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Bad Weather For The South

Local news is calling for chances of major tornados in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, western North Carolina, upstate South Carolina.

Parts of Asheville NC already have major flooding, and its headed to Burke County NC (where my daughter and grandkids live).

Its time we start praying no more die because of these storms that have already killed many people.

If your in those areas and have a basement, please invite those over who don't. If you live in a mobile home, please be safe and go somewhere else.

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Live in West Central Alabama.

It's dark and storms are moving in from Mississippi. The internet went out at 10:20 pm last night, along with cable, cellphone service, landlines and weren't repaired until noon today. The storm that swept through the area last night was incredible. Tornado sirens blaring, wind, torrential rain and lightening like I've never seen before.

Say a prayer for those of us in the South. It seems these storms are producing tornadoes a mile wide and are in the EF2-EF4 range. Tupelo and Louisville, Mississippi were hit hard last night as was Bessemer, Alabama. These storms are monsters.

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Good luck everyone

My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Waiting and watching here...

could get over 5 inches of rain by the time this is over...

Basements...grew up in NY State...had to have one here (even tough they are not common). We will hang out there if need be.

Praying it's only rain.

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What is a basement? -Houston

What is a basement?

Southern Agrarian

I've seen them in movies

Usually they are poorly lit places that scantilly clad teens with candles go to get horrifically murdered after hearing a strange sound. I wonder what their original purpose really was.

I love my basement.

I make wine down there. I also use it for my Mogambo junior ranger bunker. For all the BS in the USA.

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