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NBA Goes Full Excommunication on Sterling! Youtube


Banned for life!
Maximum Fine!
Push To Force Sale of Clippers!
For a private phone call!

NBA Suspends Clippers’ Owner Donald Sterling For Life, Imposes $2.5 Million Fine

Tenderoni's can be expensive.

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Donald Sterling reminds me of the ignorance that remains in our

world. The NBA and Silver remind me of the greedy swine that are pervasive in this same world and have agendas to destroy people's lives to profit. They are all people in need of some serious introspection, although they are so self righteous in their crusade they will never realize they are just as despicable as Donald Sterling.


Jesse Jackson Shows Up on

Jesse Jackson Shows Up on Court Before Clippers Game...

Do you mean...

…Jessie "Hymietown" Jackson?

What irony - Jackson protesting someone else's private statements.



Jesse is always where the action is

Even when he isn't


allegory - ˈalɪg(ə)ri/ - noun - 1. a story, poem, or picture which can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.

Man this is Overblown

The dude was jealous / shamed, if inappropriately so.

I'm an old fart and not a rich one. But If I had a hot young gf and she was boffing someone on the side I don't care if they are black, white, red, yellow or green, I'd be insecure, too and wouldn't want it flaunted in front of THE WORLD on national TV / at an NBA game. What's she trying to do, preserve the illusion that she's just a sweet single girl who is not really involved with a married NBA bigwig? Who can't see thru that?

Heck, the guy even told her it was OK to doink black dudes in private. He just didn't want it to be flaunted publicly / to be cuckolded in a BIG way. Talk about the pot calling the kettle....er, black! He's skeezing around on his wife and he's making like he's the one who's hurt by his gf's infidelity? Laughable! Then he goes and makes it a racial thing. Like "White guys ok that's fine, I can compete with that, I got the do-re-mi, but everyone knows why you're hanging with black dudes, uh-huh."

This whole thing is wrong in so many ways, but him slipping a racial remark into his jealous tirade isn't the worst of them, IMHO.

Just have to say...

…I love this comment. It's not only humorous, it's spot-on.

Who is the hater?

If racism was vegetables it would be forbidden to say you don't like a particular one. Because if you say you don't like broccoli, it must mean you intend to go and burn down all broccoli farms in the entire world.

By saying you don't like broccoli you must pay farmers a hate tax and face prison for having them worried for what you could potentially do. All because once upon a time in history there was one guy who hated it so much that he did set fire to a broccoli farm.

If you don't like all vegetables, you are a hater and we all must hate haters because they are the worst! thus we MUST destroy them completely for hating aka having a different opinion than what we all MUST share.

Sterling may not have liked hanging out with "black people" but is that a crime? even if I think his personal opinion is a bit flawed because you should judge each person individually, still he employs them and gives them money quite the opposite of hunting down and forcing them to work. They sign on a contract, if they didn't want to be employed by him or as they call it "his slave" THEY DIDN'T HAVE TO!

I am not concerned about Sterling's ignorance.

More important is the precedent being set that someone can wear a wire and turn someone else (me) in with no consequences. Especially considering that the words 'bossy' and the term 'fiesta' has now become taboo. What's next? At what point do we all become criminals and anyone can turn us in? That's the point of the Free Speech.

John F

I share your concern in that

I share your concern in that a private conversation was blasted out to the public. In this age of twitter and social media, where privacy is eroded and news spreads like wildfire, this is the end result.

However, the government is not coming after Sterling. No one is trying to put him in jail. He is being "turned in" to social justice, not legal justice. He is not a criminal under the eyes of the law.

As a business, the NBA is incredibly wise to distance themselves from him. I hate bigotry and can't stand any of it...

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Of course you're right.

I know Sterling hasn't committed a crime. Actually, his girlfriend could be prosecuted. And she should be.

But I disagree that the NBA is being wise about this. Yes, I hate bigotry too, but in a free society you don't need heavy-handed, authoritarian measures to punish from above. I guess I'm being a bit idealistic to say that I wish Sterling could be free to make his mistakes and suffer the natural consequences. In an ideal world, a guy like this isolates himself from the best in society. I just think this is way overblown, and a huge distraction. Again, his views disgust me. But as far as I know, he is not a violent person. I think he should be left alone with himself.

John F

I am with the NBA on this

I am with the NBA on this one. If I was a head of any organization and anything like this leaked out. I would fire that person immediately no questions asked. Racism is going to die and the NBA is expressing its property rights. What libertarian could say a private organization could not kick a racist out of their club... I definitely would.

Freedom cannot be legislated. Tolerance cannot be legisislated.

The only way things change is through self enlightenment. Either Donald Sterling figures it out or he doesn't, but you cannot force someone to evolve their thinking. And true freedom allows someone to believe whatever they feel. Racism does not disappear just because government or some entity declares it so. It only goes away when it goes away in each and every mind and heart individually.


No Questions Ask...

Ya, that's what I would expect. Who needs to ask questions ??? Who needs to be fair, or ask the question what is fair for an old white man.

Consider this.

Have you ever taken the time to examine the facts of the matter completely. What if I told you the NBA is the pot calling the kettle black? Do you know why the owners are not minorities? Do you think it is because they pay the employees so well proportionally to what they make on them?

There is a third side here, the side of the living men whom created the corporations to serve them for their betterment only. The NBA is a corporation not a private club. They do their business in the public and keep their profits private.

We are looking at war fought with deception and diversion. People change their minds daily and private conversations of living men should be sacred. This story has everything to do with the wire tapping laws and nothing to do with racism or sports.

The cheese stands alone. The proof is in the pudding.

Its cultural also...

It has something to do with cultural expectations also. But I agree, it is primarily a free communication and association issue.

"...private conversations of

"...private conversations of living men should be sacred."

I don't know a lot about this

I don't know a lot about this situation. How was the recording sourced? I mean if someone illegally recorded and released the recording, they should be prosecuted, but at the end of the day the NBA still does have the right to kick him out over something that is now public.



The cheese stands alone. The proof is in the pudding.

That's Why We Need The NSA

Sterling was outed by a bimbo. What about other closet racists stealthily spewing their vile ideas behind their bedroom doors? Only the NSA has the technology that could possibly catch these bigots during private moments. Though bimbos are ubiquitous in our society we should not rely on them alone to entrap those whose belief systems are not socially acceptable. These cowards refuse to publicly expose themselves and thereby provide us the opportunity to demonstrate our outrage on them. Racism is a threat to national security and a form of domestic terrorism. Wake up America! Call your representatives and encourage them to expand our domestic spying capabilities! Civilized society demands we wage war on bigotry. THAT'S IT! The WAR on Bigotry!!!



The cheese stands alone. The proof is in the pudding.

Here's the link to Sterling's racist rant


His remark about blacks in Israel being treated like dogs, that was shocking.

Funny, he was born and raised in the States, yet according to him his racism is Israel's fault, 'the culture' as he says.

He is apparently racist toward Koreans and Hispanics as well. Not sure about his thoughts toward goy in general, but it's probably not good.

Whatever he does now, he will die a bitter old man full of hate.

NBA ownership statistics

According to Richard Lapchick, director of the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport at the University of Central Florida: "In 2013, 76.3 percent of NBA players were African-American. The fraction of African-Americans shrinks as we move up the management chain; 43.3 percent of NBA coaches were black compared with just 2 percent of the league’s majority owners (of the NBA’s 49 majority owners, Michael Jordan of the Charlotte Bobcats was the only person of color."


arbitrary and capricious

See 'Donald Sterling'

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I'm sure plenty of people

I'm sure plenty of people won't like this opinion but...
The NBA is a business. That's is it's main function. If I owned a business, say a bakery, with several other people and one of them was caught on tape making bigoted comments and it was publicized to the point that the bakery would now lose substantial profit due to public backlash, would the rest of us owners be in the wrong for enacting a clause in our founding documents to force that one owner to sell out in order to salvage our business? I don't think so. We would also not be denying him any sort of 1st amendment right. Just my opinion but this is just a business decision.

Yes, just as it would be the owners' right to...

…force the sale of another owner caught picking his nose. They have that 'business' right.

I just happen to think that Sterling's actions - cranky, taken-out-of-context, perhaps ignorant SPEECH, uttered PRIVATELY by an 80-year old, and no worse than what a Charles Barkley (who I love) says NIGHTLY - are tantamount to public nose-picking.

And that the public backlash and forced sale/ban are a ridiculous overreaction in either case.

If someone was stupid enough

If someone was stupid enough to sign a contract that allowed a forced sale of their share of a business for picking their nose, you probably wouldn't want them as a business partner anyway. I guarantee Sterling's contract was way more specific than to allow for a "nose-picking" clause. Apparently, those in power at the NBA, who all owners contractually acknowledge, completely disagree that this was "tantamount to public nose-picking". Also Charles Barkley was an employee, not an owner. There are always different standards and contracts for owners and employees.

You're wrong

Sterling's "contract" is the same "contract" under which all NBA owners operate, and there's absolutely *no* specificity in it regarding grounds for owners voting another to a forced sale, or even for the Commissioner to impose a suspension/fine.

It's as vague as "in the best interests of the NBA", or "conduct detrimental", or some such. They can deem ANYTHING in that category if they wish. It's all about PR, and whims.

My comment about Barkley was simply to point out that Barkley (a nightly FACE of the NBA) has said/done much more offensive things than what Sterling "did". The outrage is therefore ridiculous and hypocritical.

And if the NBA "members" thought nose-picking, or wearing white after Labor Day, or ANYTHING was an act that they thought was "detrimental" to their brand, they'd absolutely be free to force the sale of the culprit.

And they'd be just as shortsighted, cowardly and *intolerant* to do so.

I think you'll be proven

I think you'll be proven wrong. If sterling has a leg to stand on, he'll sue and win. I'm not holding my breath.

"Wrong" about what?

I never stated that Sterling has a "leg to stand on."

In fact, I stated the contrary: that the NBA bylaws give the owners the power to discard an owner for any or no reason they choose.