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WHOA! Rand Paul ENDORSES Sen. Susan Collins, Despite A Record of Big Spending and Gov. Spying (BenSwann.Com)

WHOA! Rand Paul ENDORSES Sen. Susan Collins, Despite A Record of Big Spending and Gov. Spying (BenSwann.Com)

Ben Swann Apr 26, 2014

Bangor, Maine- Senator Rand Paul provided the keynote address at the Maine GOP Convention this Saturday. Sen. Paul spoke before a packed house, excited to hear from the likely Republican Presidential candidate. What surprised some of the crowd and simultaneously delighted others, however was when Paul endorsed long time Maine Senator Susan Collins.

“I whole-heartedly endorse Senator Collins for re-election. I think she is doing a great job for Maine and for the country.”

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Political Moves and Playing the Game

yeah he is way different than any other politician

But in the end we will get him as President and all of a sudden things will change LOL yeah sure. If the people are not AWAKE it doesn't matter which POTUS is in power.

When certain issues happen that actually get people to be pissed and RISE UP things do change BUT if not then things will be exactly like they always have been and that is SHEEP-ISH.

The bundy ranch had a wake up call, yes they played the race card and many ran off like little bitches BUT it did in fact show that WE THE PEOPLE when we actually have a complaint CAN change things. It has zero to do with a single president, senator or congressmen.

WAKE UP and shake things up locally

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Rand is running for president, end of story.

If you guys can't handle Rand trying to actually win the Republican nomination, that's your problem, not his. All this cute talk about Collins' opponent supporting the legalization of weed, anti-NSA, and all this other stuff really doesn't matter, she's going to be caucusing with people in the Senate who won't let her move on any of that crap.

All this stuff about theoretically building coalitions with liberal democrats is cute, but eventually reality will set in and you'll realize that these people do not support the concept of liberty unless it works in their favor, often to the detriment of others.

“My attitude toward progress has passed from antagonism to boredom. I have long ceased to argue with people who prefer Thursday to Wednesday because it is Thursday.” - G.K. Chesterton

Why I Believe Rand Paul's Endorsed Romney in 2012

It was a good political move by Rand Paul to endorse Mitt Romney in 2012 because Rand had made up his mind then that he was going to run against the democratic nominee in 2016. He was looking ahead not wanting to alienate those republicans who supported Romney in 2012. He wants and needs their votes in 2016. Remember, although Rand has libertarian leanings he is a republican and as a republican he needs to solidify his base with all types of self described republicans in order to have a chance to defeat not only Hillary Clinton, but the republican candidates that may run or align themselves in opposition to him in 2016.

It's the smart move...Rand Paul is the pragmatist, now a political animal having thought this all out long ago. You cannot win the presidency with just libertarian voters and a small portion of democrats. You need to capture a huge percentage of independents, some democrats disgusted with Obama and Clinton and you need to capture those republicans that his dad couldn't capture because the media and the neocons ruined his foreign policy stance..

It is nice to tell the truth, but in the world of politics you must play the game to win and to win you must at times bite your tongue and say and do things to secure as many votes as you can from a wide spectrum of voters....Rand is a republican in name only, but in his heart of hearts he loves his dad and will attempt to do what his dad was unable or incapable of doing, playing the political game and win the white house...

Let's Be Honest

In Maine, it will either be Susan Collins or a leftist Dem. I'm so sorry that so many on DP don't understand politics, but you better learn it fast unless civil war is your goal (and I'm not just talking about the GOP).

This being said I'm more aligned with Ron than Rand, but I can compromise. Can you?

El Dorado

scawarren's picture

Alright Let's Be Honest

Ron Paul calls for building coalitions and this "leftist" is calling for a full repeal of the Patriot Act, massive curbs on the NSA programs, and she wants marijuana legalized. Shenna Bellows seems to have a lot more in common with Rand and liberty minded individuals than Collins. IMO our politicians "comprising" is a major reason our country is in such a mess. I'm not saying Rand should have endorsed Bellows just that he should have stayed quite on Collins.

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

Interesting. I wonder if she

Interesting. I wonder if she just latching on to popular issues for the election.

it doesn't look that way

Early career

Bellows served as Executive Director of the ACLU of Maine for eight years. In that role, she built coalitions with both Republicans and Democrats to pass privacy and civil rights laws.[8] She was a leader of Mainers United for Marriage, working for seven years to pass same-sex marriage in Maine.[9] She was a leader on voting rights and co-chaired the 2011 Protect Maine Votes campaign to restore same day voter registration.,[10][11] Most recently, she organized a successful privacy campaign to require warrants for access to private cell phone communications, and she led the opposition to warrantless drone surveillance.[12]

During her time at the ACLU, Bellows was a leader in the Maine Choice Coalition and the Coalition for Maine Women.[13] She was recognized for her work to advance women’s health and reproductive choice by awards from the University of Maine Women’s Studies Department,[14] Mabel Wadsworth Women’s Health Center,[15] the American Association of University Women,[16] the Frances Perkins Center[17] and the Maine Democratic Party.

Prior to her work at the ACLU of Maine, Bellows was the national field organizer at the ACLU in Washington, DC, organizing nationwide civil liberties campaigns including opposition to the Patriot Act, where she built broad coalitions that included librarians and gun owners alike.[18]

Bellows was an AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer in Nashville, Tennessee. There she assisted a start up non-profit, Community IMPACT! in developing an asset building program to promote educational and economic empowerment for young people in Nashville’s largest public housing project.[19]

Bellows served as a small business development Peace Corps volunteer in La Arena de Chitré, Panama. In Panama, she launched a micro-lending program for artisans, started a Junior Achievement entrepreneurship program at a local high school, and was President of Women In Development/Gender and Development, dedicated to advancing economic and educational opportunity for women and girls.[20]

From 1997 to 1999 Bellows worked as a researcher and recruiter for Economists Incorporated, a privately held economic consulting firm specializing in microeconomic analysis in antitrust, regulatory and legal contexts in Washington, DC.[21]

on the downside bad on economic and climate, but compared to collins? collin's voting record is downright scary.

It would appear that Rands

It would appear that Rands endorsement is a building of coalitions within the Republican Party. He can't become POTUS if he doesn't make it through the primaries.

no doubt

there are coalitions and then there are coalitions. i'm for the coalitions of ron paul, those based on principles, and growing that in the long term.

have the last word please.

Let the Games Begin

'Sen. Paul told the crowd in Bangor that he doesn’t “see division here (in Maine), I see unity. I smell victory.”'

Panderfest 2014, 2015, 2016. Have a feeling there will be plenty of headlines such as this in the coming months.


Nobody Cares!

Let Rand play the game

Who gives a sht?

I mean really?

i agree

that's the sad part, supporters and even so-called haters look to becoming increasingly bored with the whole game.

Ron Paul

didn't play the game and lost. Well, he was cheated but you know what I mean.

Ron Paul

won in my opinion, and is still winning and spreading his message of sound money, personal freedom and a non aggressive foreign policy.

Just a reminder to those

who cling to the Super Secret Strategy theory. A lot of people were severely disappointed when they realized Jesse Benton's super awesome secret plan moves were actually just selling out.

I really hope....

I keep hoping Rand is planning to win the presidency by pretending to be a statheist but then suddenly flips and fights for individual rights instead of the collective... you know, the opposite of hard line fascist Obama.
Hard to keep the faith though....


Rand is not going to pull some super secret "win the presidency" and then turn into Thomas Jefferson. People need to stop believing that one guy getting elected president will change anything!!!! That's why I believe Ron Paul was more focused on educating a generation instead of winning a stupid office. This is a systemic problem that has been building since the civil war.

Sorry, that's reality. If one man could change the entire course and structure of our corporatocracy he would be called a dictator!!!!!!!

That's why I think our best option would be a military coup of top generals dismantling the entire federal government and sending the power back to the states to then decide what authorities to give the federal government...if they even wanted to remain part of it after the past 100 years of warfare and welfare and erosion of freedoms... disillusionment as well I admit.

if that was his plan

don't you think the opposition is smart enough to see it too?
they weren't born yesterday.

not as bad as ron's endorsement of lamar smith

but rand will be crucified by haters while they give ron a pass.

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Good point. I wish they

Good point. I wish they would've just stayed quite :)

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

Show me where in the

Show me where in the Constitution it says Rand cannot endorse Susan Collins!

Thomas Jefferson 1796, 1800, 1804; James Madison 1808, 1812; Ron Paul 1988, 2008, 2012; Rand Paul 2016.

Well he is working for the RNC

Susan Collins is about as lamestream as you can get. Typical and understandable. The establishment needs a new host to connect too, to promote their tired ideas and to get donations from a new generation well into their grave.

I Have One Last Thing To Say In My Defense

If Rand Paul plays this political game and can endorse scum like Susan Collins and win the GOP nomination then I will say that kind of political gamesmanship worked for him and he was good at it.

I can hardly argue the point if his strategy works for him.

I guess I could never run and win the political office endorsing bad politicians like Susan Collins.

I'm right where I should be; doing an honest days work and using my hard earned money to support good candidates like Justin Amash and TMOT...

....and Rand Paul is the only politician that could win that I could support..The rest of them are STATISTS....


Par for the course.

Par for the course.

Rand Who?

Rand should STFU because he doesn't stand for ANYTHING but Rand and the PC crowd.Who is Rand Paul?He's no Ron Paul in the least.In the past 2 months he has made some of the stupidest comments I have ever heard in politics.I hope he's happy with all the good ole boys that supported Romney and threw his dad under the bus just like he did.I will never stand with Rand because he has no plan.


I remember his endorsement for Romney, if you can call it that.
"We have a lot in common. I come from a big family, he has a big family. We really share those family values."
Yea, what a sellout that was.
My money says he voted for Ron ;)

you think?

even today he says he admires and respects romney, and he'd know a vote for papa would be wasted. rand is a party man. ron could give a sht about parties, says they are both the same and mostly irrelevant.

Rand Paul?

Someone remarked, "Now I don't know who to support." Ben Carson is his name!

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