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How I learned to really appreciate my wife

So my wife had fusion surgery to fuse 3 vertebrae in her neck. She is not allowed to drive or lift more than 5 lbs.

Today, I got to both drive her, but also accompany her on her shopping activities. Today I visited 5 stores, lifted countless groceries, pet food and bulk items, oh and went to the bank. I am exhausted and she does this weekly. Kind of in awe right now. Add in cleaning the house, caring for the kids. I think she is super human, but no, she is just a Mom.

I also fertilized the yard after going to Lowes, so in my defense, I did two jobs today. Still, I don't know how my wife does all of this every week. Shake my head. Impressive. I recommend husbands accompany their wives, at least once, to find out how difficult her job really is. You'll get a new appreciation of her.

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I took

a huge dump the other day and now I really appreciate child birth so I see what you mean.

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I hope that the act of conception was enjoyable at least.

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I wish her a speedy recovery...

I had back surgery ~4 years ago. I've been having problems again here recently and have been doing exercises in attempts to avoid anymore cutting.

Sounds like you caught a good one. Does she have any single sisters?

I just want to

thank you for sharing this with us and I hope your wife heals well.

Your wife is fortunate to have such a observant and helpful husband as well.

It is really nice to know that there are still some folks out there that understand what it is to be a husband and wife.

Best Wishes to you and yours.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

It is a safe bet that she

It is a safe bet that she used this opportunity to load up on the pet foods, bulk items, and extra groceries.

Most probably

but the the sheer magnitude of the accomplishment leaves me in awe. I will never again underestimate my wife's day. That is all I wanted to convey. It's funny, but we never know the contributions of our partners.

That probably goes for business partners, spouses. I find my wife to be extraordinary, but I imagine she is not unique among women, nor am I unusually lucky. Appreciate your partner's contributions. They are invaluable.

Remembers those days

My kid is grown and gone, but when she was in school and about age 7, this was my day:
Up at 5am to have coffee
Wake hubby up at 5:30
Wake kid at 6am
Cook breakfast at 6:30
Out the door at 7:35
Take hubby to work
Turn around and race back to get kid to school
Go home and clean and do laundry, make the beds, and feed the cat
Go to my moms house and clean her house
Do all her shopping, take it back, put it away, make her lunch
Go pick up my kid then do my shopping, go home, put it up and grab her a snack
Go pick up hubby from work (we only had 1 car)
Go home cook supper, help kid with homework
Take supper to my mom, stay and wash the dishes
Back home to get the kid in the tub, read her a story, and put her to bed by 8:30
Clean up the place, shower, sit back and relax and be in bed by 11 to start it all again.
I did that for 2 years.
And that was easy days compared to when I was married to my first husband. Back then I worked between my job and the house, 17 hour days...6 days a week...10 on Sunday
Watch this....And get a better idea about your wife..Oh and I do pray she'll be ok...God bless


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