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I'm Going to Die...

At 60 plus years I look back on my life and realize that there's not much time left. No, I've not been diagnosed with any fatal disease but we are all going to die. It's just that I realize that I really can't count on more than 20 more years so I've been thinking of all the things I would like to say before that day. I've known many people who die and never have time to say those last words to family and loved ones (and maybe just to the world in general). I think I have some things to put out there before I check out...

My life experience has taught me many things and to keep this as short as possible I really won't be listing many references for my thinking I will just express my conclusions. Everyone can do their own research to support or dispute my conclusions. I will say that I do have a great interest in science and many of my conclusions are based on science but certainly not all.

I really don't know where to start so I guess I can start with my belief in a Creator. I have looked at the science for “everything from nothing” and I've looked at our current situation and our recorded history and I definitely believe that we have a Creator who designed us and the universe we live in. I also believe that our Creator took the form of a man (Christ) and through some mystery provided our bridge to his dimension through the action of His death (redemption). I really think that most Christians get many things wrong and I even believe that I'm not getting it all right but I certainly think I'm close or I would change my belief system (no one “believes” they are wrong or they would change to what they think is “right”). I believe we all are fallible and therefore I also believe that the Bible (whatever translation you ascribe to) has inaccuracies because of the fact that men have been involved in the recording of the events therein. I do believe that it's mostly accurate (I use 90% just as a guesstimate). I fully reject a literal hell as I think our Creator will give everyone a chance at whatever the “judgment” is to make a choice to join him (and what person would reject that offer after being presented with God's personal presence?) I believe that we should follow the basic principals of not taking things that belong to others and certainly to not harm anyone who is not trying to harm you. I do think that everyone has the right to defend themselves against any attacker. I do not fight with people over religious “doctrine” other than to share what I believe. I doubt that anyone on the planet has figured out all the secrets of the universe so I freely admit that some or most of what I believe may be wrong but I think that our Creator loves us and does not expect us to get it all right.

All “creation” is indebted to the Creator and if we don't feel love for our Creator we are missing something that is key to being complete. Beyond our relationship with the Creator we have our family. I feel that our love and devotion to our parents, spouse and children is the most important earthly relationship. Family relationships are the strongest bond that we can experience and should be so. The next most important would be community relationships – how you interact with those who are in your geographic sphere.

I do think the Non Aggression Principal is a good practice to have. I do not necessarily believe that it must never be broken because I do think that as men we sometimes go outside of any “rules” when we think the situation calls for it. I don't know when we should use aggression against others who have not actually harmed us but I can think of an example when I would. If I knew a very evil man who hurts lots of people in my neighborhood and I felt that this man was never going to be stopped from hurting others and maybe members of my family I would feel justified in acting against such a person. This is an extreme example and would not be something that most people ever experience in their lives. I really think that the possibility of a “loose cannon” in your sphere of influence is actually a deterrent to evil behavior. If you do not anger large numbers of people you should not fear them either. Society can never be 100% safe but I think the fear of being taken out by angry family members (for instance) should deter many from hurting people (it historically has been known as being an avenger).

Morally I believe that you can do whatever you want as long as you are not taking the property of others or causing physical injury (I don't count hurting peoples feelings although that is quite rude and should be avoided). Sexually I believe anyone should feel free to have whatever relationship they want as long as it's consensual between parties of “sound mind” (I hate to try to put an age requirement because historically the age of emancipation has been all over). Marriage has historically been different than what we currently practice. Men used to have multiple wives and concubines and I don't see any reason that it cannot go the other way as well. I don't believe that you “own” someone just because they are married to you (that would be another form of slavery). I reject the idea that certain kinds of sex are immoral and look at sex as simply being two people rubbing body parts together. Why should it be anything more then either a way to procreate or for pleasure? Of course an emotional bond with the person you are rubbing body parts with makes the experience even better.

I believe that when you kill a human who is not attempting to kill you it's murder. If that person is living in your womb (however they got there) you are murdering them if you take them out before they can survive. If you don't want the child you can give it up at that point. I do not, however, believe that any “government” has anything to do with a woman murdering that child. A woman who commits such act will need to take this up with the Creator when she meets him.

What about politics and justice? Oh boy, on this one I have a lot of conflict with others. Although I try to affect change through “politics” I do not believe in it so in this regard I'm a bit of a hypocrite. I am an anarchist as far as believing that any “authority” is legitimate if it's in the hands of man. I believe our Creator is the only true authority over each of us and He does not put up street signs to tell us His will. Men like to gather in groups and appoint someone as the usurper over themselves in hope that there's some kind of order that can be maintained which will benefit them all. This has been proven throughout history to be a fiction. No such system has ever worked for more than a very short time. All “governments” are by definition a “legal fiction” and if you break down their foundation you find that there is no proper delegation of authority over other men (like me). Such a “delegation order” would have to originate from the one who HAS actual authority over us (our Creator).

All this talk of “social compact” and “consent of the governed” is just smoke and mirrors. I've never seen a “social compact” and even if I could be shown one it would not have my signature on it saying that I agree to it. Consent of the governed is just fancy talk for “we are going to use force against you if you don't do what we tell you to do”. I have never consented to having my money stolen from me and my property trespassed on or my actions restricted.

Of course that means I believe in “private property” and my most private of property is my own body so I don't think that anyone has the right to tell me what to do with my body. If I want to pump it full of drugs (I don't) it's no one's business but mine. I can take care of my body or I can run it down. I do not believe that I have any right to the money or resources of others. If I find my body in poor health and I do not have resources to maintain my health it is not the responsibility of others to care for me. I do believe in private charity for those needs and there's no obligation on the part of the charitable to meet any needs I have. There is no “perfect system” in this world but the voluntary system is the best for everyone.

I've termed myself a “Christian Anarchist” because after analyzing my belief system I thought this term best fit me. I later found out that the term was already defined and it's not exactly what I believe but it's pretty close.

Since I believe in life after death I don't feel that anyone should spend much time mourning me after I'm gone. If I'm right then I'll be in a better place (sounds so cliche') and life will go on until it's your turn to join us. I think cremation is the best way to dispose of the corporal shell. I was “alone” when I came into the world in that there was no one else being born with me (of course others were in the same room when it happened) and I'll be “alone” when I leave. No one will be there to take that final journey with me. In some ways I will cherish the moment. Not as an opportunity to kill myself, but as a necessary part of life's journey. Depending on how I die there may be panic or pain involved but afterward I'm certain that the peace that only the One who created us can grant will take over and eternity will open up ahead.

I don't believe that us little creatures on this huge ball can have any significant effect on the planet. I've flown to the other side of the planet at least 20 times and when I'm at 35,000 feet looking down at how huge the planet is and then comprehend the VOLUME of the earth and the atmosphere and compare those volumes to the volume of net pollution that we can generate I find it amazing that people think the tiny percentage of change we can generate as far as carbon or chemicals can ever change the earth. Sure, we can create a small local situation where the earth or the air is polluted but when that pollution gets dispersed it's far too small to create a lasting change in the environment. If we took all the known reserves of oil, gas and coal and burned it all in a big pit in a month's time we probably wouldn't do much more to the earth than a very large volcanic eruption. There would be destruction locally and there would be some disbursement around the globe but within a few years the planet would be back to normal and there would be no fuel left for us to burn other than biological fuel. This is not to say we should not try to keep our environment clean, but we really don't need to spend all of our savings to make a very tiny change. No one likes a dirty environment and that certainly includes me. I think the only true “threat” to our environment is nuclear or biological. A global nuclear war would most certainly destroy most human life and probably most animal life and a good bit of plant life. A genetically engineered disease could cause massive death or perhaps extermination of all human life.

When is the “Last Days”? Of course no one knows when or even how the end will come. One thing is certain, there is a “last day” for each of us. I definitely believe there will be an end because we live in a finite universe. I do know that in the short time I've been on this planet there have been many times when men have predicted that there will be an end of an age by a certain date and they have all been wrong. When someone says to me that a “prophet” has predicted a certain time for the “End Days” I always bet against it and I've always been right. When people were concerned about the Myan calender predicting the end in December of 2012 I was 100% sure that we would still be here in January. (I was right). Many “prophets” have lead many gullible people to sell all their goods and head to some special site for the last day and they've ALL been wrong. That's a pretty good statistic to depend on. End of the world prophets have been 100% wrong so if someone give a prediction that the end is coming on a certain date you can sleep easy that day knowing that statistic.

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peace be with you.

and stay humble though your life path on earth.. The devil is in the details.

Money talks and dogs bark

Beautifully written

and if you break down their foundation you find that there is no proper delegation of authority over other men...
I'm sorry to do this, but at the age of 60 I am going to test whether its possible to teach an old dog new tricks. :)

Your civics is off and I wish you to learn this one lesson before you part.

Government is not an entity formed by delegation of authority.

Government IS the entity that dominates a society and grants itself the ability to harm others with legal impunity.

It can take everything you hold dear and is not obligated to provide anything in return.

That is what it is legally. Not what it should be.

If you don't want to have this discussion on this thread, let me know and I will replace with periods.

ChristianAnarchist's picture

Government is everything you

Government is everything you say with one exception... It is a total fiction and only exists in the minds of the "belivers". Belief in government is a false religion. It is a belief in a "higher power" that gives men the power to kill and imprison others... except it does not really do any of that. It only makes men THINK they have a power over others so they then use force against others to "enforce" their fake laws. Where is the Roman authority? Disappeared into the ether as men stopped believing in it. So has the "authority" of all governments and such will be the fate of the "authority" of the fiction USA...

Beware the cult of "government"...

Sorry dude but

Government really exists...there are really men out there that have the power to harm you with legal impunity. I've met them. Take my word for it if you haven't. They are real.

Belief that the power to harm with legal impunity can somehow be legitimate is the religion you speak of.

If you read the most dangerous superstition carefully you would parse out that Larkin isn't saying that government isn't real. He's saying that authority based on nothing more than one's ability to bash your brains in is illegitimate.

check these out OP

they will help to confirm what you already believe, I hope you enjoy them, I did.....




Here is a link to the rest of the videos if you like the ones above...

God bless, very well written, the only eternal hell is eternal death of the soul in the Second Coming or our Lord, death of the soul is eternal, no merciful God would have anyone burn in hell for eternity, the Bible clearly states that there will be no more sin after this, so there is no possibility of an eternal burning after death. I agree with you completely, I hope you enjoy those videos.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

I appreciate the time it took

I appreciate the time it took to write all that but I didnt read it. I hope all is well and it all works out the way it is supposed to.


Everyone dies.

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Ya, that was one of the

Ya, that was one of the points of the message...

Beware the cult of "government"...

But you took the time to comment?

And you commented like that?

What are you, 12??

Or are you one of those government paid people who go on forums to annoy everyone.