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Ben Swann Exclusive: Did Rand Paul Endorse Establishment Republican To Block “Liberty Democrat”?

Exclusive: Did Rand Paul Endorse Establishment Republican To Block “Liberty Democrat”?

In fact, if he were truly looking to endorse a candidate who aligns with his stated beliefs on indefinite detention of U.S. citizens, drone strikes, NSA spying, whistleblower protection, and no more bailouts, Sen. Paul arguably should have endorsed the Democratic candidate.

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Rand Paul is considering a

Rand Paul is considering a run for the White House. If he makes a run he wants to have a chance at winning, that means he needs to align himself with one of the major parties. Anyone who expects him to turn down a endorsement request from an incumbent Senator of that party is living in political never never land.

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By Rand's own criteria, he would not have endorsed himself!

Trey Grayson was the establishment candidate for the Kentucky U.S. Senate seat. Grayson had the endorsement of the GOP and Mitch McConnell. By Rand's own criteria, he would not have endorsed himself! Rand wanted Kentucky voters to go against the status quo, and they responded with a resounding yes. Now Rand seems to be saying the exact opposite that retaining the status quo is correct. Confusing, isn't it?

Rand said

he would not be campaigning against incumbent Republicans.

Oh I can see the NeoCons now if Rand were to endorse a Democrat....seriously that is never going to happen.

Now maybe in a very long shot he might endorse an independent in a house race that had better credentials than the GOP or Dem candidate, but even doubt he would do that. This is all about 2016 and minimalizing the ability of the establishment to brand him a wacko bird, and Rand is showing that he can work within the party. This is important when you go into battle state by state, the pressure is gone on state party chairman to keep Paul out, which is what they did to Ron. Many many state party leaders want to back Rand and this allows them to do this. They don't want Bush or Christie, but they can't back Rand if he Is labeled a wacko bird nut by others in the party - Rand has crushed their ability to do that. It sucks, but it's how the west is going to be won. The end result will be Rand winning.

Go along to get along. Just

Go along to get along. Just like 2012.

pretty obvious rand paul is

pretty obvious rand paul is full of crap here and the fluffers keep fluffing, Speaking to the Portland Herald Press minutes before taking the stage, Paul said,
“I whole-heartedly endorse Senator Collins for re-election. I think she is doing a great job for Maine and for the country.” He went on to say that he was unaware of her stance on the NSA saying, “I don’t really know, exactly, what her position is on the NSA; you’d have to ask her about that.”

^^^^^^ if you buy this BS? I have a bridge and dc to sell you for $1.

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Ron Paul 2016

Liberty Oriented Dems over

Liberty Oriented Dems over establishment bs republicans anyday. waits for the blind rand fluffers to attack.

Ron Paul 2016

I'll bite:

Rand knows that he can not elect a person to office. That is up to the mass voters. He would also hope that you would understand this, see between the lines, and do what your conscience tells you to do without his or anybody else's rhetoric.

Rand is in the lions den. He must do what has to do in order to accomplish what you and I are in this for. If/when, maybe never, Rand were ever to win the WH, he would certainly "set the tone" for this lost country.

Btw: I am not attacking, nor am I blind ;-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Well put

The second joke here is that if (and I hope he does) Rand wins the white house then no matter what he does the Republican party will HAVE to endorse him or risk losing tons of face. Further, in the white house Rand can then endorse who he chooses during midterm elections and for the 2020 elections. Let him play politics; the rules are made up and the points don't matter but hey, at least this isn't improv.

Liberty democrat? lol

I dont even bother reading this trash. Ron Paul endorsed a few rhinos. So what? Look at his votes in congress. I think its funny all the hate when rand is the best thing we have going in the 2016 election.

I will support a liberty

I will support a liberty democrat over a gop establishment anyday. plenty of liberty dems out there to. Republicans do not have a patent on liberty or even comeclose in general liberty republicans? can be laughed at as well as liberty democrats.

there is no hate on rand. I do not trust him and I am no longer a republican.
might consider voting rand but he is not my first option. my first option will be anyone but a republican. I will look outside the gop before i look inside it from now on. rand will have to reverse pander kinda like a romney.

predicts we will see a liberty dem running very soon in the democratic party.

rand has a lot of (romenying )reverse pandering to do before i trust him.

Ron Paul 2016

For the record, doesn't

For the record, doesn't foreign aid actually hurt the people?


and yes.

If you're over the age of 21, can I offer you a blunt, Sir?

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

Me/Myself/I 2016

Me/Myself/I 2016

My family, my friends, and I.

My family, my friends, and I.


Snowden/Swann 2016

For all you rand bots

At what point does political football become NEOCON? At what point does blatant support for the ROTHSCHILD ZIONIST IzUnreal become NWO?

If it smells and looks like a skunk, guess what!


I rated your comment upward

I rated your comment upward because Rand's true colors show clearer by the day. Would I still likely vote for Rand for POTUS? Yes, but both Ron and Rand's support for questionable characters in the Republican party is problematic.

I'm glad you said both

I'm glad you said both because it would be hypocritical to say otherwise.

"Rand bot". You're no better

"Rand bot". You're no better than the assholes who called us Paultards.

"At what point does political football become NEOCON?"

When the record shows it.

Until then, call me a Rand bot, if you so wish:

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

"At what point does political football become NEOCON?"

The point at which a politician supports other neocons.

They can't see that Rand is

They can't see that Rand is building bridges here. If he endorses these people than they will endorse him when he runs for POTUS. He's building himself his very own collation.

oh sure

the GOP has proven itself to be honest and brimming with integrity and character. you won't be double crossed there.

sorry, but the big lie: the ayes have it echos through the years in the ugly voice of the GOP.

Oh I see, your problem isn't

Oh I see, your problem isn't with Rand but the GOP. That's fine, you can keep with the L party and your 1% vote while the rest of us work within the big tent to change it.

gee thanks

for telling me what i can do. are you changing the GOP or is the GOP changing you?

FYI my problem is with the whole system.

did you read where GOP insiders say they would prefer jeb bush or hilary clinton over rand? there's a thread here somewhere you might want to check out about that.

or how about this doozy

"are you changing the GOP or is the GOP changing you?"

Exactly. The Randguard are becoming vicious these days. Must be the GOP influence.

You can't be the Republican nom for Prez if you back Dems

It's really that simple.

Rand has been on a campaign to expand the party as he says. IF he can say "There is room in this party for Chris Cristy" and including all republicans as well as trying to reach out to other disenfranchised groups to grow the party, then how would it look if he slapped this repub in the face by backing a democrat. Please! Find your common sense.

He is asking to be the Republican Nom for President
He is asking that because running as anything else would be suicidal( even Ron Paul knew this)
It's already going to be a long shot to get the Nomination
He's never going to get it endorsing Democrats ....period

It's not about compromising or being politically measured and savvy

It simply about making sure he has a chance to even get the nom of the Republican Party. The establishment is already scared of him and are looking for ANYTHING to hang him on.

Seems like some people at Daily Paul are also only looking for anything to hang him on. If he makes will be a miracle. Hell if any liberty candidate makes it, it will be a miracle. We shoot our own every time.

Ron couldn't bring the brain washed masses his way

He woke some people up and he did great to bring people together. But to bring everyone to liberty by the next election may be an impossibility. Unfortunately, we need all the people who watch and believe fox, Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh as well as some from the bill of rights minded democrats.

Only then can he get the nom. It's math. And without the neocons and the brainwashed masses that listen to them, we don't have a chance.

Ron Paul himself is a Rand Supporter. Why do you think that is? Nepotism? I highly doubt Ron Paul would stoop to that. He believes in his son for a reason.

it's a long term goal

& what father would not support his own son? besides he is a fallible human being.

i also think if Ron wasn't cheated and sabotaged every step of the way by the establishment and the MSM it would have been a very different outcome.

the game is rigged. the intellectual revolution must be won, and again a long term goal since we're dealing with an idiocracy. but things do change: war with syria was shot down by the people, and despite the MSM's efforts support for snowden continues. ron paul has his own channel and his message continues to spread worldwide.