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Students threaten civil disobedience if school doesn't denounce Robert E. Lee

Black students at Virginia's Washington and Lee University have issued an ultimatum: Denounce Robert E. Lee, one of the school's two namesakes, or face civil disobedience, the National Review Online reported Monday.

Students also want the school to apologize for what they call Lee’s “racist and dishonorable conduct,” remove Confederate battle flags from the chapel and ban Confederate reenactors from the campus on Lee-Jackson Day, a state holiday. They also want the university’s undergraduate school to cancel all classes on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

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Ignorance is a sad thing,

Ignorance is a sad thing, liberty died in 1865, let us attempt to revive her again. Please Lord, give us victory.

They Sure Picked the Wrong School/Area

Right next door to W&L is Virginia Military Institute, which oozes Confederate history even more. They might have better luck convincing Catholics in Rome to denounce the Pope.

A person is free to peruse the internet and books on the matter,

but to my understanding Lee was against slavery. Like many other political issues, the turmoil surrounding the Civil War was not so black and white.

It's ashamed that historical revisionism still persists. It has been a tool of the State since at least as far back as the Egyptians. It's old hat.

If you're so offended by Robert E Lee,

why would you even apply to any university named after the man? But, maybe they went to public school, and never heard of General Lee until they got to college. LOL I'm so sick of STUPID!!!


This fake anger over racism/slavery is getting comical.