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Rand Paul, Tea Party Stomp the establishment at Maine GOP Convention.

Rand Paul crushed the competition at Maine's GOP Presidential Straw Poll, the establishment couldn't even muster a top 4.

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They better take control of the voting booths

if they want a fair election.

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Well hell, I'll make one:


For some reason....

the comments didn't come up when I was reading this.
But, I still stand by my "YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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Was this the State Convention?

Did any leadership changes occur for the better?

It didn't turn out well for Iowa:

All central committee seats were lost meaning that the liberty movement is no longer controlling Iowa. I hope some committee seats were taken by liberty activists in Maine!

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Ahhh yes the establishment made an all out effort to kick us out

on an off year state convention. There will be one more before 2016 and from what I hear that is the all important 2015 state convention that they are regrouping for and I am guessing we will retake. IF PEOPLE show up.

Wouldn't it be interesting to

Wouldn't it be interesting to see a bloodless coup of liberty?

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Only to be CHEATED at National Convention

What a collosal waste of time.

Ventura 2016

The collosal time-waste

Is [your] bolded text.

Rand Paul Is SURGING!!!

Paul topped the field with 176 votes out of 690 cast, with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) finishing second with 98 votes. Wisconsin GOP Gov. Scott Walker rounded out the top three vote-getters in the straw poll with 70 votes, while Dr. Ben Carson placed fourth with 62 votes.

Despite Paul, Cruz, Walker, and Carson's topping all GOP establishment potential candidates in the Maine GOP straw poll, the state has elected what the American Conservative Union (ACU) has rated the most liberal Republican in the U.S. Senate in Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME). Even so, Maine elected a Tea Party-backed GOP governor in Paul LePage.

During Rand Paul's speech, according to aides of his, he was warmly received, and multiple standing ovations interrupted him. “This doesn't look like division to me. I see unity, and I smell victory,” Paul said in the speech.


75% of the vote went elsewhere

A great result but there's still a lot of work to do.