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Message to the late Michael C. Ruppert

I did not know you. I never met you or had the privilege of speaking with you about the issues you spent a lifetime bringing to the shrouded light. Your words about infinite growth and the inevitable collapse of such a counterproductive system really hit me in the chest. I have rarely heard someone speak so passionately and with so much to be left to criticism. I remember watching an old clip online when you blew the whistle on the drug trafficking within the police department you once worked for. The clip was powerful and you were almost but a sole spirit amongst restrained wolves, restrained only by the witnesses privy to the information you were sharing. I will not condemn your action of suicide nor claim to understand it. Life is always a struggle. Within that struggle is beauty and empowerment. For some, beauty and empowerment only serve to bandage their deeper empathy for the worlds greater depressions. I’m quite sure the devil is without any and all worth to claim your life after. Your message and willingness to share your insights are not conducive to the disingenuous and bitter smatterings regarding devilry and the keepers of it.

Please know that your contributions, your courage, your voice and your integrity in this life have and will continue to inspire others to take hold of their own. Truth is not conformable to untruth. I can certainly understand a heavy heart and the innateness within to hold the burdens and injustices in this world as if your own, but unlike yourself death cannot be an option for me at my own hand. Our difference in this respect does nothing to lessen mine for you. Death, no matter the way it meets up with us, is not to be implicative of the life before it. Death is a noun. Dying is a verb. It is within the verb we should look to honor and acknowledge the human being, not the noun. What was it during your dying years (life) you did to better the station of truth and integrity? Thank you for your adamancy in protecting the truth for those we bring into this world without the ability to consent on their own.



Your friend in liberty

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for a life.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

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That was beautiful. Rest in

That was beautiful.
Rest in peace, Michael.

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain