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EXCLUSIVE: Shocking moment a Tennessee police officer choked an unresisting college student until he fell UNCONSCIOUS

EXCLUSIVE: Shocking moment a Tennessee police officer choked an unresisting college student until he fell UNCONSCIOUS
Deputies were called to a University of Tennessee student party that spilled out onto a residential street
Students threw beer bottles at officers and several people were arrested
A photographer on the scene took a series of photos of a deputy choking a student into unconsciousness
The student did not resist arrest, says the photographer
He was complying with officers when the officer began to choke him
Two other officers were behind the student, handcuffing him
Knox County Sheriff's Department has not issued a statement on the incident

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Sherriff Jimmy 'JJ' Jones

did the right thing by firing one and demoting five others. Even the 'I'm just following orders' officers have a duty to call the thugs on their bad behavior. Unconsciousness is dangerously close to death, and this should not by tolerated.

Social networks are a blessing and a important tool in the fight against authoritarianism, and lately it seems very effective. I'm afraid that soon they will attempt to gain full control over this as they do with every other aspect of your life.

ole' Jimmy should be questioned on his agency policies

regarding the application of choke holds (a submission hold)

Such methods are dangerous as even certain young people can have cardiovascular issues. (Young h.s. and college athletes have fallen dead while participating in sporting events.)

The fired cop is a thug and its good he was fired. But if I was the kids lawyer I'd also find out how that agency is also responsible. Then sue them.

What I see happening...

The students (young people) are starting to fight back. This will probably start to escalate as they tire of these kinds of abuses.

Straight up murderer

That cop is a cold blooded killer.
Where is his jumpsuit and max. sec. cell?

File criminal charges

for attempted murder and assault & battery. You squeeze someone around the neck and you can kill them

File civil charges and sue the city/county, the police department, the fat crewcut cop who did it, and the partners who just looked on. Make them pay big time.



All three of those

All three of those dimwits(the cops) should be in prison.