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Will Rand Paul endorse The Minister of Truth?

He's done worse while "playing the game." While it may piss off the Establishment, I believe there's a lot to gain politically. I believe it's a battle worth fighting.

Is Rand up to it?

(Forgive me if he has already done so and I missed it.)

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I'm not sure how you arrived at that conclusion based off of the link you provided.

Here is the interview:


"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

another way of posing the question...

Will Rand suck Satan's coc#?

(credit Bill Hicks)

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”
- President John F. Kennedy

No, but he will

endorse the Ministry of Truth, Oceania's propaganda ministry.

i think he will not

but even if he just said (publicly, like in an interview) that voters should be checking out candidates like Derrick Grayson, that would be great exposure...however, a full endorsement would be much better.

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy

He wouldn't even endorse his own dad

His chess game is just so amazing even those closest to him will not know what he is doing. He is a jedi, with skills far more amazing than any of us could ever have thought.


sorry I couldn't keep going with that b.s.

Politics will NOT win our republic back. I used to think that getting a PRESIDENT that is FOR THE PEOPLE would get our amazing republic back but to be honest, anytime we THINK that having a single person to give us back our rights is 100% STUPID!

We the people need to take our country back. History will repeat itself and anyone who has come close to being that peacock of hope was SHOT, point/fact. History will repeat itself and the fact is that WE THE PEOPLE will need to stand up and hang the traitors even in this day and age.

Patriots will be looked at as traitors, we will be demonized and assumed to be AGAINST the amazing United Stated of America.

Voting has NEVER brought about real change in history and now that I realize AFTER THE FACT with a true patriot ( ron paul ), I know that NOTHING will actually give us back our true liberty except by terrifying FORCE.

We will all grow in this life but I will say that my little kids will NOT GROW UP scared to death of cops, traitors in our government and pretending that THEIR VOTE will actually mean anything.

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The problem with

Rand's so-called 'game playing' is, that he says we need a change in Washington, but he continues to endorse candidates who are collectivists of the status quo. I'm beginning to question his 'game playing' or 'chess' some like to reference, being played against us, not the establishment. Ron Paul taught us the Fed/Banksters/Corporations run the MIC and dictate our 'empire building' foreign policy of intervention and murderous military actions against sovereign states. Rand, on the other hand, says the Fed needs to be 'ended', but then supports their foreign policy based on phony propaganda and CIA/NGO manufactured terrorism and uprisings, that have led to worse conditions for the people of these states, and more hatred against America around the world.
Here, is an example from a Ukrainian perspective, 'Letter to the American People on Ukraine' http://openrevolt.info/2014/03/08/alexander-dugin-letter-to-...

That letter needs a thread of its own!

If it doesn't already.

Most interesting.

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That's a very interesting

That's a very interesting letter, thanks for the link.

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

TMOT should of ran for State

TMOT should of ran for State House, State Senate at best run for U.S. House let alone for U.S. Senate. TMOT has zero name recognition in GA & has not been involved much in the GA GOP.



Yep, he has raised $3,186 as

Yep, he has raised $3,186 as of the December FEC report. Lots of our State House candidates have raised 10 times that.

Thats the problem money

Throw money and corn at the herd. They will follow you to slaughter.

Money talks and dogs bark

T.M.O.T. for president

Rand Paul is ok i guess . . .

They should endorse each

They should endorse each other.

Ron endorsed Paul Broun in

Can you guys just try to be

Can you guys just try to be realistic here? Rand is trying to be president. He may have to make a few "endorsements" that y'all don't agree with in order to build some bridges. How do you expect him to make it through the primaries if he's constantly attacking the ones running the show.

He is smart...learned from his father.

I have to strongly concur with your assertion

Rand is very smart, and growing up in the Paul household, how could you not be lol?

I love Ron Paul, he's my favorite politician literally ever, and other than family members, he's among my top 25 favorite people ever, alive or dead. But Rand is playing this very intelligently and perhaps more so than Ron could have, largely because Rand is willing to compromise, either honestly or stealthy-politically. And if I remember correctly, Ron has even admitted himself that Rand is smarter [than he is] at playing politics.

A couple months ago I watched a 1995 interview with Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, where he described meeting with many US Congressmen, both House & Senate members, and he said, in his opinion, that Senators are usually more intelligent than Congressmen. That relevant portion:


While that is certainly debatable and clearly not a strict rule, and perhaps not relatable to Ron & Rand anyway, in my opinion, I think that it could apply: Rand is very smart, he learned from one of the very best [Ron], he saw how Ron was constantly cheated, and he has his own ways of trying to accomplish things (i.e. compromise) that Ron wasn't able.

Something I find ironic about that 1995 Steve Jobs interview, Ron [Congressman] and Rand [Senator] both use Apple products.

I have seen several 2012 images of Ron using iPhones & iPads, and in his We Are the Future rally in Florida, he gave a shout of of sorts to Steve Jobs and Apple, his only We Are the Future rally tech company shout out.

@ 1:14:46

Some people can produce computers or be a 'Steve Jobs,' I couldn't possibly be a 'Steve Jobs.'



Rand, while watching Barackkk Obama's N.S.A. "reforms" speech earlier this year, using his iMac, iPad, and iPhone 5 (exact same iPhone I have)


My comment isn't meant to belittle Ron Paul in any way, as I said above, Ron Paul is my favorite politician literally ever and among my top 25 favorite people alive or dead. But in my opinion, Rand is trying to play this smarter than Ron did.

Let's Stand with Rand Paul 2016.

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Thanks, RonPaulWins for those

Thanks, RonPaulWins for those good links.

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

You're welcome.

In continuation of Ron Paul & Apple

Apple Siri was a Ron Paul supporter


Q: 'Siri, What Are Your Political Views?' A: Ron Paul

Regardless of your own political persuasion, apparently your iPhone is a libertarian.

Ron, 2007 or 2008, with the first iPhone


TMOT does not even support Rand, so I don't see the reverse happening... that would be pretty weird.


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I don't believe he will but I

I don't believe he will but I believe he should.

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

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Highly unlikely

Rand, as many have pointed out, is playing a game. "A game of chess, not checkers," it has duly been noted.

In chess, every move must have a purpose.

Making such a move - endorsing TMOT - would not serve a productive purpose in his current game of chess.

So, no.

But good question.

He's the man.

Not a chance. He only

Not a chance. He only endorses people like Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, you know the regular republican folks..

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Greg Brannon, Don Huffines,

Greg Brannon, Don Huffines, Jonathan Stickland... But lets ignore that, because endorsing good guys in primaries is not 'news' right?

Rand is building coalitions

Rand is building coalitions on the inside. He can't become POTUS if he doesn't get past the primaries.

Let's hope you are right..

Let's hope you are right..

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Which one is a politician?

Rand or TMOT I would vote for the non politician. Other wise it the same old same old. Another song and dance. Tell me lies tell me sweet little lies.

Money talks and dogs bark

That's the paradox, though...

That's the paradox, though... By voting for TMOT, you are participating in a system where the majority rules. In a system where the majority rules, a TMOT will never, ever win.

If you want to be pure in principal, don't vote, as that would be a compromise in principal (supporting the tyranny of the majority). By voting (against principal) you are playing the game. As so is Rand.