is is pefectly safe for me to pet the dog. But if I tried to go into the backyard without waiting for my friend I would be endangering myself. But this dog in the video is not going to attack that deputy, she just jumped out of the truck to follow him and bark at him some more, saying 'stop...I don't know you...wait for my master please'. No way would that dog attack him. That deputy is a chickensh*t with no common sense.

That said, the poster below who is a veterinarian does have a point. My heart goes out to the owner, but like it or not, the owner does share some responsibilty in this. He had called for a deputy to come out. Even though he apparently lives in a rural area where he can let his dog roam free on the property, he knows a stranger is coming, and he ought to know how the dog will receive a stranger.

I believe the owner was certainly confident his dog would not attack anyone, but he should have known the dog will bark and that the expected visitor may feel initially threatened. As a courtesy, the owner should have tied the dog up before the deputy got there or made sure to be present when the deputy arrived to calm the dog.

But that does not excuse the deputy for his actions. He deserved to be fired, and worse.


I agree 100% except for the statement about the dog would not attack. My experience tells me never trust a strange dog unless the owner is present and has control of the dog. I have seen many dogs over the years that wag their tail and look like they are friendly but as soon as you go to touch them they snap. Good reason to always present a closed fist to the dog before petting him.

yeah, but...

I didn't say the deputy should "touch" the dog. Yes, if an animal is scared enough it may "snap" and do unexpected things, and okay I said "no way" would she have attacked him, but I meant so long as the deputy was walking in a direction away from the dog, as he was doing when he left the camera's view.

Sure, if he approached the dog rapidly in an aggressive manner, he mey get bit, but that is not a vicious dog and I don't believe it would have attacked him so long as he did not directly threaten the animal in such a way as to cause her to fear for her life. Under the circumstances, all she would have done was just follow him around barking at him until her owner came out.