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Rand Paul Attends Private Meeting...

...with big time GOP fundraisers. We're making all the right moves. Run Rand Run! Stand With Rand!

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The NWO has been co-opted.

The NWO has been co-opted. Just went to the Bilderburger chat room any they went ballistic on Tag Benedict Arnold Romney!

Thomas Jefferson 1800, 1804; James Madison 1808, 1812; Rand Paul 2016, 2020.

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Maybe Rand will meet

Maybe Rand will meet Bilderberg. I think that it would be a good step towards wining the White House. It never hurts to know what your opposition is all about and maybe he can learn some inside information in such a meeting that will help him. Sun Tsu says you need to know your enemies. I would love to go to a Bilderberg meeting (there's a better chance that hell will freeze over though).

Beware the cult of "government"...

Sonmi 541: "Truth is singular. Its "versions" are mistruths."

Rand met with Rupert Murdoch

a few months ago too, some libertarians made a big deal out of it at the time, but then just recently Murdoch said in an interview that Rand Paul was the only Republican that he may not be able to support and that he could vote for Hillary in such a case. So apparently Rand did not "kiss the ring" as some thought.

The same thing happened during the 2010 senate campaign when Rand met with Bill Kristol. Some libertarians went ballistic and accused Rand of all sorts of things, then several months later the truth came out on what really happened in the meeting:

Rand’s professorial nature comes through at surprising times. When a major donor requested that Rand visit a few contacts in Washington, D.C.—including Weekly Standard editor William Kristol—some of his libertarian supporters shrieked that the candidate had crossed over to the dark side. In fact, as one campaign staffer told me, most of the conversation centered on Rand trying to explain to Kristol why the neoconservative policy toward Israel was irrational. Kristol tolerated Rand for a bit but eventually left the candidate with an assistant. Rand then visited the Cato Institute and made a few other stops that day, never thinking his meeting with Kristol was particularly controversial until worried supporters said otherwise.

So these types of meetings happen from time to time, lots of people accuse Rand of lots of things, but the truth is Rand does not sell his soul in any of these meetings, just that there are lots of blowhards like Robert Wenzel on the internet that like to accuse Rand of all sorts of things that aren't really based in reality.


no chance of getting elected without unifying the party. Ron widened the debate and built a movement and opened the door for his son and we have some people here working against it. Some even suggesting that Rand is working against Ron which really make me doubt the mental competence or motives of these people.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero,

the yo-yo-ing of Rand Paul--

I've been watching him now for years; wanting very much to like him, because of his father.

But the constant 'up and down' is growing old.

One day I want to be 'for' Rand; I was SO proud of him for filibustering.

The next day (metaphorically speaking) I am thinking, "why did you do THAT, Rand?"

I wonder if anyone else is tired of this.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

I am.

And have been for a long time. Most Rand supporters on this site generally go with the argument that he is "playing the game." Same with V. Putin in Russia. It's always "he's playing chess" and blah-de-blah. But a person IS his actions. If you say the ends justify the means, then you are taking a page out of Bolshevism. They weren't really savage murdering criminals: they were enlightened facilitators of a New Day. And the end justifies the means.

If the end for Rand is liberty, then he wouldn't endorse the ones he endorses. His endorsements stand for all time. They cannot be undone. There isn't some time coming where we will all find out that he was just doing this to try to sneak into the White House and then suddenly become his dad. It is absurd. Rand Paul is probably better than a lot of politicians, but he is still a politician. He speaks like one, he looks like one, he is one.

John F

I am tired of the yo-yo's...

the people that base their support on what Rand has done in the last 72 hours, rather than the complete body of work that he has accumulated over the years. When considering that complete body of work over the long term I have never wavered.

well, you had fun with the word I used--

I don't count much on political successes anymore.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

next is Bilderburg. I bet 10

next is Bilderburg. I bet 10 frns....

I can see what Rand's attempting

but don't you think going to Romney's campaign leaders for support is kind of like seeking advice from the captain of the Titanic for your ships next route?

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

i see a room with ten fat men

smoking cigars. the oldest of the old boys stands and speaks to rand who is on stage with him. "So do you understand now rand? we want to lose. we MUST lose. haven't we proved that? heck, that's why we had to derail your old man. he would have screwed up our whole system."

I swear there is something weird going on

with the voting system here lately. This thread went from 0 upvotes to 8 upvotes in the span of an hour or so, late on a Saturday night with not much traffic, now it is back down to 5. Just the fact that it ever had 8 upvotes is extremely suspicious -- no offense OP but it's just a link and a few words of anti-Rand commentary, nothing that would have gotten a large amound of upvotes in the past. I have noticed some rapid swings in voting on comments too lately.

Yea, that's the Randbot -

Yea, that's the Randbot - developed by NWO techies to constantly search for positive posts and comments about Rand to upvote. They use this to flush out patriots, so be careful to avoid all Rand posts, just like I'm doing now.

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wow, Rand

Research much? Endorse Sen. Susan Collins, and throw Cliven Bundy under the bus for remarks taken wholly out of context. You've got it all backwards, sorry to say. And I had almost forgiven you for passing up the opportunity to do the classy thing and endorse your father, the great statesman of our time, for president. I trust the old gentlemen.
Why don't you? Oh, yeah, politics.

"I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than those attending too small a degree of it."

~~~ Thomas Jefferson

He did endorse his father.

Many times... knocked on many doors... even once stood in for his father in a debate against Phil Gramm during the 1984 senate campaign. In 2012 he gave quite a few speeches for his father on the campaign trail, look on youtube and you can watch them all. He has busted his ass for liberty more than anyone here who sits behind a keyboard and bitches constantly about how Rand is doing it all wrong, how voting is a waste of time, all that BS...