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Jewish Rapper Explains Apartheid for Kerry

Jewish rapper explains what apartheid is for Kerry. Great video.



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bump this classic...

....for obvious reasons....

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How is it an "Apartheid State" if it is 2 different States?

That doesn't make any sense.

For those claiming Israel is somehow apartheid, are you saying Israel and "Palestine" are indeed one state, one country, one nation? If not, it can't be an "apartheid state". No... it can't... by definition.

So the Palestinian Authority wants a separate state of their own, but wants to be part of Israel too? Which is it?

Or do they just want Israel to allow foreigners who openly hate them to come across their border with impunity, so they can murder Israeli citizens?

It is a border fence, not an "apartheid state".

There should be a One State solution. The whole "terrorism" thing would be moot. It is called MURDER. If you murder your fellow citizens, you get the death penalty or life in prison.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Did the S. African apartheid regime...

routinely drop bombs on captive civilian black populations? Did they spray them with white phospherous? Did they bulldoze their houses while they were still in them? Did they poison their wells and water supply? Did their snipers routinely pick off little black children for fun and sport? Did they uproot their olive trees or other agricultural means of survival? Did they put the entire black population "on a diet" by refusing them food or medicine? Did they rampage through their zoos and kill all the animals? Did they kidnap black civilians and return their corpses to the family, all sewn up with their bodily organs removed?
Globally, did the S. African apartheid regime seek to rule the world? Did they control the dollar and the world's central banks? Did they control U.S. foreign policy and foment war, chaos and destruction on a global scale?
This "Jewish rapper" is right about one thing. There is no comparing Israel with South Africa. One was a self-contained racist colony which threatened no one outside their borders, which couldn't withstand international scrutiny and ultimately collapsed. The other is a racist colony with no boundaries, which acts with impunity and controls events and economies on a global scale, and has brought mankind to a perfect storm of economic collapse, world war, and natural disaster, from which there is little hope of escaping.

eight people did not watch the video


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Instant classic

...he doesn't get to explaining exactly how Israel is NOT apartheid until about halfway through the song...

So make sure you watch the whole video so you make an accurate critique...

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good tune ... truth

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Ari Lesser - keepin' it real... Is-real, that is...

-Haters gone be hatin'

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I downvoted your post

I down voted your post because I fundamentally disagree with the notion that Israel is not an apartheid state. For over 800 years the Palestinians called this land home. It is true they never had their own state as the Ottoman's ruled over them, but none the less they still were there. Israelis like to claim that the Palestinians are an "invented people," but this is not true, and is in fact consistent with rhetoric throughout history about the Jewish people.

The Palestinians live in camps where they face unimaginable suffering. They are trapped behind a wall, that make no mistake about it, is an apartheid wall that reaches up to 25 feet tall, spans over 150 miles (longer than the Berlin Wall) is electrified and topped with razor wire, guarded by military personnel known for their brutality, including the murder of Palestinian children. A couple of good books that discuss the camps are John Pilger's "Freedom Next Time" and Chris Hedges "War is a Force that Gives us Meaning." I would hope that you would take some time to read these and reconsider your position on the conflict.

Life in Israel also includes roads for "Settlers (Jews) only" which are modern and paved, and then roads for the Palestinians which are still dirt. Palestinians are also utilized as a cheap labor commodity for Israeli business interests, and they are often paid minuscule amounts for intense labor.

I will conclude by noting that the Palestinians are not perfect. They have utilized terrorist attacks against innocents in Israel. But this is a two-sided coin. If you were forced to live under these conditions would you not at least understand why somebody might lash out? It's not to make excuses, or to say that these people are right in their actions, it is simply acknowledging that blow-back is the result of aggressive foreign policy. I believe Dr. Paul would agree with me.

I hope you at least examine the conflict once again with an open mind, you don't have to end up agreeing with me, but hopefully you at least can understand that both sides' people suffer from this war, and that a severe inequity exists between these two peoples.

Hear, Hear!


For those 800 years...

...there was no single group of people who referred to themselves as "Palestinians". Since Rome conquered Israel in 63 BC the Holy Land was always under foreign occupation. There were always Jews living there as well. And it was always Israel to them. It was the Romans who conquered Israel who re-named it 'Palestine' after the ancient biblical enemies of the Jews, the Philistines, as an insult to Jews who resisted Roman Imperialism. Jesus of Nazareth was one of those Jews. There is no 'p' sound in Arabic, but there is a 'ph'. "Palestine", is "Philistine". That's where it came from. And until Israel became a sovereign nation again in 1948, as the bible said would happen, the region had always been under foreign occupation. There was NEVER a sovereign nation of Palestine. That is the ancient land of Israel, the Bible is much older than the Koran. The Koran never mentions Israel, or Jerusalem one time. Both are mentioned hundreds of times throughout the Old and New Testaments. It is the ancient homeland and promised land of the Jewish people.

If you care about the plight of the people in Gaza and the west bank, then understand the Jewish people have been going through that situation of occupation of the homeland, and forced into being refugees for 2000 years... Including an attempted holocaust of our entire people/religion... On top of slavery in Egypt and wandering through the desert, and fighting pagan tribes for 1000 years... All for having the AUDACITY to introduce the knowledge of the One True G-d to the world as His chosen people to spread that knowledge!

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I see a bunch of biased individuals...

...have down-voted but I don't see a response to the facts that I have posted.

You may not LIKE the information provided, because you may be so invested in your hatred and blaming of Israel and all Jewish individuals that you will not allow yourself to think objectively on this subject.

The Nazi run U.S. government, infiltrated by project paper clip Nazis, and all the Nazi policies they are implementing, are now pushing the SAME PROPAGANDA under Obama that they did in Nazi Germany in the 30s under Hitler & Goebbels... Same exact "blame the Jews" propaganda/distraction... And so-called "liberty" people are buying into, because some of you are intellectually lazy, and socially ignorant and prejudice.

Oh, there are a bunch of bad Jews out there... So what, there are a ton of bad people who claim to be Christian, Muslim, and atheist... There are FreeMasons, and other Secret Societies...

Nobody is blaming it all on "The Christians", or "The atheists", so why do some of you collective "The Jews".

Way to go government Nazis, you've created a Nazi-Zombie army of brainwashed followers... More Nazi sympathizers a REAL Liberty-Lover like myself is going to have to deal with after SHTF I guess...

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

I would add that its all about Private Property Rights

The question often comes up, "who rightfully owns the land?". From a libertarian point of view, its all about private property rights. Here is a great piece of work that tries to answer that question.

The Alienation of a Homeland:
How Palestine Became Israel*

by Stephen P. Halbrook
George Mason University / Virginia State Bar

The crux of the Arab-Israeli conflict is the Palestinian question, and the crux of the Palestinian question is: who justly owns the land of Israel or Palestine?


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