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AUDIO: Hollywood Producer Claims Boston Bombing Was A "False Flag Attack"

AUDIO: Hollywood Producer Claims Boston Bombing Was A "False Flag Attack"

APRIL 25, 2014

Crisis actors, smoke bombs, fake blood and literal "smoke and mirrors" were all part of what was the false flag terrorist attack called the Boston Marathon Bombing. To anyone who saw the pictures and footage of fake blood, make- up artists and smiling “victims”. It was obvious that something was not right. For those involved in filmmaking and in the know the discrepancies were obvious. We spoke to famous Hollywood filmmaker, producer and director Nathan Folks about why he is certain the Boston Marathon Bombing was a false flag terrorist attack.


Audio: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_04_25/The-Boston-bombing-was-a...

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A false flag, yes, but tread these waters carefully.

The brothers' backgrounds, connections and involvement with intelligence networks make it clear they were patsies.

I do believe some (leaning more towards most) of the people interviewed for television were paid actors. I also think it is a possibility that live crisis actors were used to make the scene look more horrific.

That said, we should not discount real victims of the bombings. In effect, it is not smart to say it was a "total fakery," as at least some people were actually harmed. As I am relatively local to the area, I happen to know one in particular who had shrapnel lodged into her legs.

In my opinion, the main problem with saying it was a "Hoax"

There were victims, including women & children, who had both of their lower limbs before and during that day, right up until the bombing event happened, and then not surprisingly after had limbs missing/amputated.

How do the "Hoax" promoters/defenders account for that?

Simple, by not showing you any of that counterevidence that doesn't support a "Hoax," instead they lie by omission while [sometimes] making what appears to be convincing presentations that support the event being a "Hoax."

how did they enlist a person

who had legs blown off to fabricate his experience on national television .these idiot posts relegate the daily paul to the tabloid realm in terms of

They probably did it the usual way,

with lots of FRNs, you know, the green stuff. Or the mafia way, like, "Nice mother you got, it would be a shame if she got raped, beaten, and sliced an diced." Or maybe both, who knows?

For Those Of You That have Not Listened To This Producer's Story

Great interview from the 'Voice Of Russia'