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Iowa Republican Convention News

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Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. If winning isn’t everything, why do they keep score?

At long last, Big Liberty’s stranglehold on the Republican Party of Iowa is coming to an end. Their members were emphatically swept out of office during district conventions on Saturday. Not one single Paulistinian was elected or reelected to the State Central Committee

It’s morning again in the Iowa Republican Party. Strong leadership, competence and hard working grassroots activists focused on winning elections are back in charge. Saturday was a very good day for Republicans. And a very bad day for Iowa Democrats

This came despite Big Liberty’s desperate attempts to cling to power by partnering with the BVP crowd. Much to their chagrin, many in the BVP crowd did not go along with this dubious partnership because they’re just as fed up with having an inept state party as the rest of us are …

And of course, there were the Big Liberty smears we’ve all become accustomed to

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Establishment, NOT Iowa, call shots in Iowa [Video PROOF]

Grassroots?! Wall Street has grass on it?!

Now let me ask, oh yee of common sense: does this letter written by Mr. Korner sound like someone trying to unify the GOP for a win in 2016?

Seems some in Iowa are dressing up Stockholm Syndrome as empowerment:

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Ron Paul Supporters Ousted in Iowa:

and here:

The Neocons take over Iowa GOP - latest news:

NYT: Why Ron Paul Supporters Were Removed from


The ouster of Ron Paul’s backers from Iowa’s Republican Party leadership this weekend might help the state party raise money.

Mr. Paul, the champion of libertarianism and former Texas congressman, is the father of Senator Rand Paul, Republican of Kentucky, a possible presidential candidate. In describing Saturday’s move, Jennifer Jacobs of The Des Moines Register said the party was trying to build a broader base, with less focus on “pet liberty-movement issues,” adding, “Big donors who closed their checkbooks may start giving money to the state party again.”

Here’s how bad the situation has been for the Iowa G.O.P.: The $129,843 raised in the first three months of 2014 is the lowest amount in a year without a presidential election since at least 2002. Last year, the party raised less than half of what it did in 2005.


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Well when we took over they didn't give up

nor should we, an off election year convention that was rushed . Next year they will be forced to have new elections if we show up to retake the convention. Its that simple, show up or lose. Our people had more to do that period of time then their old folks that showed up.

We have the numbers but we must have the will and organization.

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Thanks for the post.

Mass delusion in the comments...

They don't realize that they'll never win a National election again being the same idiots they've always been...never. The Liberty faction is forever out of Neo-Conville and there ain't no putting it back. They seem all happy that they "ousted" the Liberty faction as if now they can get back to business as usual...winning elections...except for the fact that winning in the past INCLUDED THE LIBERTY FACTION"S VOTES. Lessons of Romney are lost on the idiots. Oh well, I'm going to Chile and git out dis muvafuka.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?


You have hit the nail on it's head ... except the Chile part : you cannot escape this tyranny on this blue marble.

time to bring the fight for liberty to the enemy's front door