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Tom McMillin for US congress to replace retiring Mike Rogers

He just qualified for the ballot in the past week or two after collecting the required number of signatures. McMillin was orginally not planning to run, but when Mike Rogers made the announcement that he was retiring at the end of his term McMillin decided to seize the opportunity. So his campaign is still getting off the ground, but has a website up and you can check out his stance on some issues here:


He looks really good on stuff like NSA surveillance, government transparency, being a true small government conservative. I don't know much about his foreign policy but I heard he is pretty good on that too, I'll try to dig up a link. Also he has spoken out against the drug war and introduced a bill requiring transparency on SWAT raids (currently serves in the Michigan House of Representatives, 45th district).

Justin Amash strongly endorses and says he should be #1 priority for getting liberty candidates in office.

This looks like a great opportunity to replace a hardcore statist NSA supporter with someone who could stand with Thomas Massie and Justin Amash as the strongest voices for liberty in congress.

He is kicking off his campaign at an event with Justin Amash on Saturday May 3rd in Michigan. You can find out more info on the event page:

and also here are his personal and congressional campaign facebook pages:

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Tom McMillin moneybomb - Friday June 27th

Sign up to donate on Friday - even if it will be a small amount to his campaign. Help Tom end the quarter well. We need him in Washington, fighting for freedom and liberty. The 6/30 report will be the only cash on hand report in Tom's race. Whether you can give a little or a lot, join this event today and invite your friends to do the same.


Let me tell you

I am ELATED that Mike Rodgers is retiring and someone like Tom McMillin is running in my district. Prayers have been answered!!!! Mike Bishop is okay, but he will continue on the Mike Rodgers path. Mike Rodgers made a bad decision with the NSA, and has lost touch with majority of constituents. Tom McMillin will right that wrong.


Rep. Tom McMillin introduces resolution to ‘Audit the Fed’

June 17, 2014

Resolution calls on comptroller general to audit the Federal Reserve in effort to create financial transparency at the federal level

Rep. Tom McMillin, R-Rochester Hills, introduced House Resolution 395 last week urging the United States Congress to direct the comptroller general to do a complete and full audit of the Federal Reserve System and the Federal Reserve banks, commonly referred to as an effort to “Audit the Fed.”

“Michigan residents deserve accountability and transparency from the federal government,” McMillin said. “The Federal Reserve has operated for far too long behind a cloak of secrecy, while the American economy continues to suffer and fluctuate at the hands of the people working without oversight and in control of the central bank.”

The resolution calls on Congress to direct the comptroller general to not only perform a full audit of the system and the banks, but to ensure that the actions being taken are in the best interest of the people of the United States.

“This issue is very important because the Federal Reserve has such vast authority over the system of banks and financial institutions that control a major portion of the economic operations within the U.S.,” McMillin said. “If things are as they should be, then Congress and the board of governors of the Federal Reserve should have no problem with an audit, which is common practice in every other public and private institution.”

The resolution has been referred to the House Committee on Financial Services.


FreedomWorks PAC Endorses Tom McMillin in MI-8

FreedomWorks PAC announced its endorsement of Tom McMillin for U.S. Congress in Michigan’s eighth district. After a thorough review of the candidates in the race, FreedomWorks PAC believes Tom McMillin is the clear choice for Michiganders looking to preserve individual freedom. McMillin will go up against Michigan Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop in the August 5 primary.

McMillin served three terms as a state representative, where he worked to block Michigan’s ObamaCare exchanges, stop Common Core, and lower taxes. He understands the importance of protecting individuals from federal overreach, and sponsored a bill to restrict government drone use and prosecute NSA officials for lying about alleged illegal spying.

FreedomWorks PAC President Matt Kibbe commented, “Voters have a clear choice between another establishment candidate that will toe the party line, and Tom McMillin, a man who will stand up for civil liberties and fight for his constituents. McMillin doesn’t just identify the problems in government, he takes action to come up with proactive solutions. He would undoubtedly be a valuable thought leader for liberty in the House.”



New website has been created to expose Mike Bishop's pro-tax record, click on the link and help spread it around.


Here is a tube of the TV commercial that is airing:


Tom held a hearing yesterday on cellphone tracking technology.

Rep. Tom McMillin holds hearing over concerns about massive cellular data collection of innocent users

Rep. Tom McMillin, chair of the House Oversight Committee, ­­today held a hearing concerning the use of “Hailstorm” and “StingRay” cellular surveillance technology by law enforcement agencies in Michigan.

Testifying at the hearing were Christopher Soghoian, principal technologist and senior policy analyst for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU); and Brian Owsley, former U.S. Magistrate Judge for the Southern District of Texas and law professor at Texas Tech University School of Law.

The ACLU commended McMillin for holding this committee meeting, stating that it is the first state in the nation to shine a spotlight on this government surveillance technology.

“When I first learned of these devices and heard they were being used by agencies here in Michigan, I tried to find out about their capabilities and was left with many questions and few answers,” said McMillin, R-Rochester Hills. “Essentially, the answer given to me by the agency was: ‘trust us’ which isn’t a very settling answer. So this hearing was to begin the process of finding out more about the technology and start a discussion on its use and oversight.”

The experts testifying discussed the need for legislative oversight and public access to how and when these devices are used especially in instances when “innocent” third-parties have data or information is collected.

Soghoian explained how this technology works, its military origins, and its uses around the world. Used mainly by the National Security Agency (NSA) and other federal intelligence agencies overseas for the last twenty years, Department of Homeland Security grants now allow local law enforcement agencies to purchase these devices.

“This technology masquerades as a cell tower by sending a signal to all cellular devices in its reach and then collects various information, all of which occurs without the knowledge of the persons whose data is collected,” Soghoian said. “If the police were dressing up as a phone company representative and gaining entry into homes by masquerading in that way, people would be outraged, and that is essentially what is being done with ‘StingRay.’”

Many of the questions asked by committee members focused on what laws exist at the federal level and in other states, as well as what the experts felt was the best direction to take in terms of oversight and privacy protection.

“This technology has been presented to the courts as a simple, but secretive, technology to locate a specific phone and thereby person,” Owsley said. “My concern is that the current standard for use is too low, and it must at least meet a Fourth Amendment probable cause standard as required by our constitution.”

McMillin said that the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, known to possess and utilize this technology, was invited to testify at the hearing but did not attend.

Moving forward McMillin believes that more conversations need to occur to ensure proper oversight of the technology and its use, and that legislation will likely come in the following weeks as more discussions occur.

“Where appropriate, law enforcement should be able to use the latest technology to catch the bad guys, but it is clear that we need to implement legal safeguards to prevent abuse and protect the privacy of innocent citizens,” McMillin said. “There must be a way for citizens, via their elected officials, to have oversight for when and how it is used. And we need to be assured that if this kind of technology is misused, there are serious consequences.”


Coverage in Detroit News:


Tom has sponsored legislation here in Michigan to fight the Agenda 21-driven onslaught of advanced (smart) meters.

Support Tom McMillin!!


All Rights Reserved, c 1791
RP 2012 and beyond....

Mike Rogers attacks Tom McMillin

"I'm here supporting Mike Bishop because I think he will not embarrass this district," Rogers said in a thinly veiled shot at GOP primary opponent Tom McMillin. "(Bishop) will work on conservative solutions to very important problems that impact everybody, both Democrats and Republican in this district."


Rogers didn't say specifically if McMillin would be an embarrassment if elected, but said he doesn't like a newer brand of politics that is focused not on trying to find compromise, but instead focus on the individual.

"It's not conservative, it's not liberal, it's about me," said Rogers.

Tom McMillin fires back:

On Rogers comments that he was supporting Bishop because he would not embarrass the district, McMillin said "I think all the times we've seen Rogers sitting next to [U.S. Sen.] Dianne Feinstein defending the mass surveillance of our citizens, that's an embarrassment."

more here:

Campaign kickoff event tomorrow (Saturday)

at the new headquarters in Clarkston, MI (2-3 pm) with special guest Justin Amash!

details here:

Tom McMillin on civil asset forfeiture:

He sponsored a bill to require a conviction before citizens' assets could be kept, and also introduced his own legislation to bring transparency in Michigan to "how often people's assets are taken without a conviction and how the funds are used, among other disclosures."


Tom hosted a public forum to discuss civil asset forfeiture in January, you can watch here:


Tom also tweets about the subject frequently on his twitter account.

Tom is definitely one of us.

Check out his some of the stuff he tweets and retweets from his twitter account to see for yourself. Very heavy on speaking out on the NSA, Common Core, war on drugs and other civil liberty issues. Not a lot about foreign policy as he is currently only a state rep but he does speak unfavorably of 'neocons' a few times and plugs Jeremy Scahill's book Dirty Wars. Some of the people and organizations he retweets includes Glenn Greenwald, Radley Balko, Ron Paul Institute, Tenth Amendment Center, ACLU, ZeroHedge, and even Daily Paul!


Primary ?

Does he have primary competition? Few miles out of district, but relatives could be convinced.

I'll take my Liberty, it's not yours to give.


It's down to a 2 man race in the primary: Tom McMillin vs. Mike Bishop. Everybody else has already dropped out. I don't know much about Bishop except that he was the Senate Majority Leader in Michigan and has already been endorsed by Mike Rogers. Here's a little comparison between the two from Tom's website:


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Thank you

for the nugget of info.

Tom McMillin on his bill to nullify NDAA

Infowars Nightly News 12/17/12


Now if we could get rid of

Now if we could get rid of Dave Camp too...

i can personally vouch for his consistency on liberty issues

We have worked with him on many issues and now we are working on part time legislature while he is running.

He still works even while he is running...sorta like R.P.

"No army can stop an idea whose time has come"

Rogers retiring!

This is the first I've heard of this great news.
Best wishes to Tom McMillian.

Dr. Mike Vasovski
South Carolina Campaign Chairman, Ron Paul 2012
The SINGLE vote in the SC delegation for RP, GOP Convention, Tampa, FL
2010 Candidate, US Congress SC-03
Past Chairman, Aiken, SC County Tea Party

How great would it be

to replace the biggest NSA-defending stooge in congress (and arch rival of Justin Amash) with someone who would probably be the NSA's biggest critic... even in a way that probably tops Amash. Check out some of the stuff on Tom's twitter feed to see for yourself, he is REALLY hardcore against what the NSA is doing.

This could turn out be a huge kick in the nuts to the neocons if Tom wins, they would be seriously regretting the day Mike Rogers ever announced his retirement.



He's pretty socially conservative

when it comes to stuff like abortion and gay issues... coming from a very religious background. He actually became very close friends with Justin Amash while they served together in the Michigan House of Representatives, where Justin's civil libertarian views had an influence on him. He is not a pure libertarian or anything, I'm sure there are more libertarian candidates running for office in various races around the country, but he looks pretty damn good... and has a real shot to win as someone who currently holds elective office in the Michigan state legislature and will have the strong backing of Justin Amash as he makes his run.

Here is an article that talks about how he got involved in politics and some of the things mentioned above:

Foreign Policy:

compares his views to Ron Paul

Here is an article

from a year ago detailing some of his views on the drug war, he sounds cautious in some of his statements... maybe doesn't want to come out too strongly... but at the end seems to make the case for marijuana legalization. Also mentions some of the bills he has introduced re: SWAT raids and medical marijuana, and says he is becoming more libertarian in his views.