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In their own words: Bundy family addresses unanswered questions.

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Who in the world down voted this? it went from 14 to 13.


I'm moved. I fully support the Bundy's and their goal as it is the same goal for all of us.

Good read...


On the Sunday talk shows today

It's telling how they are reporting on Cliven Bundy. They show a very short edited clip of Bundy saying, negro, and referencing picking cotton and slave, then it was uniformly decided, Bundy is a racist. They couldn't address his point, as it would be in direct conflict to their socialistic agenda to have to discuss the welfare programs of the 1960s and admit the failure that subsidized income has had on poor black families. What else could they say? Looking at the statistics of unemployment, incarceration rates, abortions, high crime rates, single family households with no Dad for support, no, that would be a very difficult discussion for a statist. Better to paint Bundy as a racist than to actually admit a multi-trillion dollar social experiments failure.

"child support" = family wreckage

... by creating a $100,000.00 incentive to get divorced. First-to-file always wins!

isn't that great?

I'll bump for . . .


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