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Bernie Sanders Inadvertently Makes the Case for Ending the Fed

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A friend of Audit the Fed

No reason for pessimism.

In 2011, we learned that 16 trillion in secret financial assistance was made by Fed Board members to their own companies to keep the system afloat. Sen. Sanders knows this.

We learned what they were doing in secret during the Great Financial Crisis of 08. Then there was OWS.

We are learning what they have been doing in secret since then. I hope people take positive action.

I used to think Bernie had a

I used to think Bernie had a few good points left in him but every now and then he kowtows the establishment Democrat line. I think he still is pledged to support audit the fed.

Southern Agrarian

Sure it was inadvertent?

Bernie Sanders was Ron Paul's close ally and friend in D.C.

I used to like old Bernie...

But then I looked at his voting record/on the issues. I almost threw up.


The worst part is, that was the best Ron had to work with

That was his ideological neighbor. Sanders, Kucinich, et al. Closest on foreign policy, personal freedoms, audits and government transparency. Should also add distrust of the banking system in principle.

I am not usually a voter

That one earned you a point.