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I am an avid supporter of you and have been for about a year now. Like so many of us, you have lit a spark in me that I did not even know existed and opened my eyes to so much in the world that I was unaware of. As a result I have donated to you, converted several friends to the revolution and nothing will stop me from voting for you on Feb 5th and the General Election. However, I am sad to say that for the first time in this campaign I come out of watching this debate disappointed.
While I am very aware that you were not given anywhere near an equal amount of time in the debate, and this angers me greatly, it is not my source of dissapointment. The reason that you have so many fans and believers is because you are absolutely right in all your beliefs and ideas. You are the one person in politics who is truly in it to make our country a better place and you never waver from your convictions no matter who is against you. It is for these reasons that when you do get to speak in debates normally you destroy the field, and make all the rest look like fools. In this debate however, I saw a man who was not looking to become president but simply to get his ideas out. A man who has accepted the fact that he won’t win the presidency and is in it just to be heard.
Yes I am thrilled that this message is getting out. I am happy that people are starting to open their eyes to the constitution. But NO, this is not O.K.! Myself and all your supporters are willing to fight tooth and nail, to do all in our power to get you elected and better this great country. But we can only do it if you show us yourself that you want it as bad as we do. If you’re asked “would Reagan support you” , saying “I don’t know who he would support but he liked the gold standard” is not good enough. We need to hear “Hell yes he would support me, infact I am the only one on this stage who he has actually campaigned for and I am the only true conservative up here!!!”. If they are talking the economy (a topic in which you are the only qualified person to discuss) and they skip over you when you have something to say don’t just raise your hand until they ask Mccain the next question, you stop them in their tracks and chime in! And finally while everyone is talking about cutting spending when it comes to you, your supporters and the American people don’t want to hear “yes I agree we need to cut spending especially by bringing people home overseas”. We want to hear “Everyone talks about cutting spending but I am the only one on this stage who has a plan of how to actually do it, by bringing troops home from around the globe and using that money in America. And when I become president you won’t just hear about a tweak here and there, you will see first hand how great this country can be when we give the power and the money back to the people!!”
I will support you through it all as long as it takes, and we are all aware of the hardships and challenges we have ahead. But this idea of spreading this great message will get lost quite a bit with Obillary McRomney as president. It would spread a lot faster if you won the election, and with the support of this great revolution we can make this happen! I hope that you believe this as much as we do. While we love and appreciate your modesty and candor, all that we ask is that you show us that you feel exactly as most of America does now. In the words of the film ‘Network’, that “You’re mad as hell, and your not gonna take it anymore”. America can relate to this and I suspect you well gain a whole slew of new supporters. We don’t know if in the end we will win or lose this election. But please show us you are not only in it till the end but that you’re in it to win it until we don’t. We Believe in you.

Thank you for everything Dr. Paul,
Jason Farber

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Im in no way saying be rude

Im in no way saying be rude or act like the other whiny candidates on stage. All I am saying is we need to hear some questions answered with "I will" and "Im the only one who" and some comments made with "If I am president" every once in a while, rather than "we". Stand up for what "you" believe, not what all others on the stage should believe. Thats why we love you Dr. Paul

My Dad hated Ron Paul, but

My Dad hated Ron Paul, but after tonight he thought he did well. He just wishes he would talk about his solutions more and make them very clear.

You don't speak for me.

When he said Reagan had campaigned for him in '78 that got my mom's attention for the first time in the debate. She's undecided but is sick of the Romney show for sure.

What did you do today?


Good luck to us all,

Lisa C.


Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!

Thank you, Jason

There is absolutely no point in his working his "ass" off without throwing in the passion that is rightfully his. I have heard over and over again how we want him to "seize the day" and gusto. Leave the great bedside manner back in his OBGYN office and pop this baby into existance. The floor is his. Start telling the world what a Ron Paul Presidency will be. People are saying, "I don't want to carry 20 or 40 coins in my pocket." Idiots. But ok, Dr. Paul needs to be pragmatic and tell people how it works and why it works and what we do first, next and last. He needs to call out the demons and make them face the light. This is David and Goliath and David has to be certain, absolutely certain. Know that he knows and tell it so we understand it. Stay positive and don't give the others on stage a second thought. Lead out. Stand up and lead out. You are riding the colt of the lead mare. He wants to be first. We have your back-don't be hesitant in the least. Don't even think about the other people. You are the President.

If this is not the case, then tell us and we stop. Our hope lies in your being President this time, NOT in spreading a wonderful message. Too late for that. The time is NOW. Grab it.

I agree

I see where Ron Paul's job is hard. I wouldn't want to be him right now. But sometimes I wonder if he's the guy for this job. People like to see the angry, aggressive leader. McCain is constantly shooting his mouth off and people like it. The more he says the better it is for him. Sitting back and waiting to be attacked is scary for people. You have to be strong to run this country. We could do our jobs going door to door and then when people watch the debate they are turned off. I was hoping for a change in attitude tonight also.

However, I still think I would cry if I saw him and he will always be my hero. I still think he's the best man for the job and will donate what I can tomorrow.

Yes, I did cry....

A few days before the NV caucus, I snuck away from work and drove with my daughter from Reno to Carson City to see Dr. Paul. The large coffee shop was standing room only, but miraculously I ended up a few feet in front of the platform with no one standing between me and the microphone.

A local RP guy was talking and giving updates on the RP vehicle progress, and suddenly they pulled up and a minute later *he* entered the room. I'm 55, have been through quite a bit and rarely cry, but as soon as I saw him my eyes started leaking. What an unforgettable moment. What a real, genuine, wonderful man!

Like many, I had been frustrated and a bit discouraged by the dirty tricks and probable early primary "anomalies" but I got fired up again. Sure, I've already heard all the things he said in the "stump speech" but it didn't matter.

Tried to think of something good to say when I shook his hand afterward, but there were lots waiting their turn and I felt a bit pressured to keep it short. Just said, "You did cure my apathy, God bless you friend!" He chuckled when I said he cured my apathy. Actually it wasn't so much apathy - more of a hopeless feeling that it was too late and all we were ever going to get was more of the same elitist drones.

I was able to become precinct captain for the caucus (over 100 attending in my precinct) and also become a delegate. However...

I WISH I had done more canvassing beforehand. My leg was really messed up from a skiing crash in December, but I should have limped around the neighborhood. I now believe it would have helped significantly. I'm maxed out as of the Tea Party, and have given to the blimp, live free or die, etc. but wish I had done even more when I had the chance.

All I can say, is that this is probably our only chance to turn this mess around peacefully, and as we can see there are very powerful forces doing everything they can to prevent it. Despite the disappointments, I do believe there is a chance at success in a brokered convention, particularly if the economy is much worse - which would not be at all surprising.

I do hope he will be a bit more assertive, as the original poster described. However, we should keep in mind that there are forces working against Ron at many levels, not just what we see and hear from the MSM and other visible participants. Unfortunately, some of those on the dark side are good at what they do. RP needs protection at many levels, and those of us who know what to do should be diligent and consistent in our efforts.

Onward to victory!

Freedom, Peace, and Liberty!

I see it this way: Ron Paul

I see it this way: Ron Paul is more tolerant, respectful and has more integrity and presence than anyone else running, or that has ever run.
If McCain was treated as bad as Ron, he'd have blown up and killed by now.
Ron Paul is a guy that can stay calm and think clear under pressure, that's a quality of the very greatest leader!
The majority of viewers aren't totally ignorant, they hear substance in Paul and see the media bias.
Ron has money coming in, advertising is slated and he survived this long!! Do what you can, sell something, borrow beg or steal and support Ron Paul to the presidency!

You are right

About all of this. But now is the time to turn up the heat. He will be able to relax back into his "too wonderful for words" self after he is elected. Now he has a fight on his hands. He has to step up and step out. My daughter watched this tonight and said she is going to vote for him, but she is putting her head back in the sand. This is just too sad. See, his attitude has to give hope to these people. We are afraid he is not going to win this election. We are not sure we see the fire in his belly. He didn't get into this knowing this was going to happen. So now that it has, is he willing to play this game? It requires bravado, determination, focus out way ahead, talk to the people, not the idiots on stage. He has very little time, talk to the people. Many people do not understand how this is going to work. They think he is weak on military. Hell no. He is not. We need him to tell them about our great military that is coming. About how we regain our wonderful country, get our gold back in the vault, or maybe go to platinum if someone else has all the gold, stop the monopolies and conglomorates. You get the point


Dr. Paul is working his ass off when he could be retired and doing something more leisurely and you say you are disappointed in him.

Cold cold cold... =|


your absolutely right

I completely agree that he is working his ass off and appreciate everything he has done. I am simply saying that I would like to see that passion from debates months back come back again to reinvigorate this campaign.


I would like to see this Ron Paul up there take on McCain and Romney :D


I still have great respect for him, he is just being too nice to these neocons.