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New: Rand Paul Introduces Stand with Israel Act of 2014


Bill ends foreign aid to Palestinian government

Apr 29, 2014
Sen. Rand Paul today introduced the Stand with Israel Act of 2014. This legislation halts all U.S. aid to the Palestinian government until they agree to a ceasefire and recognize the right of Israel to exist. The bill, S. 2265, can be found HERE and below:

"Today, I introduced legislation to make all future aid to the Palestinian government conditional upon the new unity government putting itself on the record recognizing the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish state and agreeing to a lasting peace."

"Prohibition on Foreign Assistance.

(a) In General. Except as provided under subsection (b) and notwithstanding any other provision of law, no amounts may be obligated or expended to provide any direct United States assistance, loan guarantee, or debt relief to the Palestinian Authority, or any affiliated governing entity or leadership organization.

(b) Exception. The prohibition under subsection (a) shall have no effect for a fiscal year if the President certifies to Congress during that fiscal year that the Palestinian Authority has --
(1) Formally recognized the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish state;
(2) Publicly recognized the state of Israel;
(3) Renounced terrorism;
(4) Purged all individuals with terrorist ties from security services;
(4) Terminated funding of anti-American and anti-Israel incitement;
(5) Publicly pledged to not engage in war with Israel; and
(6) Honored previous diplomatic agreements."


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I'm not an apologist, I'm a

I'm not an apologist, I'm a realist. Welcome to the world we live in.

So Rand is suggesting we cut

So Rand is suggesting we cut off foreign aid somewhere but that is not good enough for you because he's not cutting it from the country that you approve of. Lmao.This isn't the first bill introduced from Rand to cut foreign aid and it won't be the last. I fully support his efforts to cut foreign aid. At this point I don't give a hoot where just cut it off!

kerry wants to cut funds to palestine too

maybe he and rand can form a coalition?

Oh I get it...now you're

Oh I get it...now you're comparing Rand to Kerry. Laugh my fucking ass off. I'm not even going to argue this one cause it's just dumb. I'm sorry, but it is.

SteveMT's picture

The government picking winners and losers is dumb.

Rand should know that. You should know that. Everyone here should know that. Consistency is what matters most when it comes foreign policy, economics, and everything else. This bill picks a loser and a winner. That is a double lose-lose.

Do you not see what he is

Do you not see what he is doing? Rand has introduced bill after bill to end aid to different countries for various reasons. Come on...you're a smart man...connect the dots.

SteveMT's picture

No, I can't see what Rand is doing.

The Constitution keeps blocking my vision; it's getting in the way.

where did i

compare them? you think they're from different planets?
you're ignoring the point of the post: they both want to cut aid to palestine albeit for different reasons.

actually it was tongue in cheek, and since you're laughing i guess it worked! but seriously how a DP member could not see it was tongue in cheek is telling. this is why i ask: are you changing the GOP or is the GOP changing you?

I'm changing the GOP. Guess

I'm changing the GOP. Guess what, I will be on the board for the district the next election. My district chair who is also a Paul supporter has created a committee of a few people to prep me and he will personally rep me so I can get the spot. I'm super excited! My county is shit but my district is where it's at. It's gonna be great!

best of luck

but the country isn't shit it's the gov't, the policy makers.

COUNTY...not country. Do try

COUNTY...not country. Meaning county GOP leadership. Do try to keep up. ; )

never said

i wasn't a fallible human being. thanks for the correction.

but in the bigger picture wouldn't you agree that my statement is still true?

Yes. But we have to start

Yes. But we have to start local. One man will not fix it all. My county is in dire need of a purge.

I didn't say one man

I said the govt and policy makers. Again, good luck with your local endeavors.

Thanks I could use it. They

Thanks I could use it. They are vultures.

I like this.

Not only does it stop some part of foreign aid but if Palestine does this then the ball will then be in Israel's court.

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Rand favors policies that are pro-Israel people

but go against the inhumane policies of their government.

Same goes here in the U.S. for us Americans.

******* GO RAND *************

Putin's people are getting it. Hurry up, Americans.

My 2 Cents...

I don't give a hoot about Palestine or Israel. Not my problem. Not my childrens' problem nor their children. kill each other if you must but leave me and mine alone. For that matter: no more American boys should bleed and die for your sorry asses. Tired of it. Kiss my lilly white American ass. Neither of you have seen "pissed off" yet....

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is argument of tyrants. It is the creed of slaves." William Pitt in the House of Commons November 18, 1783
"I know major allies who fund them" Gen. Dempsey referring to ISIS

Hey shit for brains, you'd

Hey shit for brains, you'd better give a hoot because you've been financing and militarily supporting the conflict over there whether you like it or not. Your parents did and so will your children if something doesn't change. Rand Paul is trying throwing fuel onto the terrorist fire with his fucking stupid political antics here. Yes, those living in the concentration camp must make all the concessions. The fascist apartheid Israel doesn't have to concede a damn thing. Rand wants AIPAC's blessing real bad.

No need for name calling

No need for name calling here.

wait a minute

i read a post by you earlier where you called anyone who used the term paulbot an asshole. let's try and be consistent please.

No...I said you are no better

No...I said you are no better than the assholes who called us paultards.

first of all

i never used that term, but i was certainly called that. and rationalize it anyway you like, "asshole" (whether you're referring to one person or many) is name calling in my book.

Nope...just putting someone

Nope...just putting someone in check.

the old

do what i say, not what i do. Would Ron Paul use that term for his detractors? No, because it's not a smart way to win an intellectual argument, and is a strong indicator that your emotions got the best of you. You have to remember people are many things, maybe the person who called you a paultard did a good deed that day that you would applaud. at least Revere1776 who you recently "put in check" for name calling had the guts to admit it and apologize.

by the way

i find this an interesting topic. would you like to explore it more? For instance I think it would be interesting to see if one (myself included) could get through a day without some form of name calling.

Sure why not.

Sure why not.

here's a decent article

let's see if we agree with this author:

the great psychologist albert ellis felt that labeling someone was close to blaming them, and both were not good for your mental health. a person is many things, not just one. he or she might have acted like an asshole in one instance yet still is a good parent, neighbor, musician etc.

You're right, I apologize.

You're right, I apologize. There's just too many here who think they can just say, "oh we'll, it's none of my business." When it comes to ANYTHING involving Israel, you're ALREADY involved so you HAVE to have a position on it by educating yourself and making your voice heard by douche bag ambitious pricks like Rand Paul who don't mind making a river of blood in his pursuit of power.

Yes but by that logic we

Yes but by that logic we should care about every other country in the world too.