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Sunday Times: UKIP Is the Leading Party in the UK - Ahead of Labor & The Conservative Party!

According to the U.K. Sunday Times

UKIP 32%
Labor 28%
Conservative 18%
Lib Dem 9%
Green 8%


(There is a chart for subscribers)

Do you think a third party in the US could do the same?

The conservatives would have dominated UK politics if they gave credibility to their own "Tea Party", UKIP.

Instead they are now in third.

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USA and UK contrast

It is difficult to draw too many parallels between the US and UK political systems. For example, the US Electoral College vs. the UK 'first past the post' Parliament, in other words, whichever party pulls the most local election wins (MPs) becomes the ruling party. This allows for many more votes to be cast for third and fourth parties, because there is a real chance that you could actually get your candidate into the House of Commons. It would be the equivalent of a Libertarian in the House or even the Senate.

At the moment we have a 'coalition' government because neither the Conservatives nor the Liberal Democrats could win 50%+. This is simultaneously a strength and a weakness of the system IMO. Yes, it allows for a wider representation of the people; but, if a ruling party, and subsequently its leader (always the Prime Minister) is weak, it may find itself unable to pass its own bills and legislation; at this point, the very weak parties suddenly have enormous influence as a swing vote either way opens the system up to horse-trading and corruption.

IMO the US doesn't need three parties -- it needs about seven!

These polls are for European

These polls are for European Union Parliament elections. But UKIP is also set to pick up some local Council seats, etc. And maybe finally get some guys into Britain's House of Commons, if they are fortunate.


They have a parliamentary system which is designed for many parties. Ours is not.

Since I'm not familiar, if

Since I'm not familiar, if UKIP gets the most votes in Parliament...what happens next?

I think

I think they would control parliament or have to share power with another party depending on the votes. Don't hold me to that...

What are these elections for?

What are these elections for?

What they're for

After 25 years in the UK, I think I have finally figured it out!

There are MEPs -- Members of European Parliament -- that every EU nation has to represent them, roughly 1 MEP per million citizens. So the UK has about 70-odd MEPs, of which Farage is one (who represents the southeast of England).

UKIP stands for what other posters have accuratley mentioned, plus the fact that the UK's own laws are being over-ridden by the European Parliament. Plus, the UK must contribute large sums annually. Can you imagine an amalgamation of Canada, Mexico, and Cuba telling tax-paying Floridians that they have limited fishing rights around Key West? So it kind of goes like that. Like Thatcher said, "It is about being British", rightly or wrongly. This is why under John Major negotiated at Maastrich the Euro opt-out clause, which allowed the UK to retain the pound (instead of the euro), and still be a EU member state.

If UKIP suddenly becomes the major representative party for the UK in the forthcoming EU elections, they have no power to remove the UK from the EU like they want -- that can only be determined by British law -- but they would have a clear mandate to call for a referendum of the British people to allow them to determine their own fate at the ballot box.

Thus far, any promises by the major parties for a referendum have been broken. I don't see how a referendum could be avoided should UKIP fare well in the next EU elections.

Great Explanation!

Really appreciate the response.

anyone know?

yeah.. if its European parliamentary elections, then it isn't much of a surprise.


...is unapologeticly running against immigration/forced integration, and Nick Farage was ready to address the predictable accusations, and exploit the media opportunity. Rand Paul might learn something from this, and if not, he will be challenged.

Longtime Internet Poster

It would work here

if we could get around the hoops and hurdles deliberately set up by the two parties in power.

Nigel went straight to the people and got plenty of funding

and he ran as third party pulling votes from the republicans
People in the US are hesitant to form third parties as historically it is entrenched in people's mind that the two party system works best.
Europe has a tradition of many parties.
If Americans shake their belief in the two party system-which the actions of DEMS and REPS appear to be helping- there is a shot for viable alternative parties

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I think the hurdles which he

I think the hurdles which he was speaking of was the fact that the two major parties are making it harder and harder for a 3rd party to be placed on the ballots. If one is not even on the ballot, then it is going to be nearly impossible for that individual to get elected.

The people of England by large majority DON"T want to be

part of the EU but neither Labor nor the Tories will allow a referendum on the matter

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I was referring to the US

I was referring to the US system and how the Reps and Dems are trying to increase the hurdles for 3rd parties to get on the ballots. Without being on the ballot, then it -pretty much- is useless trying to run for office.

I don't follow the UK politics that much, I have enough problems trying to keep up with all of the governments we are over-lorded by.

I do like watching Nigel Farage, and Daniel Hannan, though.