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Toyota is Moving its US HQ from California to Texas

TORRANCE, California (AP) — Toyota delivered a surprise pink slip to California on Monday, announcing the company would move its U.S. headquarters and about 3,000 jobs from the Los Angeles suburbs to the outskirts of Dallas.

The world's largest automaker will keep a foothold in the Golden State — about 2,300 jobs will remain in California after the company settles into its new corporate campus in Plano, Texas. But the announcement is an economic and symbolic slap for California, a historic center of American car culture that has been trying to shake its reputation as a frustrating place to run a business, whether that involves shooting a film or selling a Prius.

"When you look at the whole package, it's difficult to be a business here," lamented Torrance Mayor Frank Scotto, whose community on the edge of the Pacific will suffer as the jobs migrate to Texas.

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I live in Cali

And this doesn't surprise me, hundreds of companies leave California every month, and Jerry Brown and his goons blatantly lie to the media about it and they just repeat it with no investigation for the truth.

Toyota leaving is another sad chapter in California's demise.

Follow the money. Any business, whether they are privately held or have shareholders, that leaves can expect a 25% to 35% increase in their profit from reduced wages, taxes, and property costs in their new location. Toyota did not even try to wrestle a deal from the city or the state because it was pointless.

First the liberals left because the state was too conservative (Reagan) then the pendulum sweep the other way and now the conservatives leave because the state is too liberal.

As a native, with family here going back to the late 40's, this makes me very, very sad.

I completely agree

My great grandfather started an oil company in Maywood (Originally Evans Tankline, then Evans Dedicated) and recently had to sale the company and most of the property cause the cost of just owning the land, then the environmental regulations and fees then and soon to come were just too much. My family has been here in Cali since the 1890's, and now most of them have moved to Washington, South Carolina and Arizona.

it is about time

I wonder how long it will take other california businesses to realize the state is a sinking ship.

I'm Glad

I don't want libertarians to leave, because I need the support, but if employers want to leave, they can produce change. But they need to stop lobbying for special tax breaks, and stick together to demand the same breaks for everyone.

Employers in California are afraid to use their political clout -- it is the wild west, after all, where anyone may be armed (with a gun or a lawyer). In the West, one does not pry into the beliefs of others--or even ask their name!

But they need to educate, at least their own employees, and possibly their clients, customers, or suppliers. California has been grinding to a halt for a long time under the weight of government. Businesses need to put their foot down -- or vote with their feet.

And, the sooner those who work stop having to pay money to those who don't, the better.

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does Kalifornia have that

does Kalifornia have that exit tax going yet?

I assume so, why else would

I assume so, why else would emalvini still be there?



OOOO.... Moving to Tejas we

Not sure when this was taken,

but there is a good chance that toy Yoda would be worth more now than the Toyota she wanted. Of course she probably trashed it or something. Judging by the hair this is well after his debut though.

I wonder what kind of heavily-subsidized gee-whiz-mobile

will be recruited as a replacement.


You can't tax business to death

And not expect there to be consequences.

Good for Toyota

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