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U.S. Foreign Policy Should Focus on Protecting Americans, Not Reassuring Friends and Allies


The president is heading to Asia tomorrow, explained Voice of America, “in a bid to reassure allies in the region.” According to the Washington Post, “he and his top aides will be less focused on any big policy announcements than on reassuring jittery allies.” The Gulf News was positive, titling its analysis: “Obama’s Asia Tour Will Reassure Allies.”

Obviously the conventional wisdom continues to dominate American foreign and defense policy. Washington’s obligation always is to give. The U.S. not only is supposed to guarantee the security of assorted friends and allies. It also must constantly reassure them. Americans must not only be prepared to die for anyone and everyone who wants protection, but Americans must always and in every way demonstrate that willingness. Apparently U.S. officials should not sleep easy unless the people and leaders of other (at least friendly) nations also sleep easy.

It’s a strange, even bizarre policy.


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Maybe this should be a function separate from the current

'government'...since it is more interested in protecting its power base than in the qualities of good government enumerated in the Declaration of Independence.

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