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Tonight killed me and then brought me back to life

I'm a little discouraged and excited at the same time. I need some strength right now after those debates.

I wish Ron would have been more aggressive tonight when he was obviously being cut off and ignored. He's a gentleman and didn't want to interrupt but you could totally see that he was pissed off about it. The things he said are spot on and he did very well WHEN he actually got a chance to talk.

There are people telling me everyday he can't and won't win. Why bother voting and wasting your time? There are some people that after tonight might have even quit the Ron Paul movement.

I think people are mad because it doesn't appear we are spending any money at all. We are seeing everyone else's ads all over the place though. The Ron Paul Blimp had to dock because we couldn't raise enough money but honestly most of us are pretty tapped out or saving for this Friday.

As much as it is weighing on me I have to trust the man. He's the smartest candidate out there for sure. He must have a plan. I think he's waiting for the right time to attack while the other candidates run out of money... once they run out he will be sitting on about 40 Million and can really attack and be fresh on people's minds.

He is also releasing a book about this Revolution movement in April that will debut at #1 on the best seller's list. I know it will.

Please all Ron Paul Supporters stay strong and hang in there... I know there is a reason for all this and we will prevail.

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Watch Post Debate Interview

look at the countenance on his face - he is upbeat - smiling...
he knows - he knows...

and Feb. 1st Happy Anniversary Pauls - give, give, give -
let's give RP something extra to add into his new book!
(like what went down at ronpaul2008.com 2/1/08)

Just the fact that he was sitting there

Should make people wake up and say "Who is that masked man?!"
Now that the other pawns are out of the way people can see who is really in the game.
MAYBE, just maybe there will be a sizable amount of intelligent people who don't just vote for who they are told to vote for, or who they think is handsome (puke). Either way, people have to be intrigued just a little bit now because Guilliani is gone, and we still have these 4....FOUR!

**That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them


I totally agree! Truth always wins!!! People can see through the Hollywood politicians! Don't give up or your freedom is gone!!

hang in there

Ron Paul did great tonight. He sat back and let the other ones look like idiots. Ron Paul is awesome!!!
Ron Paul for the long haul!!!
I hope he is having fun like I am watching him to get our message out. In fact right now I am going to donate!!!!!